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Heyyy get ready with me

$25 spoiled lips gift card

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Hello everyone. Alright. Let's see Say hello. Whenever you guys are on Okay Hi Cheryl. Hi, Julia Hi Lisa Mess Hi everyone Here we go guys So if you're just hopping on say hello, I know my little earlier today I yesterday I didn't go live and I love it if I want Yeah Basically there was a whole freaking mess yesterday and it was gonna see that's why I didn't go live and today we were maybe thinking about going to see maybe later So I didn't want I bought. I mean oh my God Thank you so much And then today we were like I said, we were thinking about seeing a movie later So I wasn't I didn't wanna be like well, I'm not gonna go see me because I'm not cuz I didn't go live So I'm just like let's do my live now. It's probably gonna be pretty quick live but let's do nothing Let's just go ahead and do that. Hello guys so Hello Okay So do yes so anyways there what's going on yesterday but I couldn't do anything about it So I went through like all of my brushes but I got rid of many brushes I'm sending some of my supporters and and then the rest of them. My mom knows someone that might need them so but yeah literally I only have And I know saying only loosely then I mean I do have more have another one back there but I don't wanna use that one much but I'm not getting rid of it just like one of my favorite sets and then I have a couple other sets that are like in bags but dude I swear I know that literally I say this I only very very loosely here because I had just literally had so freaking many What time the Easter it is like 630 or not succeed Yeah, it was insane Do you know that's looking for a venue that got wet let's do a soft Brown day just like you might be going out so I don't wanna do anything too crazy and I'm gonna make a little brush here somewhere here Look amazing. Thank you We need more Russians guy I knew that feeling okay so we are giving away a 20 - five - dollar gift card to spoiled lips. You guys make sure you follow like and follow my page and my lips ensure the video I will be using their volume 10 by monthly palette which is with Michelle Heart Club. As you favorite brushes all my God I love. I'm loving this set right My bubble gum brush set from like so freaking beautiful Like I'm loving these ones but I have so many ways My blush welders worked with someone on it was someone I was with a long time ago but I don't really like we haven't showing contact me at all lately so I don't think she's doing it anymore you guys So I'm just trying to say to me S O it is the coffee palette or maybe even that because which is actually really good furniture look This one right here. This is the coffee pot by Michelle Heart. You guys It is my soil lips It is only $50 in my code when you guys sign up you can't cancel it anytime if you like Can I get a shot at? Hi girl Sluffy Alright but look at these colors are so pretty They are really pigmented too So I ordered two color rose gold with two leaders Thank you so much I'm doing looks right now Have you ever done makeup with your hands? Look at that. I thought have you ever done makeup or do Angels with no brushes no Actually maybe yeah. Maybe like a long long time The makeup on your eyes like forgive me giving my petitions back squat. I just watched my lips this morning Do an alien I totally like dishes are back here back here I totally missed the alien look but I saw like looking stuff and then we got the glitters or so pretty as well You don't like that one that one and I'm literally barely touching me this one and this one With the glitter orange so I don't know if I'll use glitter maybe maybe we'll do a little glitter you guys but I don't wanna do too crazy. Hi, Anita tour. I don't have it. I don't have the beauty room or a desk. You guys I'm literally my setup right on my bed right now. So I've been really looking into getting a vanity but the one I was looking at which was a good price. It says like it was It's hard to use and Nina use ad Nina to Fortnite Use. Add this person in Fortnite Add this person to Fortnite, Squiggly Piggy I can't go inform anymore at all cuz is said I'm not old enough to play on that account Okay. Give me my Give me my shoes back here. C'mon scrambled fighter but okay I mean yeah I guess but I don't know for me squeeze me with me I don't know if he's gonna want though He's cool you like Super late Idea has been huge Vegetable right I looked at Ikea We were looking like I was looking I found a custom vanity J and it was so cute but it's like it doesn't come assembled and I don't really have anyone to assemble for me like it's just so hard but I looked on and I found this really really nice one so but it was a hundred dollars. I'm like well maybe when I save up for it because I'm gonna work for you know, I mean I'm gonna work for what I want anyway so let me go ahead and just do my brows because I wanna take too long today I said friend I'm Super thank you so much so let me go ahead and using I'm gonna use the exit cosmetics brand Paul meet and soft from you guys and thank you and you're just gonna go ahead and do that if you guys want anything from spoiled lips, we are having a Christmas in July sale and my code will give you guys you're using for Yeah well and we will Michael will give you guys 30 percent off only today or this weekend. I don't know it's Sunday though. Right Yeah. It's Sunday so basically Guys so you guys with the code slave you will get 30 percent off spoiled lips the doughnut palette is still on pre order so that will take a little longer just you guys know about that everything else pretty much caught up with So if you guys want anything else I could work and hopefully it will ship out right away You look amazing every day but today you look so happy. Let me thank you girl And so that is the sale so if you guys want to the Michelle heart bundle So if you guys want this palette this out, you don't have to subscribe to the monthly club four but if you would like it and you don't wanna subscribe you can but if you subscribe to get it for only 15 but it's only the pallet right But if you want you don't wanna subscribe I believe there's a bundle for $40. You get the palette Tiny bed we can hear is the music loud you guys. I can't hear it at all actually What was I gonna say Oh yeah but it's $40 you get the palette and you get a lippy bundle. So I believe it comes like 76 puppies So that's also really good deal and it is also 30 percent off with my code will give you guys 30 percent off site wide So if you wanna check out anything you make sure to check that my coaches usually I believe 20 percent so it is bumped up to 30 today only then want anything if you also wanna get a Salma lippy bundle a portion Those sales will be going to my Gofundme and it's a pretty good fortune as well and you guys can use my code Basically it's three lips lipsticks. I chose the different colors from the website that I liked you get them free discount rise of 20 - five and then it makes it 20 with my code. No actually my cold will give you more since it's 30 percent so it actually be less and then you also get a card with my picture on it. So I could show you that in a minute. Let It's not too loud music Okay. Awesome We're doing. We might go see a movie tonight We do so anyways this this is exactly how you guys look at it Getting this cute purple because purple is my color You get these three lipping Hi everyone. Welcome you guys. If you are new please please please don't forget to like and follow. I am literally about a little over eight hundred away from A hundred and I'm dying So we got the color Diana we got color liberty and we got the color barrielicious I didn't know you were playing music right Thank you, Susan I can get us when we might see too and you get the color very delicious. You get these three colors right? You got these three guys and it comes in the purple bag Hello, you're new. Welcome Back icy so what movie we are. I'm putting the link I wanna see how good it is. I wanna see if this actually as good as okay so you get the three movies in this little purple bag and you get this card with my picture on me My picture on it And it says thank you for supporting Obama and then it says learn more about her story. Visit Facebook lives on Instagram all of this year 770 - three so you get a card with my picture on it You guys plus the and they're literally gonna be less than $20 today with a 30 percent off. So that's gonna be an awesome deal and remember a portion of the sales will go towards my goal on dish. Why not yet? No, I said no, I could show it to them. I'm glad to see the language Yeah. I heard really good things about it and I don't I'm I have very very high expectations after Aladdin. I feel like I have very high expectations you want because Aladdin was so freaking amazing I am dreams of all people and strangers things okay, you need to stop in so I have very high hopes Bonita the user senior Amazon orders. Yet I did Rebecca I believe I saw your I received a couple of things so I received my bug spray I received the necklace here used to get the necklace record show them It is so cute. I'm not sure what who is from who and I received a dress and shoes. I'm not gonna show you guys a dress and choose yet because I'm still waiting for the other one to show so anyway but I have this on my wish list and I'm gonna wear it at the party Look how cute. So thank you so much We got this I did. Yes and I Premier and selfie stick your mirror don't mind my selfie stick my my oh my life. I believe I don't know why I didn't set that up Why don't you have to be Green light less than appropriate and so anyways I got them a gentle dress. It is the cutest dress ever. I'm loving the shoes are so freaking cute Oh there's only one problem which absolutely sucks dude What did you do Why Late Let me see if I can get this big okay Well plug it back in just come back Yeah but we need to get into something here Open the last door and there's a piece in the last year that you can plug it in yeah. So I got the dress and the shoes and all my mom there's a problem with freaking That I have a problem now you guys with my freaking movie The dress it sucks my here see if it comes in the region I won't sit up all the way from the back. This thing off once I put all the way in the bag which sucks because it is so cute and I'm literally in love with this dress. It's like the cutest dress on the planet The ones I put all the way from the back and there's no way to make it I'm just fat I guess but I'm so sure that it's too tall but is my size is a size pen so We're gonna see how long is your only to my code is available at anytime but only tonight is when you guys will get today when you guys get the 30 percent Right here. Show them doing Hopefully that's good lighting okay so I want to pop up all the way from the back We miss Tina and I don't know what to do My mom's friend is pretty good at My mom's friend is very pretty good at sewing and stuff so I'm gonna see if there's anything she could do about it because I would be rushed if I can't freaking wear that dress, I know I'm getting a new another dress in the male actually Because I am getting two different dresses you guys and different choose just because I wanna see like one is more comfortable than the other So do this already looking at very lighting while I mean it's really well So and I don't wanna wear anything on top of it like I don't wanna wear a show. I don't wanna wear a jacket because it's so cute from the side and like the front So it won't pop all the way we're gonna see if we can do anything like literally even take my mom was thinking we could leave the zipper open and maybe get like the belt that ties and just do like a crisscross thing Maybe that would look you or see my friends My friends mom can make it anything. anything else because a 12 would have been way too big. My mom's like return it like no because it's already like a 12 would be way too big because literally the tent is so tall and it's like the perfect size but it's just with everything that's look really really tight My mom exicted up My mom zipped up you guys and she had chicken even yourself My brother had to freaking while she was holding it close together So it was literally a whole mess but it was so cute and oh my God. I'm like in love so I really really hope we can figure something out and hopefully soon because there's nothing I can do How are you? I'm like 43. I'm very short Check the signs on the side and see there's the event. See you get the dress Let's see you go. My mom. Check to see if there's anything to make it less tight Where is it on a chair But she said there isn't anything there He said it literally be impossible There's nothing at all on the signs at all My mom was just thinking about maybe taking this off leaving the zipper open in the back while we can zip it up a little bit but it's so crazy because it goes down you anymore So we could probably save up a little bit But it's just so pretty but it's so cute but it's so tight right there but lucky as it is so cute and it looks really cute on me. Okay And it's like Super long so it's like Super long. If I got any bigger sizes, I won't even be able to walk I would literally have to like pick it up so we're gonna see what we can do about that but I got the dress. We got some shoes I should be getting another dress I should be getting another one in the mail because it did say that it was ridiculous so I see whenever it comes I'll see whatever it comes. I will see if it looks if it could work out, you know what I mean is that one is cute too You know it's comfy They'll wear that one but I'm really crashed with this really cute What are you wearing? So you guys I'm going to well up to date that's for August eighth August Anyway date so I'm going to camp you guys and I know like address we're eating Super fans for camp We are going to I'm going to my transplant camp. It is from it is from the eighth to the twelfth and every year we have a theme this year since 20 fifth anniversary It's gonna be Super fancy and stuff so we have a huge party at the end the last night there which is a Saturday so every day this Saturday is so I found I got my dress what I had on my wish list and some amazing people did For me so thank you so much Seem stress can fit. It was a seamstress That song years and so anyways, I am waiting for my other one to come in. We'll see if it's if it's cute and it's comfy and more that one but I really really really wanna wear that one and I'm gonna literally crushed. I can't wear it I'm watching It was from Amazon is dragon. Yap Oh fun. Yes What my account Okay. Please the sauna you came here. but anyways do you like my new year? Thank you guys. It is from the cosmetics seamstress to someone who seems close Oh okay my like I said my friend's mom can do that stuff so I will see if she's able to fix it If not then I will see what I could do I would literally like spend Money on it means I could wear it because it's really really cute So we're gonna see Okay. Thank you guys Sorry. I'm done I don't know what to say I'm 16 you guys so we are doing a giveaway. I'm giving away 20 - five - dollar gift cards for lips. So if you guys want just make sure you follow me and listen to the video next size. Yeah, it's gonna be way too long. My mom said well, it's better if you get the next size and then maybe like you know we will do so like cut it from it. Not like you know fix it up from the bottom It's not so long what she's anywhere. So I got two different shows in two different dresses. I will show you guys everything like on me whenever I get the next dress will probably do like a I mean he's my brother Clothes on So, I'll see if I could do that cuz I'm in Pennsylvania My camp is gonna be so in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it's gonna be in West Virginia Morgantown, West Virginia just like an hour and a half to two hours from here a huge bus. Please come down and take us where can I get your lipstick so this under from spoil loops look Alright, let's go ahead and clean brother. Follow what the I'm using the cosmetics pomade in soft You need to be where I live Your brother I try to be exposed so we are not bound to see what if the drugs as my mom st francis at uhm she's a check it france wait okay want you four pm pm na parang I'm not gonna give away where I'm gonna be you guys I think Morgantown West Virginia is good enough Alexis No Why not I don't like that song was good Watching you need welcome Heather So if you guys are new please don't forget to like and follow you guys. I am doing a 20 - five - dollar gift card but you guys don't forget to please like and follow. I'm so close to hitting that hundred Mark Oh my God. If we can hit it I am doing a huge giveaway for A hundred K probably all my next my next video. I will literally show you guys everything that I'm doing and I'm sure I could literally hit a hundred like tomorrow It will be amazing Are you getting a treatment go. I have so many medical issues got if you guys wanna know any of my medical stuff my anything at all have a lot so I really can't explain it or sum it up It's not a disease literally it's an insane amount of stuff. So if you guys want there's a 10 minute documentary in The description you guys be watching Very good ideas Music material off the bottom item and add two size panels and I I would ask I will ask my friend I lost my mom I'm still gonna make up like It was last year. It was like right when I turned 15 Yes those rounds. Go on my resume like so very I'm trying no so we are gonna try to like not too So we could go and get this Let me just at least forever may asawa i'm sixteen love life and sorry guys i'm so 'yan because of omnifit which is a few but you are curious iniwanan what we are we will recommend watch natin Amazing things anything special No left on your wishlist. Is that all you need I just place my order with your code. Yay Thank you love the things that are left on my wish list you guys I don't I don't really I didn't update it because there's nothing really to update but only the only things that are on there right now I like diapers and yeah like sizzling bakers and the size that I use for my belly and yeah So I use those for my body so that's why those are on the wishlist but the sunscreen Just there I mean yeah but I mean I can literally get some skin in the store if that doesn't get caught, I can literally just try to go to the store. It's just part of me like leave but I could definitely do that but I haven't really updated my wishlist cuz there's nothing really to update so but yeah But most of the things that I did need like something like the dress and stuff are literally already coming. Use your code things remember you guys so 30 percent off on spoiled lips made discount code only today because we are having a Christmas in July sale So if you guys want anything from my lips you can use the discount code and you can get 30 percent off You can get my son a bundle and you get three lippies in a purple bag and a card with my picture on it as well as my social media and if you buy this on bundle my Really supporting my goal As I can't either. That's what I've been asking. I'm sorry what I went to spray a lips website and I could not find your lympics Are they listed under your name I don't know my their slave with some of the older should be there now. Let me go up and see you guys in one second One second I'm gonna scroll up and messages and Sea Making you guys dizzy Literally have to keep scrolling up This is insane Dude where is it Alright here it is okay. I got it They can serve Slay Try to start slow you guys here Let's see there it is Jessica said you guys get to search Slay okay yeah i am sorry so it's like if i can reach organized everything so for me like a need to recover well it only people were your which was this it is not description but it was really a couple of things which is micro supply so ah well me my it's literally only they present conversation now so if you guys don't take it out i s in the description i was a new skoda my face and then a bunch of papa my wishes my go for me my video My video What else And then my discount code as well So you guys. yeah. Alright and I just blended on And I know they like dumb No one 's a little thicker School. I do on a school Do on it yet on my program You are gonna get think you don't look like you're 16. Look like your son. I know that you guys the reason I like I said the reason I I do look so young is because I just really my arch is because of all my medical issues. I don't grow. I literally look like the same I'm literally exactly ain't like height as I did with my accident happen so I don't grow But I promise you, I'm 16 and I will be 17 in November so but if you guys like I said please watch the story in the description it will Looks a lot of things. Okay What is going on What kind of accident where you accident or you in? I'm not gonna actually not on here. I'm sorry it but whenever you talk about you guys gets very very emotional and I do have like I said, I have a couple places. You guys could know about it if you watch the video in the description, I will explain it and then after you watch the video, if you really wanna know more about me you can go to this page after the live video of course and there's a two hour If you guys do have the patience there's a two -hour video. You guys can Put on my life there Yeah. There's a two -hour video has been watched. I explain everything like myself and I answer lots of questions and all that stuff is on my page So if you guys don't have the patience and probably don't check it out because I really really do how is camp girl camps until the I really do recommend you guys watch that because it took me on Yeah you guys. This is my arm in November. What is your birthday November 20 Let me go ahead and it's under shop all awesome Yeah, I'm so sorry. I don't mean to be rude when I'm like like I'm not gonna explain what that is but you got just think about it like literally me living my whole life my whole life every single day I get up and I the first thing I do is change my spark dressing like literally and then I have to do way too and I have to do that. That's like literally my entire life is medical and this. The only time I really get away from that and I understand so many of you are new you guys and they don't know anything about me which is why I have my story. I have a couple of videos. You can also read my go fund me do you guys want But this is literally like the only time I really do get away from everything so and then if we're talking about it on here then everybody's gonna be like oh my God. God bless you prayer and all that stuff and then you guys are so sweet and then I'm gonna make a minute. They didn't get emotional I don't wanna do that. I just wanna do my makeup all day so let's say that I'm gonna do a neutral look today probably So you guys, if you are new, don't forget to like and follow the page This Red your story Thank you neutral. That's not your that's not in your vocabulary. Log lady I know but I might be going out so I don't wanna go too crazy bus Later that's why I need to stop talking too much and holy Okay So Like I said guys I my code will give you guys 30 percent off until tonight only tonight on cosmetics and this is $15 and you guys sign up with my code and then you can cancel at anytime. It is a bi-monthly club. So this is the one you will get this month if you don't wanna subscribe, there is a bundle is $40 to get a pound and then you gonna be set and remember you also get 30 yes you get 30 percent off with my Council tonight So I'll be using this and then for those of you that were asking about my lip set You get like a this is how they come. They come in this bag and I don't think he looks so they come in this bag you guys and then these are the three ladies and a portion of the sales will be going towards my Gofundme Alright, we got this color which is very delicious What are you doing with that down We got the color. Liberty which is a Red are you gonna make a wishlist for your birthday? We got to close North Carolina. Hi We got the car seat so these are the puppies and a portion of the sales will be going to my go from me anyway so they come in the bag and you guys get a card that says thanks for supporting slavery Salma and it has my picture on it and then has my social medias in the back Alright so that is how the card welcome so that's that I will be using this part right here the coffee palette So let me go ahead I'm gonna pray my eyelid. Let's just use the concealer because like I said I usually use a White base you guys but I'm not gonna go. I'm not gonna do crazy colors So let's just actually use the half. I can see that because it's a little bit later Hi From Hawaii you lucky Hi She knows. I know what you know. Go fund me takes 10 percent. Yes Analyst It's back. How you do business Alright Alright, this is my lava A concealer Relax these glitter but I don't know if I will but the glitters are so pretty in here and then all these clothes. So we'll see that goals. Let's go ahead and just one No one here. Hi You got to drink or now because seating so this is not a feeding too and it's a two which technically is a feeling to you but it is actually a drainage I don't get to eat anything. I don't eat it all you guys like all all my nutrition is through T M total rental nutrition and it goes to my eye That is in my back which is my Central That is beautiful. Right Right girl and then What was that? What they think drink. Yes. I can drink water. It will come right out of my teeth like literally right out. So yes I did You guys. I made my well, I'm working on my paint. My camp I knew can you do And I'm gonna be there so I wish my wish this administration love but like I said, I really haven't updated much but there's only a couple things in there for this one Check it out So Let me go in a nice little brushes And so I'm gonna use this blending brush from the one. They got even notice. Welcome everyone we are doing a 20 - five - dollar gift card to spoiled lips you guys one winner will win so how you guys can be entered all you guys gotta do is to share the video It look how pretty this is Hi. Beautiful. Hi So if you guys are new please don't forget to like and follow. I am literally about less than eight hundred away probably by now that from A hundred K on this page Well that's that's really pretty a hundred on this page you guys so we are so close so please please please everyone make sure to follow and like and share the video Hi, beautiful first, I'm watching Highland Say hi to everyone So you guys like the earlier live from guessing or the later lives like My four year old. She says hey boo. Hi Hi baby We're gonna blend and promise Is that your son? Oh my God. What is that Oh my God. He's my doesn't look like I could squeeze a baby out of me You're so skinny Guys the only because you have a diaper Thanks for emailing me on front of one K people Oh thank you honey. Thank you very much He's my brother I'm 10 years older than him I am 10 years older than him at seven and I will be 17 very soon after 90 'clock because I'm seven and I was six sign and Daniel okay, with me I'm 16 you guys I am 16 no babies for me anytime. Single I'm gonna go on this very light color which is very pigmented actually Right so Brother thing to say right is that look like my spine would do it like Why why would I show them the bugs? Except they get the no Nothing didn't You weird Alright Okay. That was rude. I apologize Sorry Alright guys I'm getting some of my really really nice lowella brushes love them. If you want anything from you have a cold I'm gonna go in with this one which is the L C C there Line of the date We got what is going on Your child honey. I'm probably older than you I'm sorry but you look how long that picture too. So what are you trying to say to me I was gonna blend of it You guys, I cannot wait for my colleague lashes to be out We were hoping by early July late July early August but I don't know because the designer is just having a little issue. I want you be the designers and a little bit of an issue right now but we are definitely gonna have it by August that is a hundred percent. We probably have it by August glass but I am so excited for my collapse my clad lashes with a kiss me now to come out because kiss me now has literally some of my favorite lashes guys other than like Lala and like Jamie's lashes like literally they are so amazing. I love Bob keeps me now. So I am so excited for my last me my lash collab with them. You guys know they really have some of the best lashes ever spoiled Kit like look I'm probably gonna wear this pair like they have such amazing lashes and I'm gonna have my own last with it's gonna be the best on my lap I chose the style already What is it You wanna see Okay Well it's not in the right box yet but this is what I look like But they are not that long. I promise you whenever they put them on I tried them on my eyes You got here ladies. Oh my gosh Congratulations you guys. I'm so excited to get out of my own slaves Excuse me now they love and you guys I can't wait and mostly excited to see how fast we could sell out honestly like literally I wanna see how fast you can sell at these lashes We're morning working town West Virginia. That is all the info. I'm gonna give you guys. I'm not gonna give my location because there might be some creeps out there. So I'm not where I'm gonna be but it's gonna be working out West Redeemed Got my Gofundme page is in the description Definitely going to get some. Yes you guys I can't wait for them to launch and oh my God. They are literally so perfect They're not they're not too floppy. They're not too long. They're not too short They will make any look what lip balm. This is be kiss me now sitting lip balm best lip balm ever. I'm almost out. I do need to get the result you get that really do not make me to get me another one I wonder if it's actually different like it, you looked Give me the lip balm that I dropped it's it's it's dropped It's like so this is a really really nice lip balm from kiss me. Now you guys where they from who are who from my lashes from kiss me now this also okay Anyway. So I'm gonna go ahead with this really really good I love this book because it could really get increase It is from the Rolla as well and I'm gonna go in and deepen it up with this color right here and this I don't it doesn't have a name but I'm gonna go with this color here Can't wait. I am so excited Do you get the glitter liners? excellent cosmetics love These are wearing my glitter Can't wait to buy your lunch You guys. I got my hair looks insane No you guys. They are so perfect and the box is gonna be halleck. Yo it is gonna be Alex you on your list Luella should be pretty like the liquid I could probably do that And because instead of glitter because glitter does not feel it doesn't necessarily feel heavy but I just don't really wanna go out with glitter on my lips So a liquid channel from Lularoe and actually believe this You got like you have a cool thanks love and you have a couple of them. Yes I do it is Slay My code is all is sleeper almost everything but if you guys like I said it doesn't work if you guys have any questions at all, please message me and I will always like I was in a link and my cold and everything and if any one has any problem, they could not working. Please let me know where you going to. so today we were thinking about going to see the line you said, go see you on Ask my gardenia Use a glass. One of that guy for the car King And I get it. I'm gonna get me some Yes so you guys. I'm not sure how much my lashes are gonna be yet but their lashes are $16 So maybe maybe it might be a little bit more just because it's a collab So I wouldn't say more than 20 to maximum and their lashes are really really nice so they will last you guys for a really long time so they are completely worth it so if you guys do so I will of course you will be supporting me if you do and I just can't wait Because dude my man I have a freaking My picture is gonna be on there. It's gonna help you I don't know for those of you that follow must be Cindy I don't know if a lot of you know her, it's not she's pretty bout your my 20 -, one from one set for a so their losses are usually 16 but they have really really good pair of lashes like you guys. They are not some kiss lashes. They're not some lashes like there are quality quality really really, really good lashes So that is why I'm just glad that would if it was a lash glad it was with them and it wasn't with anyone else And here is just a random This is a parent. Believe it on the website it's the gorgeous style and years like what Look at those They are so freaking gorgeous like I love this style so I can't wait for them to come out Oh my God. Yeah. I was thinking so the box West here code for your londo Michael Freelander Estalla S A L E But wait wasn't saying that rush bun honestly Super excited for the box because it's gonna be different at first walk Think about what you want on the box I was like well, I can't see my lashes and gorgeous girl I'm next explain how I'm gonna add my own last with them so much anyway from who from all up and it is in the description it's where my lip balm is from where my lips go Anyways What I was saying about how what would you saying Oh yeah. For those of you who follow like musty Cindy you guys saw how she had her lashes have shaped like a cartoon version of her on her lashes. That's how my lashes are gonna be. There's gonna be like a cartoon version of me in on it and it's gonna be so anyways whenever she was like think about what you want on your lashes I was like well, I don't want like of course I want purple but I don't want purple because I don't know like it might just be weird might seem a little child. It sounds like well maybe like so Gold or something like that I'll be ordering the palette. The lip gloss is so key discussion Thank you so much is a subscription for the lip gloss for the ladies there's a subscription on live glam and from on toilet Alright clean up under my rusty So we decided that it's gonna be a Super Super light purple because it's gonna be like a light lavender color so it's not gonna be like harsh dark purple and it's gonna be like glittery on the inside and it's gonna be Super frequency you because I just like I was like wow I wanna do rose gold because so many people already have rose gold or do I wanna go ahead and with the purple and make it more unique and more me and I'm not saying that you know it's not me with it was Cuz it wouldn't be me because I because it would be me cuz I really do love the rose gold but it's just gonna be more now Now there's gonna be purple It's gonna be bomb you guys. I'm so excited to show you And 16 you guys I'm 60 and succeed in 16 of 1616 Okay so let's go ahead and clean up on top of my roll a little bit I don't know what is going on Feel free to remove yourself. What is going on Oh my God You guys. I am not too young for makeup and for all those tools coming in 16 Think 16 is freaking too young and then you like I'm sorry but there are people that are 15 Get prego up there and there are people that are freaking 15 They're doing drugs and having you know why and all that crap and I'm literally here talking with my followers and my supporters about how I'm Super excited to have my first lash club how I'm so excited to go to train Camp which is the only thing I actually look forward to in my year because my life absolutely sucks from being in the hospital like literally like every week or so and makeup is literally my escape and gets my mind off of the pain and everything and you guys say I'm too young for makeup then I am sorry you feel that way feel free to hit the exit button or I'm blocking your ass Okay, I probably should have said ask cuz that was rough but I'm blocking you okay cuz that like honey there's a believe me they are 15 year old 16 Fort literally teenagers out there doing way worse than talking you guys about makeup. Okay So how about we don't judge me here Okay And then I clean up my room or like clean up under because it like that I want to breathe out. You guys will excuse me for all those trolls out there You shouldn't even be breathing You should your too young to be breathing in a lot You are too young to be wearing that kind of outfit You are telling you to talk to us that way Watch your mouth little girl that makeup socks don't match you need to blend more He also bigger than Israel Your foundation is a way to lie They don't know they don't even know it's right as you could be bigger than Israel I know I could be bigger than mom right now if I was normal but I hate no cuz believe me. You guys enjoy your life Enjoy someone comments in the other. I wish I could be like no, you really don't you really, really, really don't My life accident but yet I come on and I talk and I ask like nothing is all my life but likes I messed up and that is the reason why my life sucks for the message not getting I love you guys too See I love now I think I really do love my supporters but then there are some people that are supporters He lashes There's a link. You guys. Yeah. The link in You are gonna spoil it for people. I'm watching Okay so you see now lashes that stylist showed was gorgeous. You guys like I said, I am coming out my own pair. So if you guys wanna get a style from them now to see how you like them, I really highly recommend a smile gorgeous It is really really really pretty and the style cloud nine are also really nice So if you guys want any of their lashes, I do have a pool that will save you guys some money. So it's not as much It's sad I know I love you people You guys like so like so many people when everything happened a while ago like all the drawers but for those who don't know for those that don't know I'm sorry not bringing it up but everyone like you are missing out on such great things and you know the people that were being rude I'm like no, I'm actually not because I closed one door and five doors open for you guys So if you close one door or people something that you don't feel comfortable with So many other opportunities are gonna open up Okay so don't do something that you Not comfortable in giving you guys. I promise you. It is just not worth it No matter how they like It's just not worth it. Okay Answer. It is D I don't need Youtube. I just think it's a lot of work. I don't have a camera I don't know how to I don't know Thank you guys like yeah Like nearly I closed one door and so many opportunities open up and I'm like well and you guys really wanted me to stay with that one door You know like no Like is it And I just clean up So it's not too hard and it just gets like sort of like a blended that is actually really smart. Thank you So it is that someone said maybe like a liquid shadow would look really pretty I wanted I couldn't use like a glitter Remember you guys can get this for only 15. If you sign up now or if you just want it I believe he could get and make up on dollars in there Oh I know I did and I felt so good when I made that decision too like they feel something Alright so this is the coffee palette. I really would use somebody's glitter but I just don't want glitter on my island especially if you go out use as mama we still gonna go see the movie like the leaders are so light and they would actually Super just like they would be perfect for this way but I don't wanna add like glitter so I'm gonna add like a liquid shot, okay but these are really really nice Inspiration Soma thank you close the door and then the other doors that open like literally close that one door that you've been feeling very uncomfortable with for a while and then so many others that you feel Super comfortable with will open up Maybe this one. These are just a little not what I want right now but these are so pretty We're gonna get that hot spots left Nope Maybe don't want Okay let's go to the eight 30 show or we could do this one Let's do one of these. I really think this one of the credit card and swap liquid for you guys the formula They are the bat like they're so freaking amazing. This they s watching me at all this morning Alright, this is a called Donatella Okay Alright. Perfect. We'll go to eight 30 and leave it like let me hurry up guys Alright we got the clear donuts hella Have you ever done makeup? I have them do is yes we got glory if I'm gonna do this one thing this one really pretty Yeah. This one is gonna look really crazy glory And then we got bowls I have the mega launch in 2017 I did not wish and then we got this color which is bowls I think glories I'm really pretty Charger sure yeah, I'm gonna do that Middle one or the other one or that first form Donatella Let me do the Middle in the Middle. One is gonna be Super pretty which is glory and this is from Laurel That's connected to the ring Oh yeah. Then just go use like mom just happened to come up in your life. Oh my God. Thank you guys. If you do please please please like and follow and share the video we are giving away A 20 - five - dollar gift card to one lucky person tonight so you guys don't fall for it. Let's make sure you always You also do that. yeah. And we are giving away 20 -, five - dollar gift card and I have a 30 percent off code was for lips and tonight only those are improving. They are liquid shadows but you can use one of if you wish I mean you guys literally my thing like someone's like they might not be for you. It's like well, if you if you can put them on your eye lid, why can't you put them on your lips? You know what I mean Cuz I'm looking bomb 帅哥 I hate guns Better than you know what Shadow set up There are people here that don't know what you're talking about spoilers That's pretty good Then I'm beautiful. Thank you Could be chemical Laden water looks like feels like some This is really really cute And You got to get this. This is the color glory We have so many other Super gorgeous colors on the website you guys and Lorelai is also where my neurosis from didn't know at the mirror This is also one of my nearest from you guys This is the large one right here Let me see that's the 15 minute mall They got other ones in other colors as well and my link in are you gonna go live at the movies? Why would I go live on the moon Love it. Yes. Okay And Billy Amoral go one because I don't own this business. I just a promoter for different brands so they have to tell me which one like my mom was like the ones from Peachy Clean is that what you mean or like the ones because I know there's two different ones as long as they are in stock on that website, they aren't stuck in what I mean Everywhere I think Part is that use what part is that There's one so learn to show me Oh yeah You look beautiful Thank you so much You guys please don't forget to like and follow. I would really really appreciate it. You guys We are so proud of you Clothes getting A hundred K on my page so we really really appreciate you guys can give this a hole That would be freaking amazing He could Can you got use of someone to turn it down because it's spoiler Well, they're not human Yes, they can I'm using this power here is a pretty palette ended up four on Thank you Loving you so Thank you Spring Thank you later. it is the color glory for liquid Shadow from Laurel The mirror in the mirror that I showed is also from literally guys. That's a vanity mirror The White one is on pre sale. So for those of you that were we're waiting for the wind to come back on It is on pre sale if you guys want it make who will work The black one is in stock and those are the 15 light bulbs and then the other 112 light bulb in the night light bulb. I believe they are all in stock That looks really cute athlete Maybe we'll do a little wing like a tiny sorry. Thank you what's up here? Lid. It is the liquid shadow in glory by Cosmetics Lake and falls on my. Yes. You guys were so close to A hundred K This is it you guys Lorelei Shadow We got so many rain And remember at my cold gives you guys money off for that and I also feel listen I have a 30 percent off code only until only valid to net you guys only valid until tonight and it is gone forever because you're having a Christmas in July special So let's see a little small waves so I'm gonna go ahead and use the mixing liner Imma This gonna grab absolutely Okay I'll use this smear Well, these are lashes but I'm just gonna use in here cuz I want something I could hold Thank you for sharing you guys are amazing to push out. Yup Correct Alright, let's go ahead and put this on For the palette dumb Slay Slay, we'll give you guys 30 percent off for soil lips until tonight and then it will go back to 20 percent 20 percent How do you guys just steady hand girl I actually one of the meds that I'm on actually it makes my hands shaky and it took to be so bad at first but I have to just keep practicing until I finally got it right And I I have to have my hand like a very like I have to have this hand like buy it like you know, like I have to have some support like if it's love his hand on my leg, I just have to have support Piece of stuff I need a mirror that is s we could see Yeah all this is like that mirror right. There is Super Super big total order. 30 percent off total or total order so you guys don't forget to share the video. We are giving away a 20 - five - dollar gift card to spoil lips. So make sure that you guys share, share, share how many shares are The more shares The battery goes In a small way like my makeup today, I like it most. It fix involved I really good Beautiful skin. Oh my God. Thank you I'm gonna try to like hurry so I can get my face and foundation everything Thank you One That's cool Feeling Different colors Close the door Close the school clothes Where are our new viewers at? Yeah. You guys. Where is everyone? That is new. Please let me know 570 - Two shares it guys keep sharing. Keep You're welcome buddy Maybe you are welcome. Deli X Company Welcome you guys and you absolutely. Thank you. Michael Michael Johnson. Hi You were welcome to Clears up as you make up making a month old baby Let me grab you sir. God bless you. Thank you I'm 16 I love the metallic tone girl. Isn't it beautiful? It's from Luella I love their liquid. Shadows you guys and their highlighters and mirrors. Oh my God. I'm in love Slaving, you're welcome video This is cute and loving people forty may pagkain thank you guys i'm not 'tsaka because that is the morning my this mirror right here is from Laurel and then the other one is also from Lularoe That one is thicker Whatever lashes are gonna hide everything up I just go ahead and get my makeup on I can't believe after all this time people still ask your age going Why are you upside down I think your phone right now I mean she's asking why am I upside down You're not shutdown exactly so her phone is probably answered I'm saying that I think a lot of people wanna set something so yeah maybe try to just adjust your photo So I just wanted everything all my face. Let's go ahead and do some primary He let us down on my one love bananas. Your faces covered increments girl maybe go back and see that one is performed upside down. What if she's upset Yeah. What if you are in the upside Wanna go to the Sunday so no, you do not sorry you guys. We've been watching too many two way too much stranger things we get a little obsessed here I thought it was about to shape. Go. I need That's why plant before camp definitely share Oh thank you We're gonna do lashes later. Let's go and do a phone Let me use my lap on today. This is a really good one Maybe too late Oh I might be too late Because of the freaking tan that I keep getting let's go and win my we're gonna go into this Where is my heads up Go What It's still wet. Okay. Well, I need to be a little more weather but wet it and squeeze all the water is on for me Thank you so much girl You know the presence of makeup or God. Thank you guys How old are you? If you don't mind me asking him 16 Beautiful Thank you Use your code Yes. Thank you so much for using my Cody Brown But you guys I'm not not even lashes yet but these are the song Look at these. You guys aren't they gorgeous Sound. Gorgeous You must not too many You're a baby. I mean a baby honey You are baby. If you are that sensitive not getting wet Thank you not sleeping Alright cuz so I you guys know beauty blenders are literally absolute favorite so I did get a new one. I got a pink one. Look at Bella and it is look at that. Look how Squishy Mike. Hello Look how Squishy it's okay So they are really really good lenders. Let me go ahead and put my foundation Gonna do foundation Wow Thank you What? How do you use? I use the spoil lips up Valentine palette. So it's a coffee palette It is their by monthly palette so if you guys sign up you get it for $15 or if you wanna buy, I believe it comes in a bundle for like 40 that and like lipstick and then my code will give you 30 percent off today Alright I use the next few minutes Yes Why can't I can do this with this It says makeup It says on issues on the says you make you're not using it on your belly butter. That was literally expensive We can use yup There's makeup on this, you said What Yeah, you ain't useless Let me go to my foundation your toothpaste Do you talk to your friend with beats out to your friend with a little boy anymore I think my name should be Little boy I'm confused I know I'm not really friends with boys Get my little beauty blender and brushes. Yes Did you eat the blender Did you chew that off I just took it off like shoot it off I just took it out of my teeth. That is it Peter, a mala With the little boy No, you guys. That was brandy I think you're talking about That's the external owner She's she's usually in in Germany. This she was just here to visit Means excellent Yeah. I was like what I really. Yeah. I think you mean accident owner of Brandy Love Yeah. We still talk but we don't see each other because he's not close Amaze Thank you girl Using my athletics can serious You ever played here or not really Got this Babies Thank you My hands Will be I just have Yeah. I gotta be like thank you for the countdown I got like 30 minutes What do you think? How will I think will be actually perfect Don't forget to please give this video share if you guys aren't already That would be amazing. Beautiful Thank you Okay I'm gonna go with this one. You guys look freaking cute. I love it Okay I'm in a contract Every agent You saw that for Dustin seeing beautiful. Thank you Alright, let's try to come to Let's try to conquer this work and see how this looks blended Later Really pretty special. I think you don't need a perfect Thank you girl. I know I know I don't need makeup because but I really I just like to go lie and make up So this is the bubble gum brush theory It is look at how beautiful as like so many other pressures on Really pretty. How old are you? I'm 16 I'm seeing you guys really need to just hopping on if you wanna know more about my story and my medical you know why I look so young when my eyes are yellow why my veins are showing any medical questions? Why I have tube Why do I need to change addressing where I'm always in the hospital because I'll probably be in the hospital all that stuff You know what I mean. I'll probably be like at the hospital and all that when I felt like if I The hospital So please guys, I would really recommend we watching the documentary video and then probably washing light documentary video is in the description and then if you wanna walk my about me on It's gonna continue Shout out to my son Connor. Hi Thank you for watching. I'm 16. I don't believe I am too young but Nikki he think so Yeah, I have so you guys there's a video in the description It is a 10 -minute video. You guys can watch it explains a lot of stuff but then I do have a video of me talking and me explaining everything personally. so if you guys have any questions, I guarantee you. Those questions will get answered in that video. So please watch the video probably like probably if you're getting like ready for bed or you know if you have the patience to sit down and watch like an hour and something Our video You will learn a lot on me and it is the first video on this page I know do like literally I need to like I need like those balloons that literally say 16 right there Alright no. I just need to stop me How do I even tried this on my please haven't tried this on my face It's why I'm afraid that it's like See this Alright to the Royal mega thank you so much Leading a matte lip color probably Probably I gotta figure it out what I'm doing Just another people that tell you that you're too I know our evening eyelashes. Yes I will and I'm gonna be putting on the kiss me now lashes in style gorgeous today and then when I go out I will probably take off my eyelashes just mascara but I do wanna have the lashes on for my Pictures and stuff. Alright. Let me just show you this I can take in a while On Loreal Loreal Hydro Perfect settings for setting powder Giveaway. Yeah, we're giving away 20 - five - dollar gift cards for lips. all you guys gotta do to get into that giveaway is share the video and like and follow my page and spoiled Way ideal scene That's another question that will really get that's another question that will get answered in my in my videos I do have lots lots lots of lots of liver damage I won't have to walk so I will watch them when I get back home be going with another bubble gum brush i just remember when ever you have to us really ya i know Oh that way Learning. Yeah. I'm gonna let my hair grow I'm not gonna read it as I wonder we diet. I'll probably get it like a honey. Oh I like this one chapter one. Since you do you call it You said just I owe yes How it's spoiling it just I know but stop Okay Thank you guys Thank you. Thank you. Thank you This is so pretty These brushes Alright let me bronze up Rolling yet what time is I'm gonna use this brush and use that brush from spoiled lips It is some 30 - seven. We need to leave a like maybe like eight It's fine but like yeah. Alright. As much as some spots left us isn't it pretty and I'm just gonna go on a Are you always ready Are you go I promise you I will literally be off here by eight maybe eight some change and address and I will still be a first get ready I promise you guys I'm always first get ready No one 's Anyway. Literally. No one 's already. Ready. Why? What I mean Yes and yes that brushes from spoilers Beautiful. Thank you Love this brushes new so pretty. Yes curls. It looks so pretty on you You already know my camp is August eighth Hey You know I'm not What What are you gonna do Welcome to use on your eyes. so I use the Michelle heart So I use this color and this color on my crazy cool and on the lid I used the color glory in liquid shadow from umbrella Where can I find that contour this one. This bronzers from physicians formula or the stickers from the habitat I am 16 and I'm in a rush Simba is waiting for me Excuse me You're joking Who is she Excuse me I don't know See this movie Winter You know a symbolism I've never was like oh God not even a quarter so Just knew somebody really Okay You need my blender Sit up Love it This is so Squishy. Don't touch it sucker cupcake It's like a cupcake icing squish it squish it just cruises the He was gone I I don't know. I don't even know who you are anymore I'm your brother Well you don't know who my baby is How's your baby Babies Your baby is missing My baby is Simba Comment and a lot of you know solution everyone knows who send by how cool I used to have Corona Let me finish Mingo and with this color here and I go on my under eyes Not you Kiara Lana oh dear What So you guys can get this pallet when for $15 you guys sign up I don't know what fresh content What I wanted Brand Little Go to that place Season three, episode one Okay. Then congratulations he really don't know dude I think he's like no, he literally has no idea who they are See the linking tonight. Yes Came out before he was born But still it's such an original you shouldn't see Believable lashes. Thank you Yes, I'm a city washes But I just went over it because I got some scary Alright so I'm gonna go ahead and do the lashes use up worth of scissors Bottle set up sort of huh. I have to look on my bed Lashes I bring the black. Put them worry on the Where's my These are the kiss me now lashes in the South. Gorgeous you guys and remember I am gonna have my own lash collab with them very soon So if you guys have been waiting, I'm so freaking hoping that it will be out hopefully by August you guys and you guys will absolutely freaking love them like you guys will love them Company 12 minutes right Here's a beautiful So I cut them and might have cut them a little Tuesday but it's like Thank you to 16. She could wear as much makeup as you want and it's not going anywhere in her skin Please don't even get me started I gotta let the groove get lucky Yeah yes, I can't layer you know buying me some Y E S I am so excited. I can't wait for my last video. You guys I'm just more excited about the box and the box is gonna be so cute and lashes of pushing I really ever wear it now. I mean I would probably win it really just sit down and do make up for that at least I would have screwed up but I'm just doing makeup for you guys Well, for me and for you it's like like I said, I like to give I love the glitter liquid shadow. Isn't it so pretty Let's do it Small titans Well that is drying the skin That out Almost got a blush Let's do this one. I don't even know what this is but we're just gonna do it It's a glitter shadow on your feet. it is from Loreal, a cosmetics Luella cosmetics and medications and you guys can use the code sleigh for anything on the wella. They got the mirrors liquid shadows highlighters I'll be using one of their highlighters as well Wait, you're having No. No, I'm not having my own lash line but I'm gonna come kiss me now is the brand of the lashes that I'll be wearing right now This is the style gorgeous right Well I mean there's gonna be a slave with Salma lash I chose what lash I wanted and I'm choosing the box and the design and then you gotta be like a cartoon version of me on it Just gonna help you Honey is so pretty What is that? I have absolutely no idea girl It came in a couple months ago when I had it and I don't remember nothing Alright multitasking until that one is right It is not yet dry. Let's just spray Alright, so that was I don't it's like really, really really old but the new movie that we're getting is new because it's like real lines the movie. The first movie was just a cartoon Alright and this is just some fixing spray No Oh my God. You guys. I'm not even gonna have to clean up and then I'm gonna come back to a massive with your Our bomb these are the style gorgeous so I highly recommend this pile especially if you guys are looking for something like if you guys wanna try a pair of their lashes before you get like any wait If you guys wanna get a pair of lashes before you get like any other before you get my lashes. I really highly recommend these lashes are here Look at that mirror ball Okay Oops You guys around yet Oh no. Where's the lash Oh it's on the floor and I was about two No Okay Here we go Let's use this highlighter Beautiful skin. Thank you It's like a couple minutes later. He got I promise you guys. No one else is even getting ready right now The movie starts at eight 30 and they're not too far from us. So we'll be fine and there's always like 15 minutes of ads online That is Seek me defenders This is the highlighter in jewels. You guys They have my favorite highlighters ever This lady. Thank you Some grab on highlight Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Do not promote peace Girl, you need the right lashes and the right lash applicator like literally that the casino lash applicator that pink tweezers They also got black ones here We also got a black pair The tweezers are so regulated from casino and then their lashes are bomb as long as you got a good pair of flash and a good like you guys. If you literally try to project like I know I would I know a lot of people say get some like cheap lashes You know our dial or like whatever like store bought like dollar tree lashes or whatever Practice with it's gonna be so much harder because the band is so thin on those lashes It's literally like impossible to even get them on So I would no I don't Is that how are you Seven so much. Thank you and I know you guys. I'm probably not gonna be a couple minutes late but like I said they literally always run like 15 minutes bats so Liquid shadow is absolutely beautiful. I know right Hard and I'm gonna get I'm using all the a lot of the bubble gum brush set today. It's actually really really really bites brush that so that's the bubble gum brush and this is great. I love this look so pretty. Thank you so much No, I forgot to me I always just like make sure it's on with my fingers just make sure that it's you know what I mean They are on good Yeah get a good call you last you guys. You can use like literally 20 something 20 - 5230 times like that's what you guys need like some order lashes is fine but you won't even be able to get them on unless you know how to put lashes on. You know what I mean. So I really just recommend get a good quality lash and then keep trying just don't just be careful that just be gentle. Don't like You already buy the tickets No, we did it We're just gonna go walking you guys but it's not the first day so why would love any I thought they would be Are movie theaters really quiet And it's not that I need Nobody tell me that this is too much earlier I got my blender You said give me my blood drop Dropped it Peace On the grill this is so squish Fuck you gonna break it dude. He is really accessible my blender and so I am selling Highlighters from about yup. You guys. This is the color jewel from Loreal. A cosmetics and other highlighters were so amazing and blinding. I love it. You guys can use my cold to save some money Michael Slay, you guys see as many And remember I do have a spoil lips 30 percent off just night Listen some lip scrub Later Lucas Rubix highlighter injuries Get this island Yes Jules Yup It is a clear jewels from around Jerry be quiet Lip scrub in the shower body scrub in the shower This exfoliating gloves gets rid of your skin and a little bit of lip balm Me finally What I had a palette have used library spoiled grips cosmetics volume And on my mind, I had Bella Shadow in glory It's a use Tell us almost done Tell her what time tellers shots she is almost done Party Maybe a little too dark Okay. I think it's actually goes really nicely or does this too dark There's this too dark I think that one actually is really pretty I need a perfect. Okay Let's see that one Okay Oh my God Toilet That is big window What what I want everyone to watch us too The mirrors from Lala, the lip color. I'll figure it out. It's from live limit with a couple of months ago. I'm sure you guys to get it stopped Let me date overlap a little too much, especially going on it is the color most haunted The color most wanted by like okay I'm like done so let's do some setting spray Can I go out and lashes are not gonna be comfortable They are actually comfortable Alright guys, this is my finished. Look I really like the color I really like the color. It's gonna be a little bit of overland a little too much it's okay So this is it you guys my finished. Look I use the spoils lips volume ton and voila my eyes and the lashes of style gorgeous This is the live game in most wanted I'm going to try to get pictures but I can't promise pictures today I'm gonna hop off We are leaving now but you guys want anything at all that I used today. You guys feel free to use my code if you if you guys would like You can't always listen to my page I love you guys. I'm gonna hop off and I will This is my call together I'll figure something to wear Beautiful Okay I love you guys and I will see you later Bye

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