Ben Shapiro - SICK: A disturbing video went viral of a...

Ben Shapiro • 4 months ago   5.4K     974
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SICK: A disturbing video went viral of a deranged daycare worker caught forcing a very young child to wear his mask.

Lisa St Amant
Lisa St Amant4 months ago

What these school boards/government are doing to children is an absolute travesty! Sad state of affairs!

Vicki Berry
Vicki Berry4 months ago

No need to make more laws that's child abuse and it's already against the law.

Carley Fischer
Carley Fischer4 months ago

Imagine touching a kid's face over and over again thinking you're protecting everyone else from germs 🥴

Minxie Reprogle
Minxie Reprogle4 months ago

This is most definitely child abuse i pray people start waking up from their “woke” state

John Clarke
John Clarke4 months ago

Someone needs to lose a job. For starters.

Phyllis Monago
Phyllis Monago4 months ago

Enough of this nonsense. This was abuse. Parents need to speak up in masse and take back their power!

Annie Demarco
Annie Demarco4 months ago

#Parents #Grandparents Do you know what's going on in your child's daycare? I doubt it....even those with cameras where you can get still pics (useless) you haven't a clue.

Mitzi Mancuso
Mitzi Mancuso4 months ago

If that were my child or grandchild they would find me in the back seat of a police car.

Darby Leigh
Darby Leigh4 months ago

This breaks my heart, I can't believe the mom just stood there & let this happen. Brainwashed

Amanda Reyna
Amanda Reyna4 months ago

child abuse right there. Messing with children's breathing is not okay.