Stopping Scam Calls

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Americans receive over 1,500 scam calls every second. Here's how to stop them.

Posted 8 months ago in Science & Tech

Sarah Gaston 8 months ago

I was being targeted relentlessly until I became so fed up that I got a spam blocking app provided by my carrier and set unknown calls to automatically go to voicemail. Now, I get to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of notifications saying a number or call was blocked. My phone only rings for people actually programmed in my contacts now and I don’t have to worry about missing an important call as they usually leave a voicemail that I do routinely check.

Andres Penuela 8 months ago

I stop answering any calls from number i dont know. It actually decreased the number of calls i get. I used to get 10 calls a day

John Ward 8 months ago

Set your phone to only ring if they’re in your contact. If they aren’t they can leave voicemails but no ring

Jim Francis 8 months ago

Never make a sound, then hang up and block that number. It get tedious, but that works.

Tom DeMarke 8 months ago

My car is 20 years old. I must have gotten one hell of a warranty and nobody told me. :(

Greg Lang 8 months ago

I prefer to say "The job is done but there is BLOOD everywhere" when the telemarkets call and I answer.......

Bonnie Reed Maher 8 months ago

I don’t answer any calls that I do not recognize the number. If they don’t leave a message I block the number.