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Paralyzed frenchie goes back to favorite place on earth . . . THE BEACH! ❤️ @rubyhannard

Julie Blank
Julie Blank5 months ago

Layla’s favorite as well❣️

Susan St Pierre
Susan St Pierre5 months ago

God Bless you Sweetheart Angel

Røbert J Walker
Røbert J Walker5 months ago

Hap Hap Happy Dog 🥰 💕

Joni Feringa
Joni Feringa5 months ago


Cynthia Robles
Cynthia Robles5 months ago

Kate Borus
Kate Borus4 months ago

Pam Lee This just makes me melt.

Freda Oliver
Freda Oliver5 months ago

Love Them Rollers makes My Heart Sing!

Elena Manuela Clim
Elena Manuela Clim4 months ago

Nancy Jean Schmitt
Nancy Jean Schmitt5 months ago

Ohhhhh mom that felt so great

Patricia Scibilia
Patricia Scibilia5 months ago