Cat Pets Bird With Paw

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"WHAT IS YOU" - Cat 😺❓

Credit: JukinVideo

Posted 4 years ago in Animals & Pets

Bill Davis 4 years ago

If that was any of the cats that I've had, there would have been nothing left of the bird but a pile of feathers on the floor.

Janice Yvonne Colman 4 years ago

How gentle is that beautiful puss?! I had a couple of cars that would lie down in the garden while the birds would hop all around them to eat bread & seeds! Lost their wild instincts completely!

David Hardy 4 years ago

I would've never thought a cat could have the mental capacity to be so gentle with a creature that is so tender. After all, their natural instinct is to have a creature like this for lunch.

Cheryl Wood 3 years ago

Remember teasing your siblings saying don't touch me don't you dare touch me ? Well I think that is what the cat is doing ha ha.

Dana Reynolds 4 years ago

My big kitty his name is Tubby he was best friends with my pet rat sissy it's also unusual to see a cat and a rat being best friends my pet rat passed at 2 years old kinda like the cartoon Tom & Jerry except jerry was mouse not a rat pretty much the same thing

Rowan Miller 4 years ago

Poor bird, it's like being gently touched by a lion, after a short while just a heap of feathers on floor

Miley Bird 4 years ago

Oh boy! What a beautiful cat! I absolutely love his coloring especially around his nose and mouth, and the way this cat is so gentle to that bird! How wonderful

Shierin Binhamir 4 years ago

Oh my gosh..!! look how plump and juicy looking you are. If she wasn't filming this I would gobble you up. Lol 😂😂

Michelle Maddalena 4 years ago

Not all cats have the instinct to kill things
my silver Persians house cats have lived with parrots all their lives
the parrots could easily take their tails off... and the cats could easily kill the parrots
The morning ritual used to be
the cat visited the parrots
and the parrots would go down to the bottom of their cages
to visit with the cats
Not everyone should trust their birds with their cats around
One bite or one scratch and birds die of a bacterial infection

Marilyn Ladika 4 years ago

This bird is puffed up and using auxillary muscles to breathe. Hes not well...doesnt need the stress of that cat.