When you should lie

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When you should lie
Situations When it's best to lie travel edition, the creepy person asking, is it your first time visiting? No I used to live here. Are you staying at this hotel? No. I'm waiting for a friend. Where are you saying Marriott because those hotels are everywhere, placing an order for delivery and they ask for your name the name Oh, it's for a salesman. Ask If your parents are home, they wanna call just leave it at the door. Hey you need to set up a voicemail. Hey dad. can you record a voicemail for me on a plane and a chatty neighbor says. I hate travelling alone. How about you see my friends are. Rose back checking into a hotel alone lie. Yeah. I'm on my way up and if a stranger offers you a ride at the airport, No plus it's illegal in many states. Hey, when do you usually work? I don't know my manager is always changing the schedule is this your car. It's borrowed. Can I get your hands on. I have a boyfriend someone's hitting on you asking where you're headed next to the hospital. someone's standing too. Close, You're uncomfy Act a little wacky and you can always pretend to not speak the language. But when someone ask where you live by the Walmart, there's probably a Walmart somewhere. where do you work? the electric company? Where do you go to school? Oh it. Online when someone ask if you're alone, do you live alone, No you have roommates travelling alone. Nope you're waiting for a friend headed home alone after a night out nope going to a friend's house. You're never alone. You're just surrounded by so many people all the time all the time a repairman ask if anyone else lives with you, Yes and you're expecting people. you can also ask for an ID and call the company to confirm identity a cab driver ask If you're meeting friends, most definitely travel alone and someone ask if you know people in town or need a ride, you're staying with family and. Picking you up, you're in a cab and the driver asks. Do you live in the building just visiting my dad? Do you live alone? No my roommate. He's military driver tells you you're hot. Hi dad. Can you open the door. I'm 5 minutes away and shout out to the drivers that look out for their passengers working alone and someone ask Oh are you alone? No my boss is in the back live alone and don't want people to know. Hey Babe I'm home and when ordering a cab using a nearby address versus your house. If you don't want them to know where you live travel safety tips don't keep your cash all in one place and yes you should carry cash. Split it up in case of emergency, You can hide it in everyday items like chopstick, a mirror deodorant, even a scrunchy. This one looks cute but check it out. Safety tips for public transport I had nice-looking jewelry even if it's fake like turning my ring inward or taking it off put away my work or school ID and I use bags with zippers instead of open totes parking lot safety tip if you're getting out of work or stored late into an empty parking lot and you feel uncomfortable. Here's a hack. use your car alarm as a personal alarm set it off and if someone's hanging around, it might scare them off and don't be afraid to ask for an escort possible to do when you're getting in a cat if it's an app. Service check the license plate name and destination, but with any car you can also check if the child lock is engaged to check on the outside. look on the side of the door when you open it. if you're inside the car, try opening and closing the door. If you can't open it, you know it's engaged. Tell safety tips. part one lock your door and use the dead bolt you can cover the people with tissue paper. hang the do not disturb sign and leave that for the remainder of your stay unless you want the room clean and keep the TV on with low volume, even if you're not in the room. You're at a hotel or anywhere and don't trust the lots. here are four tips. you can bring your own portable lock or put things behind the door that will wake you up like bells, a mug or water bottle on the handle or floor or an ironing board.

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