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MONDAY 6/4 5:43 PM CT

Posted 4 years ago in TV & Movies

Smile Gyi 9 months ago


ထက္ေဇာ္ မိုး 11 months ago

နပ္​ မိလိုး

Tun Tun 1 year ago


Smile Gyi 9 months ago


Krystle Ramcald 4 years ago

I really fucking love this show. This show is life. It's my new cinema addiction. Like after classes at my college campus, I can't wait to get back to the dorm & watch these. They're epically good!!! God, can this shit get better?? Me, no think so!!! It's already good as is. =)

Marina Talić 4 years ago

i literally can’t wait for this season to end, bc i can’t stand megan’s bad portrayal, and even worse acting anymore

Brianna Jackson 4 years ago

I don't like any form of cheating but I feel like she shouldn't be getting treated like this all over a meaning less kiss. It's not like she slept with the dude.🤷 But that's just my opinion.

Lena Berre 4 years ago

Linita klarer du å se hva det står på t-shirt’n til Shay? closet er hvertfall siste ordet, og bokstaver som er rotet til, betydning forvirret Shay kanskje? Hun er forelsket i Meghan?

Summer Rae Binns 4 years ago

Anyone notice at the end the door closing sound but she didn't close the door 😂

Natalia Rusznicka 4 years ago

Lol I wish I had Megs problems at home as a teenager