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We challenged a Trump hating Democrat to debate a southern Republican who loves Trump at the 2020 Dem Debates and this happened. Full video here:...
Black two degrees Okay. That has a job That's a man That's a man. They got one degree that doesn't have anything on me He makes more than me hold up before we go any further I'm gonna have to explain to you how I found myself in this situation Now this girl right here Yeah This girl was standing behind a fence yelling at some guy Gotta get that man some milk everybody Now I don't know why this girl was telling someone to get milk though I assume she was getting the quote from this video Oh bad it he needs some milk anyway My biggest concern was who was this guy and why was he tripping And I quickly found out that she was yelling at him because he was walking around the protest telling people crazy things like this I support Donald Trump because I am a conservative by nature true I believe in God I believe in family I don't believe in government individual Oh okay He's not that crazy He's just a Trump supporter So this gave me a great idea If you were to tell him specifically to explain to him and educate him on what Donald Trump has done against the black community that would make him be somebody that's irrational What would you tell him specifically before I even go to that point I will ask him Why do you support him Well, I feel black on the inside I'm still White as mayonnaise on the outside So while this girl said she wanted to speak to the other black guy I thought to myself Hey what the hell she's on slightly offensive So let's turn her wish into reality cuz I want to understand it cuz I can't wrap my mind around somebody support. You wanna go with me and have a civil conversation civil conversation civil conversation. Could you come over here and have a civil discussion Keeping it cool Really calm really cool Where's your mama Your mama comes hello. Love What's up I'm fine. How are you sir Alright so I want I want I wanna start out just because of the question that you asked which is so we'll give you the first the first shot here you wanna say you would like to start by knowing why he supports Donald Trump. So we're gonna give you that we're trying to keep this tight Why do I support Donald Trump I support Donald Trump because I am a conservative by nature true I believe in God I believe in family and I don't believe in government intervention I was taught to go get your own work hard and you can achieve anything you want to in this land of opportunity This is not obligation Government is controlling everything you're giving something up absolutely but that doesn't mean just because you're supporting I understand that I'm someone of a conservative myself I can be a buy I can battle the shot on the fence a little bit However I can't back somebody who doesn't support me as who I am I can't support somebody who does not support me as a human being You have to understand when you walk on the streets, they don't see you as the man that the entrepreneur that you are The hard-working citizens that you are the government. Do you understand that you're let me finish. I'll let you Alright, let's get the letter finished We're gonna keep it tight Keep it tight My thing about this is you have to understand that man. I don't give a fuck about you Okay he doesn't care at all not saying that anybody else in the government does but him as your President for you to actually back somebody up He don't give a damn about you get three policies show them where do yeah please I just wanna I wanna keep it so the policies he hasn't changed anything with the police when it comes to traffic stops he has refused to do so right when it comes to traffic safety is not changing anything when it comes to place our prison Don't forget he did the first step What has he done for the first step back Cool but what else has he done for us besides that I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna stop you there I want you to respond to get a good response here Let me hear your response Well what would she mentioned that the government doesn't love me You know I wasn't born into this world expecting love from anybody You know what I'm saying I was instructed to distribute love Do you understand what I'm saying right now No. No no no no We don't know what I'm gonna give to yourself Alright if I'm expecting the government to love me that is a unrealistic expectation You understand what I'm saying Listen God want us to rely on him No. No no Well well well I will never change minds I want let me talk to you never change minds and you're welcome to keep yours Yes. That's a little thing that she's called your supporter and the person you support raising black kids for no reason and just like most civil debates This one failed but hey at least we tried right In the end, it seems like the guy on the right ended up holding his own because he based his world view of a facts and truth While the girl on the left ended up leaving with tears in her eyes and a lot of anger in her tone because her world view was based off a feelings and not reality

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