Banana and Cheese Sandwich

Inka Magnaye • 2 years ago   2.6K     129  •  68.1K Views
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This video turns three today! The original upload, when I checked this morning, still only had 900 views ☺️

I started these voice over videos as a way...

Donald Samson
Donald Samson2 years ago

Inka Magnaye , I live by your principles when it comes to creating contents online. I always bear in mind what you said in an interview: "The number of views (or likes) does not dictate the talent." Keep inspiring us! God bless you more! ❤️❤️❤️

Lady Cire Abellanosa Daayata
Lady Cire Abellanosa Daayata2 years ago

Your voice is so calming...
Keep doing you, Inka!
From one of your top fans! ❤

Sherwin Garcia SuperEmcee
Sherwin Garcia SuperEmcee2 years ago

Parang voice ni Gideon sa Legends of tomorrow. 😱

Rachel Riego Shirase
Rachel Riego Shirase2 years ago

Yummmmy pahingiii

Aaron Lera
Aaron Lera2 years ago

Flex ko lang badge ko

Ariel De Vera Buenaventura
Ariel De Vera Buenaventura2 years ago

Aaah 😌 Love it! The message is highly relevant to what I'm trying to do as a new way of getting the most out of my time and resources, vlogging. Yes, I will keep recording videos not because I want people to like it or get lots of views but because I love documenting my baking experiments and learn from it as I try to do another. Thank you Inka 😀
And, thank you Bonn Jovi Baquiran for introducing this wonderful person. 😊

Lancer Hortillano
Lancer Hortillano2 years ago

Now that's how you devour Cheese and banana with class

Jho Annie
Jho Annie2 years ago

Can you voicr over the ML intro 😅😊

Ezra Mark
Ezra Mark2 years ago

Hi Inka I've been listening to your podcasts men It help me so much