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There was no love lost between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth on this episode of Punk'd 馃挃 What would you do if your significant other did this to you? 馃...
Welcome to the team. Miss Miley Cyrus. We're so stoked to have you. We know you're Super Super busy. You're doing a new album, a new film like actually not that busy. So I love hearing that I'm very busy cuz I'm actually not all that has already been taped. I'm not doing anything so this is great. so let's jump in. you're hosting. It's your friends. It's your life. This is a writer Actor team. so everyone will be in your episode that you're looking looking at at so so I I wanna wanna wanna start start start with with with the the the first first first first one one one one. that that that you you you wanna wanna wanna wanna get. get get get I I I wanna wanna wanna get get get my my. my boyfriend boyfriend Liam. Liam. He's a. A lot this year, he just did hunger games. We shot a movie together. That's how we met. We've been together two years. He's kind of always a prankster and so I'm happy to get up. okay the bit. We're gonna do to Liam Naked passenger Adam You know, tell her okay. Liam would be driving home at night, maybe two or from dinner and I would out of nowhere, ambush your vehicle and leap in the backseat, but I'll be handcuffed and completely naked. Andrew Talk about it cuz you're gonna have to come in on scene and you've got the perfect mustache to play a cop because you're gonna have to. Read If he's laughing, he will he won't be he won't be laughing when the car he does have a little bit of an anger problem. You know, I don't know how you feel about a naked dude in the car. We know we have you actually in town for a week. We gotta move fast so Adam. I think that it's only fair for Missouri's to take a look at the good. so let's go ahead and shut it down. Can we put on some sexy music? I'm getting nervous so this is basically this is the majority of what you're dealing with. Why did you say Jackie backwards? Oh those are drooping inside out? Yeah. I got it so one thought about this was that Liam would hit him. but when I look at him, I just feel sorry for him, he will feel threatened. Liam Reno is home playing video games and I am hiding out at my best friend makeup artist House. It's gonna be a camera car here. There's gonna be a camera card here. come over here. getting a mic put on me and getting ready to get in the car so we can go get some money at the Bank. Everything will go down from there. We've got Anna playing the naked girl Adam playing the naked Guy and Andrew Playing the cop Liam you're about to get pumped love ya. Alright Alright Alright move move move those those those two two two cars. cars. cars. everybody everybody gets gets your. your place. You get that jacket. Turn around the back of jump out. Oh my God babe. Got it locked it down? Babe. There's two naked people getting in my car right now. Well. I'm not kidding you They jumped in the backseat of my car and now I'm locked out of my car. I swear to God dude. Do you see him? Do you see the big right? What's up? Hi? I don't know what I call it wait.

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