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Michael Moore Is SHOCKED That The Left CENSORED His Documentary Challenging Climate Change Activism!
You You either either die die. die die a a a hero hero hero or live long long enough enough to to see see see yourself yourself yourself become become become become the the. the the villain. villain. Michael Moore learning a lesson lesson that that many many of of us us us have have have learned learned learned over over over the the the past past past past. year year year or or or a a a a couple. couple couple couple of of of years because he he is is now now been been been cancelled cancelled. cancelled cancelled his his His latest latest latest documentary plan of the humans humans has has been been censored censored censored on on on on YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube. over over over eight eight eight eight million million million. million views on this video, video and and it's it's it's gone. gone gone why why why. somebody somebody didn't didn't like the the context context in in in which which which their their their footage footage footage footage was was was was. being being being used. used used used. so so so they filed a a copyright copyright take take take down down down notice notice notice notice now. now. now. now. Copyright copyright copyright is is. is. nuance to say. This might not actually be a legitimate take-down notice. Michael Moore might have a fair use claim as to why he use this footage, but regardless Left-wing activists didn't like the fact that his film described climate activism as basically self-serving scam, so they found a way to remove it. I kid you not The Guardian is actually now saying straight up in this op-ed that Michael Moore became a hero to climate deniers deniers and and and the the the far far far right right right what what a. a fall from grace. You see Michael Moore for a long time was supposed to be some hero to the working class. He was supposed to be presenting the issues that affected factory workers, but what does he become well? you see when this weird shift happened, maybe like 10 years ago or it was probably bubbling up before then the White working class they voted for Donald Trump. I mean a lot of them did and Michael Moore now had to make a choice, was he for Trump or was he going to reject the people who had once supported them? not everybody, but a lot of of them them and and go go and and and jump jump jump on on on the the the Progressive. Progressive Progressive bandwagon. bandwagon. Well, of course, he decide. Jump on the Progressive bandwagon instead of staying true to fighting for the factories that he once made documentaries about, he said. Orange man bad You see a lot of people in Michigan really like Donald Trump because he brought the factories back. Michael Moore got it right in 2016 when he said people were gonna go out and vote for Trump as the biggest F U to the establishment. Michael Moore got it right when he said Trump went to those auto manufacturers and said I'm gonna slap a 30 percent tariff on your cars no longer buy them again. He was right. It but he was wrong later on in his speech when he said they would regret it. They didn't maybe Michael Moore is just like to the party and he started to realize he bet on the wrong horse. Either way he produced this documentary called Planet of the humans that has now been censored and he's and he's kind of outrage about it. So let's take a look at what's going on with this, but we do have some other censorship issues emerging right now, one of the big one of the top trends on Twitter is basically about removing Trump because he posted some memes and some offensive offensive conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy theory theory theory about about about Joe Joe Joe Joe Scarborough, Scarborough, Scarborough. Scarborough. so so so we're we're we're we're gonna gonna gonna gonna. have have have a a a good good old censorship showdown today but the first story. Talk about is the news and Michael Moore's response Michael more film Planet of the humans removed from YouTube Now remind you eight million views on his latest documentary, I went and saw Farrenheit 11 nine. 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Hopefully that's enough and you too will start recommending my content to you. but let's read from the Guardian British environmental photographers. Copyright claim prompts website to remove film that has been condemned. Climate scientists now how do they how was this that Michael Moores is making climate denial stuff? Whatever you wanna call it. YouTube is taken down the controversial Michael Moore produced documentary Planet of the humans and respond to a copyright infringement claim by a British environmental photographer. The movie, which has been condemned as inaccurate and misleading by climate scientists and activists allegedly includes a clip used without the permission of the owner. Toby Smith, who does not approve of. Context in which is material is being used. Let me give you a quick lesson on fair use. I don't care if you care about the context that's being used If they're using footage that has a legitimate fair use claim then you can't take it down now. it does get more murky when you're dealing with a photographer who's business is to produce this content in which case it actually might be a legitimate take down and Michael Moore may have just screwed this one up in response, the filmmakers denied violating Fair Use toros and accuse their critics of politically motivated censorship. Smith filed the To YouTube on the 20 third of May after discovering planet of the humans use several seconds of footage from his rare Earth and rare project detailing the journey of rare Earth minerals from inner Mongolia Smith, who has previously worked on energy and environmental issues, said he did not want his work Associated with something he disagreed with. I went directly to YouTube rather than approaching the filmmakers because I wasn't interested in negotiation. I don't support the documentary. I don't agree with this message and I don't like the misleading use of facts in the narrative. so this clearly was a. Take down. It's just so happens that well, Michael Moore made a mistake and created this exploitation vector planted the humans Director Jeff Gibbs said he was working with with YouTube to resolve the issue and have the film back up as soon as possible is that a statement this attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it as a blatant act of censorship by political critics of Planet of the humans, It is a misuse of copyright law to shut down a film that has opened a serious serious conversation conversation conversation about about about how how how parts parts parts of of of the the the. the environmental environmental environmental movement. movement movement have have gotten. gotten into bed with. And So-called Green capitalists There is absolutely no copyright violation in my film. This is just another attempt by the film's opponents to subvert the rights to free speech Planet of the humans, which has been seen by more than eight million people since it was launched online last month described itself as a full frontal assault on the sacred cows of the environmental movement, veteran climate campaigners and thinkers. so just Bill Mckibben and George Maia Mabye have pointed out factual errors, outdated footage and promotion of myths myths about about renewable renewable renewable energy energy energy propagated. propagated propagated propagated by by by the the the fossil fossil fossil fossil. fuel fuel fuel industry. industry. industry. Many Many are. are dismayed that. Who built his reputation as a left wing, filmmaker and supporter of civil rights should produce a work endorsed by climate skeptics and right wing think tanks Several have signed a letter urging the removal of what they call a shockingly misleading and absurd documentary climate scientist Michael Mann said the filmmakers have done a grave disservice to us and the planet with distortions, half truths and lies on Moore's official YouTube channel. The usual link to the film has been replaced by page, noting video unavailable The video is no longer of. To do a copyright claim by a third party on the planet of the Human's website, the link to the full movie is also dead, though the trailers and other materials are functioning as normal. I kid you not Michael Moore is now a hero of the far right. That's what you get when you challenge the machine, whether it's right or wrong. No Michael Moore's film planted the humans did not do us a disservice like any idea or concept. It is doing us a real service and if you don't like it needs to. Challenged I did not like Fahrenheit 11 nine. I certainly think Michael Moore has every right to produce it to rag on Trump and I rolled my eyes and said it was a bad documentary. I'm glad he made it. I like the idea that people produce things that challenge us and when we see something we don't like you know we do we write about it and say here's what's wrong and that's exactly what they did, but this is how they take things too far They use loopholes. copyright to try and take down ideas. They can't defeat and it makes you wonder. Why was it really that bad? If it really was that bad, you should have been you should have easily been able to debunk it right. No, I guess they had no choice but to force it to be removed. now. that's where things get but take a look at the story from a couple of weeks ago. How did Michael Moore become a hero to climate deniers in the far right? I love it. Oh, I absolutely love it. You know, it's only a matter of time before the circular firing squad of the left comes for you too. I don't care who you are. I don't care care what what you you do. do. do they They They are are are are coming. coming coming coming and and and Michael Michael. Michael Michael Moore Moore. Moore. Wow. I I almost almost didn't didn't think think it it it was was was gonna gonna gonna happen happen happen but but but but here here here here we. we we we go. go go so so what what you you get get. to be on. I'm surprised he made the film in the first place. Yeah kind of respect that he did. Let's read why Michael Moore is here to the far right and then we'll carry on with that. They have a response to this and we'll talk about more censorship that's happening on YouTube as well as Twitter denial never dies it just goes quiet and weights today After years of irrelevance, the climate science and desires are triumphant long after their last desperate claims had collapsed when they had traction only on alt-right conspiracy sites wait what what does that have to do with climate denial? Those groups are not connected. A hero of the left turns up and gives them more than they could have dreamed of planted the humans who's executive producer and chief promoter Michael Moore now as more than six million views on YouTube, The film does not deny climate science, but it promotes the discredited myths that Denys have used for years to justify their position. It claims that environmentalism is a self-serving self-seeking scam doing immense harm to the living world while enriching a group of con artists. This is long been the most effective means means by by which which denial denial, most most of. of which has been funded by. Fossil fuel industry has been spread everyone hates a scammer. How does that make Michael Moore a hero of the far right? Yeah silly, isn't it, And yes there are scammers. There are real issues and real conflicts to be explored and seeking to prevent the collapse of our life support systems, but they're handled so clumsy and so incoherently by this film that watching it is like seeing someone started a drunken brawl over a spilled pint, Then Glamping Glamping his friends when they try to restrain him. It's stumbles so blindly into toxic issues that more former champion of the. Unwittingly aligned himself with White supremacists and the extreme right and there it is we've made it that far. Congratulations Michael Moore for being like they've called me far right adjacent or whatever. that means. Oh, wow. Heaven forbid someone wants to actually entertain a entertain an idea, but you know what I'm gonna stop right here and say Interestingly, I wonder what the reviews are for this film film because because we've we've seen seen seen Dave Dave Dave Chappelle. Chappelle, Chappelle, Chappelle, for for for instance. instance, instance instance his comedy comedy special special was was slammed slammed by by critics critics and. and typically when the. Critics are slamming your film. It's actually pretty good. Actually. it's pretty good, not always sometimes they're just bad movies. Everybody hates like you know, Star Wars. Oh wait, no. I'm sorry. They gave Star Wars. The Last Jedi good review. I know I've just triggered a lot of people who actually like the film. I guess I didn't like it. The point is when they come at this film like this when they insulted be right. It actually makes me wanna watch it more. so I have to wonder what their goals really are. Maybe they're just that stupid that they prot this that they take actions that have. The Streisand effect you've just taken down Michael Morriss, I had no interest in watching. not I kinda wanna watch it to see why you want it taken down cuz I mean, let's be honest if the ideas were really that bad and easily debunked you would have just debunked them, but you wanna get rid of them. Okay. Here's what they say occasionally the film lands a punch on the nose on the right nose. It is right to to attack attack the the burning burning of of trees trees to to make make electricity. electricity, but when the film's presenter. Director Jeff GB Jeff Gibbs claims I found only one environmental leader willing to reject biomass and biofuels. He can't have been looking very far. Some people have been speaking out against them ever since they became a serious proposition. almost every environmental leader. I know opposes the burning of fresh materials to generate power. There are also some genuine and difficult problems with renewable energy, particularly the mining the necessary materials, but the the films films attacks attacks attacks on on on solar solar solar and and and wind wind wind power power power power. rely relying rely rely a. on on on a a a series series series of of blatant falsehoods. falsehoods. It It It claims claims claims that that that in in in producing producing producing producing. electricity electricity electricity from from. from renewables. renewables, you use more fossil. To do this, then you're getting benefit from it. You would have been better off just burning fossil fuels in the first place. This is flat wrong on average, a solar panel generates 26 units of solar energy for every unit of fossil energy required to build and install it for wind turbines. The ratio is 44 to one. I'm gonna stop you right there and ask you. what is it? What is a unit of solar energy? How does that compare to fossil energy is the energy released by one unit of fossil energy, more or less than a solar energy. You see the problem with how they make their arguments I can. Sice that they don't actually have one other than well. They made a few points and they're fair points. Well. How about you? let me actually see this to see if you're right or wrong? Oh, that's right. they got rid of it Well, Planet of the humans, EP Michael Moore and Director Jeff Gibbs Blast blatant censorship after controversial documentary yanked from YouTube, Michael Moore reaping the benefits of the circular firing squad is only a matter of time man. It really was, they say, EP, more and writer producer Gibbs told Deadline they discovered today today that that their their film, film, film, which which which had had had racked racked racked up up up up more more more more than than than. than eight eight eight point point point point Three million. views in a month plus was taken down from YouTube after. Copyright claim was lodged against the documentary over four seconds of footage. It contains I'm gonna stop and say I think that might easily fall into fair use, but keep in mind one of so you have an exemption for fair use for the public's right to know something educational news-worthy perhaps, but if someone's job is to source footage and you take it and use it you've taken away like you've you've basically stolen from them. So in that case, Yeah, it might be legit quote this attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of. By political critics of the planet of the humans, Gibbs said in a statement provided exclusively to deadline. It is a misuse of copyright law to shut down a film that has opened a serious conversation about how parts of the environmental movement have gotten into bed with Wall Street and So-called Green capitalist. There's absolutely no copyright violation in my film, so we did read that the four second clip subject to copyright. Copyright claim comes 30 - seven minutes into the documentary in the sequence titled How solar Panels and Wind Turbines are made the footage shows a mining. For a rare Earth medals which are used in wind turbine manufacturer Gibb says he incorporated the footage under fair use an exception to copyright law that allows news reporters, producers and documentary filmmakers Limited access to copyrighted material to illustrate points and not just that it was four seconds sounds like they have a very strong fair use defense. It's unclear who has started the copyright violation first stop. We read that news already So Michael Moore. I'm sorry man, but hey, look you get what you. You reap what you sow, you're the one who is propping these people up. You're the one who's making these documentaries you aligned yourself with these activists. They don't care for the facts. They don't care for the law. They just don't want to lose. They wanna be in charge. They wanna be in control and they don't like you because you said something outside the orthodoxy. you shouldn't have helped empower them now. It's not like Michael Moore's, the biggest cheerleader of the Progressive left, but he's still was a cheerleader and now he's trying to step outside those bounds and make a thought. Provoking film of the humans Well, here's you get they call it garbage. Michael Morriss garbage planted the humans has been removed from YouTube. That's the response from these people. These people who want nothing but censorship they don't want to actually have to argue against you. They just they wanna bash you over the head figuratively to prevent you from working Michael Moorehead every opportunity to stand with the working class to ask serious questions his speech from 2016 about I believe it was in 2016 about Trump went viral. viral. I I think think Trump Trump was was sharing sharing it. it and now. Just a flip flopper with no idea what he's saying, what he's doing, you know full disclosure. One point. Michael Moore actually gave me some money when I was live streaming on occupied, but I'm gonna show you now. Michael Moore in my opinion has just become a grifter. I'm sorry. I'm not saying I certainly don't think this film should have been taken down But first let me show you let me show you the story from the New York Post. Trump tweets. Michael Moore Story bashing Biden Biden lack lack of of enthusiasm. enthusiasm, Michael Michael Moore Moore. Moore Moore gave gave gave an interview interview in in it. it, He He said said said that. that that that Biden Biden Biden. doesn't doesn't doesn't generate generate generate the the enthusiasm enthusiasm needed needed to to win. win. basically basically he he then. then later came out and. The only way Trump wins is if he cheats it seems to me that what Michael Moore is really doing is dipping his toes in both the left and the right to try to figure out where he can make where you can find his best opportunity. While Trump tweeted out the story let me stop. Let me say this that to me, says that Michael Moore is just a he's just trying to figure it out. It's like he wants to make money. He has no principles, say the least, but Donald Trump tweeted out that story. The New York Post says President Trump highlighted comments from leftist filmmaker Michael Moore to take a shot at former. President Joe Biden is likely 2020 Democratic presidential rival Michael Moore, tortures Biden. He lacks quote necessary enthusiasm to beat Trump tweeted, highlighting a story in Breitbart News while he was right in 2016 and we do have a great and we do have great enthusiasm. Many say done a fantastic job DJT in an interview with Vanity Fair last week, Moore, who predicted Trump's 2016 victory was asked about Biden adopting the Democratic Socialist agenda, Senator Bernie Sanders touted during the primary race. He said Biden, whom Trump routinely mocks the sleepy Joe must embrace Sanders principles to attract would-be Democratic voters in November. Quote, Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it's going to take to get people out more said the Democrats are cly counting on everyone's desire to remove Trump and that won't work Even 538 says that don't that won't work. but that's not the point. The point is what Michael Moore then goes on to say apparently last week when he said this it didn't resonate. Why are you attacking Joe Biden? I don't know I'm assuming people criticize him for saying it because we saw what happened next. He went on to Bill Morriss show and said, well, the only way Trump wins is if he cheats excuse me. I thought your position was that Biden wasn't good enough. Now you think Biden so good that Trump has to cheat. Yeah. Michael Moore's worthless. I'm sorry. I'm I you know and I mean that with with all due respect, which to be honest, is very little but a guy with a career like his to become this nothing to be desperate. Confused. You know what man he he almost deserves the censorship almost I don't like the idea of videos taken down, but let's be honest, man. He almost deserves it. Well, I'll leave that story where it is, but I got a couple of little tidbits. I wanna add to this because if we had someone like Michael Moore, if we had the actual principled liberals from yesterday, you know I mean like the past 10 years actually speaking up and defending free speech more would not have been banned. so you reap what you have sewn and now we see some of the top stories. On Twitter, Trump shares disturbing meme of Biden campaign in a coffin. Yes, so what it's a mean, but this results in people basically not just this. We also have you know Trump tweeting about Joe Scarborough and the this woman who died just arbor's office and people are not demanding that Trump be removed from Twitter or as the New York Times. Opinion writer writer Karen Karen Switch-off Switch-off Switch-off Kera. Kera Kera Kera Swisher. Swisher. Swisher. I I I I do do do do that. that that that so so much, said said said a a a Council Council Council a a a board board board should should should. be be created. created to look over Trump's. Determined like what should be removed and what shouldn't be absolutely not now, I will say I find it funny that Michael Moore probably agree with me, especially at this point when the political left has weaponized, Copyright law and YouTube's rules to take down your content. What's the word for when you revel in someone else's pain? Okay, Whatever. I'm not gonna do that. but seriously, I just wish many of these people realize that when they're advocating for these rules, it would come back to haunt them and now it does but anyway. Twitter is apparently refusing to remove Donald Trump. Now. this story is more than a side. Right-I just want to briefly mention it because it's in the vein of the censorship stuff we're seeing today and it's happening today, but let me show you the bigger story and maybe I'll do a longer segment for aag on this later later for my six PM segments. YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China's Communist Party. These Chinese language phrases are removed within seconds and YouTube says it was an accident so I have to wonder why it is that certain. Get censored on YouTube, I did a couple of videos about China and I'll tell you what the backlash was hilarious. I ignored it. I don't care but a bunch of China accounts started making videos and attacking me making fake footage and pulling this out of context and accusing me of saying things I never said Oh, they were angry. I don't care. it's I really really don't, But YouTube admits it take a look at this. The first story was that China that China China was was deleting deleting things. things. we We saw saw a a bunch bunch of of high. high profile people say I've tried to make this come. Youtube delete these comments because the insult China's Communist Party so Ben Smith over at the New York Times, said. I ask you to about this for spokesman Farad farad Chadd. It appears to be an error in our enforcement systems and we are investigating users can report suspected issues. These removals were not a result of a policy change. What are you supposed to report you post a comment seconds later? The comment is gone. What do you? you? click click on on what what do do you you you do do? do find find find a? a a a chat chat chat chat representative. representative representative representative trying trying trying to to to call call call one of these companies companies with with no no phone phone numbers? numbers? No. No YouTube was act. Censoring things that were critical of the Chinese Communist Party. now, this should explain to you why it's so the fairies that we're seeing the waves of censorship that we are today. I'm not a fan of Michael Moore. I think he's become a grifter just desperately trying to figure out where he can make money. So I'm not interested. Sorry, you played the Progressive left you push this weirdo authoritarian practices and they come for you know what what do you want me to do about it? Should I defend your right for your film? You know what I will. will. I I will will I'll I'll defend defend his. his film should not be. Fair use put it back up and maybe he'll win that fine, but maybe next time someone threatens to take away your rights. You say something about it. Otherwise your next film will be gone too. So I guess we can leave it there. I never thought I'd see the day where Michael Moore would be a hero of the far right and the far right adjacent and all these other nonsensical things, but I did believe we would come to a point where censorship would get so awful. it would absolutely absolutely start start eating eating these these people people alive. alive. We know the poem first. Came for then they came for you know how it goes well here we are the left has a I don't I don't. I don't know if they take joy in it, but they target those who are susceptible to their beliefs, which tends to be themselves. You see how this works a conservative and an independent or moderate a politically homeless individual and intellectual dark Web, Web, whatever whatever they they don't don't agree agree agree with. with with with your your your authoritarianism authoritarianism. authoritarianism. authoritarianism. so so so they ignored it. I I certainly certainly do do Now Now Now you you you can can can force force force force companies companies companies. companies to to to ban ban ban people people. people that that stuff stuff. you know you might be it might be able to work. But when you get someone like Michael Moore, who is a part of their tribe, they can easily target you and take you down force you to apologize and what you gonna do about it. You are the most susceptible so the rest of us are gonna be chilling on the other side of the fire having a party while you're scared to cross over, we're gonna be having drinks. We're gonna be talking. We're gonna be arguing it's gonna be a good time and you can stay where you are being beaten down by people who won't let you get a word in edge wise. You can sit down and shut up and hear what we have to say That's the way they play well over here with us, we argue with each other all the time. Afterwards, we crack open Some Beers and say well, you know I guess we talk as much as we could for them. They will only get more censorship and it will only affect themselves. That's what I I don't know, but like inevitably, it's going to affect themselves like Obama said. It's a circular firing squad. They're going after each other more than anybody else at this point, but I'll leave it there Next segments coming up at Six PM YouTube dot com slash Tim Kass News Thanks for hanging out and I'll see you all next time.

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