Coronavirus: Will there be app-based ordering in pubs?

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The health secretary has told Sky News the government is "on track" to ease the coronavirus lockdown further from 4 July.

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Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Djbenji Benji 1 year ago

These are the stats of people that died WITH IT not FROM IT in the world today. USA 328 million = 0.07%, ITALY 60m = 0.06%, FRANCE 67m = 0.05%, SWEDEN 10m = 0.06% ( no lockdown just getting on with life) UK = 0.06% ( went into lockdown based on modelling ), SPAIN 47m = 0.07% and Australia 25million = 0.0035%, so folks why is everyone in lockdown or having their freedom suppressed ?

Liz Tilling 1 year ago

More wants to be done in finding out the caurse of the virous, i think its to much purlution in thr air .as soon as lock down was eased and cars and planes wereabout it came back. Just a thought .

John Beattie 1 year ago

Sophie, you had a chance to hold Matt Hancock to account over the rule of 6 not applying to grouse shooting and fox hunting but you let him off the hook. The nation is watching and finds these feeble answers insulting.

John Vaughan 1 year ago

God is in control of every thing that is happening in the world today but the Welsh leaders and the priminster has left God out of the equation thinking that they can get ridge of this virus also closing places of worship stopping people from attending a place of. worship is a bad move

Steve Shaw 1 year ago

I have a suggestion for the current testing fiasco.

Why not commandeer the quiet airport runways that are lying dormant and equip them with mobile testing stations on site that also process the results?

Pauline Morley 1 year ago

Unfortunately I will not be going to a pub when they open. Not because I think it is unsafe or that I think it is too soon. It is because I simply do not do on line banking and from what I've seen so far I would have to download every pubs app and pay online. I will not bother.

Doreen Mullan 1 year ago

They have no plan. They are playing it as it comes as they do not have a clue x

Chris Cramphorn 1 year ago

Opening the pubs on a Saturday is not going to help, they should have done it on the Monday to ease the staff and the new procedures in

Lasmin Stluce 1 year ago

Who is really the prime minister of the UK?. They are holding us as hostages.They should not been allowed people to be forced to take no injection.Why they wanted to try it out on the blacks first. To use them as guinea pigs.

James Kershaw 1 year ago

Seriously if you haven't realised that this is about getting the British public to follow orders without question then we deserve to have our rights taken away