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Stephen King predicted the rise of Trump 40 years ago — but he says the reality is scarier than anything he’s written
Do you think that the Trump presidency is scarier than a Stephen King novel short answer to to that? that? is? is? yes, yes, yes, I I I do do do I I I do do do think think think it's it's it's scarier. scarier. scarier. You're not the voice of the people. I am the voice of the people. I will be your voice felten. I was sort of convinced that it was possible that a politician would arise who was so outside the mainstream and and so so willing willing willing to to to say say say anything. anything anything anything that that that that he he. he he would would would capture capture capture. the the imaginations imagination. of. people. people. They take him as a joke at first because he has these rallies and he throws hot dogs to the crowd. And says when Greg Stilson elected, you're gonna say hot dog, we got a real mover and shaker at last, You're gonna be so tired of winning crazy stuff that nobody would possibly believe or so we thought until Donald Trump came along. The man is a clown he goes charging around and speaking platform like that at every rally, so people wanna giggle or two even more. they want a thumb their noses at a political establishment that doesn't seem able to solve anything. When Greg Stilson actually gains a following and he has a a cadre of bikers who support him, you know, they're tough guys right where the bikers for Trump and they're at the rallies and they're there to make sure that nobody nobody heckles. heckles. heckles. Greg Greg Greg Stilson. Stilson Stilson. Stilson. get. Get Get Get em em em outta outta outta outta here. here here here get get get out. out out knock knock the the crap. crap out of them. seriously? seriously? seriously? The man had the high hard pumping delivery of a revival preacher. You could see a fine spray of spittle from his lips as he talked. so I announced that I'm running for President What are we gonna do in Washington Throw a bombs out a tremendous roar of approval ripped out of the crowd. We're going to drain the swamp drain the swamp. My worry at the time that I wrote the dead zone was that somebody like Greg Stilson might actually get elected and rise through the ranks become President of the United States and start World War. Three. the missiles are flying had I known really known in the future. I could've had Greg say well, I've got a button and it's bigger than your button. My button is bigger than yours. My button works works my my my destiny. destiny. destiny. The first scene in the book is Greg Stilson at the beginning of his career, and he's selling Bibles. actually he's a door to door salesman the Bible. Nothing beats the buzzer Nothing beats the Bible, not even the art of the deal. He's a huckster from the word go and in that sense. he's got a lot of that that Trump Geno in him and the first thing that you see Greg do as he comes out to a House that's empty and the dog is outside and barks Adam and then snags his leg and Greg Stilson kicks the dog to death in the door yard. The letters I got after that. that. Oh Oh my my God, God, God, you you you know know know know it it it. it doesn't doesn't doesn't matter matter matter matter how how how how many many. many many people people people die. die die in in books books the The. stand. 90 percent of the world's population gets decimated, but they care about the dogs man you do love your dogs. Don't you. You're the talk of the town cuz I got my head bash, then I'm still here to talk about it because you have the power of second sight. Your magic like me. I don't know about magic, I was called it the shining. I don't think that I necessarily predicted Donald Trump when I wrote the dead zone, I know that American voters have always had a real attraction to outsiders with the same kind of right wing America first policy, and if that reminds people of Trump I can't be sorry because it was a character that I wrote. It was a boogeyman of mine and I never wanted to see him actually on the American American political political scene, scene, but but we we do do seem seem to to. have. Greg Stilson is President of the United States. You are an expert on books and best sellers should people read the Mueller report. Yes. I think people should read it. one of the things that you're gonna be surprised at is how readable it is.

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