Little Boy Climbs Out Of Bed To Sleep With His Dog

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Little boy caught on camera climbing out of bed to sleep with his dog ❤️

Posted 8 months ago in Animals & Pets

Teresa Farraj 4 months ago

Bro that dogs needs a huge treat. 😆 he was so patient. I would have been given up.

Loreana von Plocki 8 months ago

Am I the only one who finds this amazing and just beautiful. The mom of this child isn’t a bad mom and that baby is totally normal. Toddlers are restless. My toddler moves around her crib like crazy before she falls asleep. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with this! Stop “mom shaming”.

Pickles the Pig 8 months ago

What a patient pup. You're such a good big brother, Brutus!

Su Desh 8 months ago

Because children’s need to feel the body’s heat of their parents. You are not supposed to make your kids sleep alone once they are born. They need the parental comfort that makes them feel secure.

Linda Margaret Milne 8 months ago

Brutus is one special dog

Lynn Ellbee 8 months ago

This is awful. That poor dog. And I’m sure when he snaps at the little boy he will be the ‘bad’ dog. People are so clueless. If the dog was doing this all over the kid every night the parents would lock him out of the room. Not cute at all. And not a good idea.

Serena Wilt 8 months ago

The dog is adorable, but this child is too old for a pacifier and taking a bottle to bed. Braces here he comes!

Rachel Butler 8 months ago

This is very very sweet and that dog is precious.

But if i saw my babe trying so hard to snuggle id probably just go snuggle him a bit.

Tabatha Davis 8 months ago

My youngest son and my 2 cats did this when he was little. They never cared. But now that he's 8 they wait for him to go to sleep so they can curl up with one at his feet and one at his arms. Hes too big to lay on them now haha.

Diane Clarke 8 months ago

One these times that dog is going to turn around and bite that kid because you don’t control him from abusing that dog. lt’s not really cute