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Return Of The Biscotti Bandit
Alright guys, we look at the front door. You're gonna see a paying customer come in followed by the most notorious gas station evolved time the biscotti mandate the lifter a he hasn't change his clothes in multiple days because wearing the exact same outfit he was wearing in the video from two days earlier you can almost smell him through the screen so he's gonna grab himself a dark roast coffee. Yeah. We already established relax the dark stuff so he's gonna look up at the counter then he's gonna feel his pocket real quick. Oh he thinks he forgot something outside so he's gonna make his way to the door you turn around. You say News buddy right there then he's gonna make his way out the door. Now he doesn't get too far. He's gonna get like you know 34 feet then he's gonna stop. He's gonna come back in cuz he realize oh never mind I didn't forget my wallet It's in my pocket so he's gonna come back and he's gonna make his way back over to the coffee. You know you gotta finish making that disgusting dark roast off you're making. So we're gonna put a little more coffee in there and then he's gonna switch it up. He's gonna go over to the cream machine is trying to confuse us today So he's gonna put some creamer and his Cup then he's gonna get another drip of coffee Then he's gonna go to the cappuccino machine because you know he lacks mixing cappuccino with these dark Coffee so he's gonna sit there. He's gonna fill it up. Oh he just spotted this little buddy coming over so he's gonna stay in here for a second chair with his little buddies. Everybody's like oh man you're my best friend Pat him on the back and now it's time to prep your coffee at the prep station. So he's gonna say this coffee down and he's having a jolly good time chatting with his buddy. So he's gonna grab that sugar He's gonna sprinkle that sugar into the coffee Cup and just like last time he's gonna grab a stir stick He's gonna tear off that rapper throw it in the garbage and then he's gonna talk to his buddy right here. It's like yeah I was driving. I was like driving like this and I was like I was 50 and then his buddies like oh yeah man Like this, I was like whoa so they're having a job a good time swapping stories. Well, he's mixing this coffee but there's no point making you watch all this. So we're gonna speed it up here real quick. So we're gonna continue talking to his little buddy right here. You know they're having a good time talking about making coffee. He's gonna end up grabbing a pack of sugar. Just gonna put the sugar into the Cup and your steak he loves He's gonna put a lid on top of that is gonna go over to the cooler We got the same two yellow button waters last tab. So he's gonna pick up his coffee and he's keeping an eye on that cashier as you can see you know, you don't want the cashier to see you grab the item that you're gonna steal so he says his coffee down Reaches in there and he grabs that chocolate biscotti. Oh he didn't see he didn't see it. So he's standing there They're really busy as you can see there's like 78 people in the store. It's hard to keep an eye on people when you got eight people to watch. So he's gonna grab your coffee and he's gonna slowly make his way over towards the line right here and he's gonna take a quick look at that daily cooler. You know those are freshly made sandwiches every day. They got a quarter pound of meat and then but apparently he does alone. So he's gonna go towards the end of the line and that nice customer and they're like oh you know what you can get in front of me Oh cool. So he steps in line in front of him and it's about Go down folks. As you see here he's got the biscotti in hand He's thinking about oh people are looking at me maybe not a good time. Never mind she go and just like that biscotti gone never to be paid for so he's in line. He's standing there waiting patiently for his turn. So I'm gonna speed it up cuz obviously you wanna see him wait in line for five minutes. So he's just standing there gonna looking down at the ground right here and after it's done look at the ground he's gonna look up directly at that camera. Yeah. That's a camera there so he's gonna touch his beard real quicker. They'll go to whatever you got then you can look back at the camera right there. Yeah. That's a camera double check double check. Make sure that's camera feast love looking at cameras right after this deal you know they gotta make sure that those cameras are functioning Not really watching him steal So it's finally his turn. He's gonna make his way up front now as you can see the morning cashiers a little short handed right now he's gonna both registers a once and a little tough but as you can see here the Fed he's gonna put down his vitamin waters gonna put down his coffee is gonna reach in there. Grab that biscotti Nope that was as well and I'm sorry my bad my bad he paid for that. Scotty come on now Just a little background information. I was watching footage one night and I called this video today it happened and his last step which was two days earlier So we expect you to be able to bust him the next morning but he never showed up It's almost like he knew we were on So take it easy on the body right here. He didn't exactly passes professional cashier certification test not to mention it's Super busy in the morning. So it's a little tough not even sure for professional like Jack's meridians Maximus what it called that Always gotta thank your cashier after you rip it off man what a slippery slippery little ramp snake She gown If you know this let him know that he needs to turn himself into the local authorities so we can have him charged with fat for stealing at Belvita breakfast, biscuits and two chocolate biscotti

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