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‪Thank you. You’re all lovely. @louiseminchin is amazing. I have nothing left to give but your support has been amazing 👏🏻‬
‪#TheBigBikeIn #TheBigNightIn...

Posted 2 years ago

Maureen Shore 1 year ago

Well done Dan a Brilliant achievement you’re so brave to get through it. Go and have a soak now you deserve it. X

Joan Jones 2 years ago

A bath in Epsom salts is advisable Dan. Well done. I have been going out on my bike lately, not for 4hours though, I know what it’s does to your bits.....🌈🌟👏👏👏

Susan Makin 2 years ago

Dan you are a lovely lovely man and you are still not taking any credit for what you have done you keep mentioning everyone else ... (((( WELL DONE ))) and we will be watching football focus .. Takecare love to you and your family xxxxxxx🚲 xx

Julie Dayman 2 years ago

Good job you're not having to sit on the BBC sofa tomorrow hope you'll be recovered for Monday well done xx

Andi Fowler 2 years ago

Well done fella, an amazing achievement! You have done everyone proud 👍
PS I hope your bits and bobs recover soon 😁

Patricia Teager 2 years ago

Dan, you and Louise start my morning with a smile, you are the perfect TV presenters on BBC. ❤️❤️

Ali Robbins 2 years ago

Very well done Dan. I got to 127.92km then had to stop as the lactic build up got so bad. Sore today 😬

Jane Rose Ash 2 years ago

Well done Dan you have done Amazingly well. Make sure the under carriage is well looked after. A doughnut cushion will help sitting on the sofa. I'm sure you will get plenty of offers for help. MRS W will look after you. THANKYOU ❤❤❤❤ I applaud you Sir xx our hero without a cloak xx❤❤🌈🌈👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Julie Jools Holland 2 years ago

Well done fella! It ain't easy - we found that out cycling from Blackpool Tower to Eiffel Tower in September. 500 miles in 5 days 😱 all to raise money for Blackpool Carers Centre ... rubber ring anyone 🤣

Caron Kolowiecki 2 years ago

I hope you have some comfortable cushions to sit on? X