Petrol tanker erupts in ball of flames on Makkah-Jeddah expressway

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Saudi firefighters have put out a blaze on the Makkah-Jeddah expressway, authorities said on Tuesday.

Posted 2 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Hossain Emon 2 months ago

May allah protect makkah

Syed Anwaar 2 months ago

Khaleelullah Hussaini .. Now fire reported here as well...馃槓

Basheer Muhammad 2 months ago

May Allah protect our Holly land Mecca and Madina

Zoya Khan 2 months ago

Saima Khan

Muhammad Jan Baloch 2 months ago

Qayamat is near because it is said a smoke will areise in Makkah and it will be on top of the kabbah

Hadi Mir 2 months ago

May Allah protect Makkah ..

AJ Sultan Plao 2 months ago


Abubakar Y Dabre 2 months ago

May allah make it easy