Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Kamala Harris Impeached For Not Personally Evacuating Afghans

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In the demented mind of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vice President Kamala Harris deserves to be impeached because she hasn't personally traveled to Kabul to...

Posted 3 months ago in Politics

Dinty Moore 3 months ago

It's all rhetoric with Marjorie to get that stupid people fundraiser cash.. it's a dummy grift 😆

Allan Traveller 3 months ago

MTG needs serious mental help - who elected this nut job

Dave van den Berg 3 months ago

What about January 6th ?
The Republicans are changing the
subject ! AND NEVER TRUST THE TALIBAN .. negociating with them ? A prayer without an end !
But the Republicans are only praying for their " so called " president!

Mark Debien 3 months ago


Terrell Grant 3 months ago

Greene Needs to be Gone KICK HER OUT OF OFFICE