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I know there is a lot of information going around about #Covid19 and many of you might have unanswered questions. So I’m organizing an IG LIVE with Dr....

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William William 5 months ago

Well, first of all, I thank you Priyanka ji that you are devoting your time and energy for the social cause.at this crucial hour in the history of humanity. I have much regard for you
Presently, People are more confused on the results of vaccination... In spite of double doze of vaccinations, people are getting infected... Is there any specific vaccination for the cure from this deadly virus? Secondly, can the other sources of medical help like homeopath and Ayurveda be trusted?. in India most of the people try home remedies... Last year I suffered from this Covid 19. My daughter Major in Army posted in covid ward. I was admitted there. God saved me. still the cries of patients, beeps of ventilators and noise of iron coffins reverberate my mind. our doctors and medical staff do their best to save..the patients. The doctors and nurses work up to 48.hours.without rest. .salute to their dedicated spirit.

Kaushalya Nawaratne 2 years ago

Great move priyanka. We as Sri Lankans, of course a small nation , taking many preventive actions which are commendable. Hope and pray that all human beings will be able to secure a better and more secured place for all human beings.. appreciate ur commitments.. may God bless u

Mansi Gor 2 years ago

Thank you so much. I want to know what exactly are the symptoms to watch out in kids especially those under the age of 3 or 2 for that matter?

Suman Podder 2 years ago

Thank you Priyanka for your important statement about cabit 19 and creating awareness among all the people of the global.

Manish Pd Gupta 2 years ago

Thank you very much for sharing all the valuable informations about such a deadly pandemic suffering all around the world.....

Faruque Hawlader 2 years ago


Krishen London 2 years ago

Thank you for your efforts in what you are aranging priya. Big fan am from Trinidad and Tobago we are told that our medical adviser are doing there best to keep this pandemic under control so far we are told that there are only a few cases but it is is scary to think that this can amplify in a matter of days if the necessary precautions aren't taken we are praying that it doesn't escalate from where it is at this point thank you and do appreciate what you are doing be safe and all the best

Sujaya Bose 2 years ago

Thanku pc for sharing such a gd news and giving us this kind of opportunity to ask our questions related to corona,but my request is that can you make the live chat with the doctors in Facebook too?If it is not possible then pls share those things in your Facebook story and in ur Facebook profile. Actually many people dnt have their a/c in Instagram but many people have Facebook a/c.thanku and love you pc.

Ritesh Naik 2 years ago

This is a virus that's going to be around for some time. We are using shut down as a form of social distancing, and we should keep in mind that eventually thier will come a time when you are getting tired and are no longer able to afford the shutdown and this maybe the time when it chooses to peak.

Bibi Singh 2 years ago

I have very bad allergies ,sometimes it can cause upper respiratory symptoms.,sneezing and coughing. How can I differentiate between allergies and covid 19