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Farias Mirror • 3 months ago   5.5K     1.5K
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Gorgeous jewellery collection Unique fashion
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❤️Only finger ring n tikli ar khetre offer projojjo noy
💗 Gorgeous and Beautiful Jewellery Collections from Unique fashion
❤️ Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/Unique-fashion-1957825847816610/

Shelina Chowdhury
Shelina Chowdhury3 months ago

Love you take care ❤️

Shelina Chowdhury
Shelina Chowdhury3 months ago

Nice to see and hear you apu

Maleka Chowdhury
Maleka Chowdhury3 months ago

Apu I’m from New York, your talking is beautiful and your family is beautiful I hope you grow to be successful

Annie Duggal
Annie Duggal3 months ago

Hello Mam... watching for first time from new Delhi...do you have anything for necklace in pearl

Tamanna Sultana
Tamanna Sultana3 months ago

Apu TMR Sathe late e join korso sorry..I just came from office and freshen up...you look owwsam..as always..

Ashek Ariba Rahman
Ashek Ariba Rahman3 months ago

I love u apu and ur sister s also coz we r also three sisters

Arvinder Kaur
Arvinder Kaur3 months ago

You have wonderful collection

Khuku Moni
Khuku Moni3 months ago

আল্লাহ আপনাকে অনেক সুন্দর বানিয়েছেন । মাশাআল্লাহ

S Shagufta Sifaat
S Shagufta Sifaat3 months ago

MashaAllah ettooo supportive family tomar - true source of your energy 😍😍💖💖😘😘

Sumona Afrin
Sumona Afrin3 months ago

তোমার হাতের চুরির দাম বল