Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0

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Daniel Jeremiah's 2021 Mock NFL Draft 2.0! 👇

Posted 8 months ago in Sports

Dom Terrell 8 months ago

I doubt the jets will draft a QB. They need almost every other position besides QB. Give Sam Darnold a fighting chance

Jay Rose 8 months ago

There is no way the football team gets a DT...their defense is stacked. A receiver would be the biggest need

Eric M. Crawford 8 months ago

They have Fields coming to us because he’s from Georgia. We have bigger needs than at QB.

Sam Mike 8 months ago

This is literally the worst way possible to present a mock draft.

Richard Ballou Jr. 8 months ago

Pretty sure we (Patriots) need a QB, not a CB. Big Mac should be selected should he fall to #15

Donnie Ray Owens 8 months ago

Devonta Smith to Minnesota?? He's incredible, but WR is the absolute last item of concern for us right now. I just don't get it.

Gary Burke 8 months ago

Is he just going by best available player? Because the eagles have a lot of needs, but TE isn't one of them

Phillip Linker 8 months ago

The Ravens are going pass rush or C/IOL in the first round not saftey, we are losing 4 pass rushers in free agency & our offensive line need to be rebuilt

Jairo Dominguez 8 months ago

Knowing Bill belichick Loves defense more than offense,I kinda see him getting a CB over a receiver or QB 😂

Dustin Robertson 8 months ago

The Falcons aren’t drafting a QB in the first, they need OL and DL help too much and with Matt Ryan having a few good years left and an almost inescapable cap situation. They’ll either trade down and get picks or draft Sewell or Parsons