Julius Randle Top Plays From Week 7

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Check out the TOP PLAYS from Julius Randle of the New York Knicks duirng Week 7!

Posted 9 months ago in Sports

Luther Shaver 9 months ago

Wow, the Knicks aren’t the worst team in the league. Let’s throw a party.

Chris D'Avanzo 9 months ago

Julius Randle has been quietly becoming elite over the past few seasons. Now we see he's good for a 20/10/5 game almost every night. The question is will he stay with the Knicks in the offseason? The Knicks could trade him too. I'm sure the Heat would love to have him. But if I'm the Knicks, I try to get another star player to pair with Randle. The Knicks have a ton of cap room too. Maybe John Wall or Andre Drummond is an option. Beal is too, but it would probably mean trading BOTH Barrett and Quickley and a slew of picks.

Kory Robles 8 months ago

If the stars don't want be in the All-star game. Let other players be in it. We are tired of seeing the same washed up players every single year. Let the Randles, Beals and other players be in it this year. Give the old men, the rest they been crying about all season

Chad Meny 8 months ago

All star ⭐️

Austin Hill 9 months ago

Hes pretty good, but hes not cole anthony good

Denzel Russell 9 months ago

All star

Jessyelou Verrier 9 months ago

Erickson Johnson 9 months ago


Roxanna Weisner 9 months ago

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Vincent Raymundo 9 months ago

wonder how will he react when D rose is back on NY