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Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Is it love that dare not be? — 1989 video excerpt

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Another piece of history from the archives! I had such a warm sweet feeling yesterday, watching this video for the first time in 28+ years. My college friends Kathryn (dancing) and Dimitri swept across my monitor recreating the rolls they’ve played in my mind for the last three decades / all eternity. And me the viewer, knowing every frame yet watching like it was the first time, excited for what would come next.

This is a track from the 1989 album Ashes in the brittle air. I’m Kickstarting the expanded edition.…/black-tape-for-a-blue-girls-a

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sue-kenny smith: vocals & guitar
sam rosenthal: electronics

camera and editing: sam
starring: Kathryn Pilkenton-Rivet & Dimitri Patakidis
shot in southern california