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We've got the funnies! HEre are the 10 funniest In Living Color sketches!

Jamie Melissa
Jamie Melissa4 months ago

I love this show, I gotta find and rewatch them all!

Brenton ByDesign
Brenton ByDesign4 months ago

Jim Carrey definitely fit in well with a then Black comedy sketch production..shows comedy has no color but he definitely stood out especially with Fire Marshall Bill character. Damon Wayans definitely was a funny character and Homey the Clown was definitely his best character on the show

Chris Maturkanich
Chris Maturkanich4 months ago

Calhoun Tubbs and Loomis Simmons!

Dionne Jackson Mixon
Dionne Jackson Mixon4 months ago

This was the funniest show on tv.. loved it

Ron O. Carloni
Ron O. Carloni4 months ago

When great comedians were actually funny ! The so called late night comedians have no talent at all !

Melonie Morales
Melonie Morales4 months ago

Wanda and Homie were always guaranteed laughs

Chuck Kruise
Chuck Kruise3 months ago

In Living Color and Mad TV were two great shows. Miss them both. 👍

Reece Napa
Reece Napa4 months ago

Groundbreaking comedy and sketches as much as I like SNL In Living Color was more relatable to Me with the Humour sketches and messages in there topics, Pitty it had to end, They Had a Great run and introduced some Game changing Talent to Hit both the Small and Big Screens I still Wonder to Myself where the show would be now and how much more talent they could of introduced to us for the small and Big screen if there run never ended, Thank Goodness for archives/youtube I also Wonder why or if the Wayans Brothers would reboot and bring it back?🤞 or even a Anniversary comeback show🤞Oh Well Everyone Take Care, Stay Safe Wherever you are in the 🌏✌

Mike Carmody
Mike Carmody3 months ago

I met Tommy Davis at a gas station. He was cool most down to earth very GOOD person Tommy Davis think you for your time.

Rob Conway
Rob Conway4 months ago

My favorite sketch show of all time.