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Going LIVE with Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre on his first 99 days in office... at Rotary Club of East Ascension’ regularly scheduled meeting...
We have to travel a little bit So S S four in four okay well I'm in charge of this road of the day S C S We have our major space major S S S Was S Selection Yes so uh yeah I was in charge of this it was Big mission was we got some notes here thank you to everybody for President Exciting she's going around we're gonna do a hundred can goods um so we'll drop off on the eighteenth Thursday pickup on 20 fourth Wednesday after easter um sample neighborhoods gali Point Church S To Zero Tickets Telling me Go ahead S S Forever S S Thanks So S S Job They just had a fundraiser S Of course S It's really Uh let's go on to Let me help for women Monday at five part one Um they Flyer S S S S S three Second is You are Sorry S You have to sleep time certainly copy and You can see Totally And the smile S Hold on Work in teaches you everything International successful smell As you can Always S S Thank you S Yes You don't know it's 90 days to go and you share really paint the town Wanted this chair January 20 19 the past career opening open sandy over three The high school Entry two days at graduation in basic training volunteers for airborne school and Georgia and service with the second airborne division and corporate Mark participated in operation urgent fury in 19 eighty three maybe reinforces some shores created rescuing Patrick American students share The sheriff's office in 19 eighty uh as he's to attend of warrants division of responsibility and grassy criminals is order For 16 years he served as musician parents jail as warn parrish received accreditation by the American correctional Association emails a new unit or in the country and he increased the number of job development educational focus cuz it's years he served as cheap criminal operations and cheap definitely managing budgets in Share whoever is an organizer this is Catholic church he's also a member of the East issue American legion post on veterans or post six minutes degree and yet the National academy Association he serves on the board of directors voted chamber of powers and this aging sheriff however in his can and three years Please join me is we have military share better S You know why she did this nine years Be my guest You don't care S Facebook live Test case so this Mike right here sound a little bit better okay this was facebook live I want to say Change I know facebook Good morning Actually uh uh first of all a lot of thanks to two sheriffs and sheriffs and they had a lot of success A lot of Day Sheriff before he retired you know You just be out there with our team and uh On a success that we've had so a lot of distances of his I guess one of the first thing out of the small things that The general public in large initiatives that our walmart currently managed about if you don't know if he had attention We put all of our shows someone in a White shirt so from our back every day You have to enjoy our restaurant on front notice not have a chief deputy had a cheap many years 16 years this cheap before about three years uh when wrong two of us that have a lot of time trying to keep up with the sheriff and you're trying to keep up with the Department achieve that we will get caught in a scandal so what we did is to cheat and we have now four have shoes S Operation we have love and call home all security corrections runs the chairs courthouse security and insecurity that we had another deputy chief called my Tony he's the deputy chief civil operations and administration and business he said that our manager for the budget but he won't be imaging for me in new We have great people that he had a full chief also special projects chief over that All I could do this we always say you never wanna send your kids to a promise that's not gonna book our hospital first contact with reputation to bring our best practices and best standards And it's called the Commission on accreditation Thank you We decided Also going back to the program Amazing Any kid National night out a couple of years trying to change the model to yourself if you do And did it with you If you haven't visit down to sheriff office Celebrity Program Full fresh bar something to see if you haven't seen anyone listening for eight locations come share just open ourselves up I'm sorry Quality of life issues S Things that just make our My first Talk murder he has S Please M People one We have It's pretty awesome But also too great in your recent National average below I'll say two S Attorney's office and sheriff's and discuss everything Cases are emotional working out one of the most significant and this is that we It is halloween people growth and how traditional district different reason it was one lieutenant out there we will Has 16 17 Such a market S Exactly how we did this Work and happen S S S S S Change Isn't the chair Share That me see empower is control managers So that's what we need S Also installing sketchers is uh areas so we're gonna have same S Decision side all the areas will see the same S Uh S Are you talking Okay so On 19 eighty four into two thousand seven in in nation November probably Change this year is facing So the parish and we broke it down into three districts we have district level which is historic deal in unincorporated Areas on the West Bank If you have district number two which covers down is port pants and samuel C sorrento point and all the way out to the University We have district three which is further deal guys very touchdown down to ashley room and a chemical Corp Within each district you have crazy In district one we have precinct one which is the North side of the city precinct two which is the South side of city and precinct three which is the only corporate areas in district two we have precinct one which is the North side precinct two which is South of cannon and go place and crucial three which is the city of And district free yeah crazy one which is North of six 20 - one and precinct two which is South of six 20 each district is headed by captain district one is headed up by darrell Smith district two 10 five captain roseville hampton in district three is headed up We have three district headquarters district one is a wage hike Center district two is at our new substation Al airline addition three just open and it had 40 - So what this is looking for us to touchdown We took every took all the sexy small deputies have a smaller Now S A smaller area Business years Yes This is what you call a rescue time it has a great job uh stacey for doing that Racial So open up for a lot of questions that we think this is Captain sheriff captain District S Same Something we haven't had before when you asked him one of And every state in that emotional Trouble actually we try to separate the most of them live in the district that works that's important to you so you get a little separation Eighty's and it's just you can't anymore Let's open it up for maybe some questions uh again if it's been the first time in days and have not been asleep at the wheel we've been very busy and hopefully this will continue in a can all we want to suggest and try to keep up with this tremendous Cartwright National night out show his stone and all this is a National program and we used to take one of our head boards and try to get the community to come out to us but I was having a lot of these water subdivision this home owner Association it will have a function in all of this next hour Or something Eat more Democratic and we sing every Brand new information about the Every tradition security we hope to spread ourselves National instead of trying to come to us Or It's called National and we really Especially not with cameras a lot of Answers and advice of their southern home Association Appreciation I understand that Put his S Yeah good question so we have Full service at district two is a full service substation you can go in S You want to be there and just one you can do the same it is April first so patrol is how There's a section that we built out Everything else that will come in the multitude Full circle and go there or how 42 people Just not quite there Hundreds of his great edition S Well the great thing about having this happened so you don't have to C Eighty 300 and It is not emerged 6218 300 Director You can listen to that all S And I will pay additional each Listen Video traffic This is Appreciate is just now we love so much You know unfortunately we had felt Even watching us and following us on facebook you see few hours over the last several months will be trying to feel some of the positions that we had so but each district required the same amount of numbers we had So I think this is one two and three has seven only shift one has five They're confident So I think we should cover Thank you very much I just say As you know yeah S Yeah good for you but I had a class so we'll uh

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