He was in a coma for 31 days. Gregg Garfield survived and he’s here to tell me all about it. | Facebook

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He was in a coma for 31 days. Gregg Garfield survived and he’s here to tell me all about it.
My My My first first first guest guest guest guest was. was was was the the first first the Cove in 19 patient patient at at patient Providence Providence at Providence Saint Saint Saint Joseph Joseph. Joseph Medical Medical Medical Center Center in. Center in in in Burbank. He checked into the hospital the hospital on on on March March fifth March fifth fifth and and was was and was given given given a a one one. a one one percent percent chance to live live live 64 64 64 days days later. later. later, days later. later. he he walked walked he out out walked out of of the hospital to an an incredible incredible celebration. celebration. celebration. Take Take a a look. look. God. please welcome. Greg girlfriend, AJ and his sister Stephanie Hi. Hi, Thank you so much much for me and Greg look incredible and all of you look very happy and I'm I'm very very very happy happy to to happy see see to see those those those smiles smiles smiles smiles on on. on on your your faces. your faces. faces. How are you you feeling feeling great? great? I'm I'm I'm doing doing doing great great. great getting getting getting better better better better and and and stronger. stronger stronger and stronger every every day and just happen happen to to be be talking talking to to to you. you. you. you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Well. I'm I'm I'm Well, I'm happy happy. happy happy that you're able to talk to me. me. I'm I'm able able to to talk talk talk you. to to to you. you. you. so so so let's let's let's let's let's. let's go go go through through this this through cuz cuz this I mean this this is is this is this this is is hope for hope hope for for people. people people people because because because. there there are are a a there lot are lot a lot of people. We're all scared scared to to death death death and and and and and and and and. and you you know know you know praying praying that that praying we we that don't don't we don't. get get it. it and then. if someone get or someone that we know and love gets it, you know it's it's it's scary and you had a one percent chance and look at you right now. So let's go through the symptoms when did you first notice? so I got this on on a ski trip Italy third day into the I started getting flu-like symptoms. I then took took a a a three days three three days off days of of off off of. of of of of of of. of my ski my. days Feel to not ski on a European ski trip, I had to poor. so then we ended up leaving popping on a plane back to LA. I was informed on a text message that one guys of the guys that that had had stayed stayed back back stayed back that that that was was in in in was. the the the hospital. hospital hospital the hospital was coated coated positive positive positive when when when I I I-land. when landed. landed, I landed, landed, I went right home home in quarantine quarantine in quarantine myself. myself. myself. I I contacted contacted I contacted contacted my my. my. my doctor doctor and he contacted contacted the the CDC CDC they they ended ended. up sending. Out to pick me and bring me over to their office and test me 20 - four hours later, I getting a testing positive for and I then days into being my first symptom. symptom. just went to it just went overboard and I breathe. I had a fever. I had coughs. I called the ambulance and they came in And I went to the hospital and I their patient zero and so obviously AJ, you did not get it right. I did not know I haven't seen him when he back Italy because he tested okay. So I stay as away. Okay. I didn't know if you all were living together and you were there with him or or whatever okay. So so then you're in the hospital and you to be for 30 one days and Stephanie and AJ that must been. have been. I I mean mean just being incubated. just being incubated was But then day one day two three go. What's that? what is incubated mean coma intimidated you it is your you're put out is that right correct. It's on life So yes he was he had a paralytic so he couldn't move and he was was completely completely sedated. sedated sedated. When When when did did they they did they tell tell? tell tell you you all you all that that all that that. he he he had had had a a one percent chance chance was was that that early early early on on on in in in the the the the. Middle Middle Middle of of of it it. it. When When when did. did did they they say say he he has has a. a one percent chance. Absolutely. That and in this case, Ellen, Bliss, because had we known he had a one chance of survival. survival. I don't we could have stayed as positive, we forced ourselves to, we just really knew what the doctors had told and it was the best best settings that on. You know the roller coaster coaster that that we we went went on on on was. was was gosh there were were so so many many highs highs then and and it then then it it would in would would in. in three three hours three hours hours there there there there would would be be would would lows lows be be. lows where where he would either have have have four four collapsed collapsed four collapsed lungs lungs. lungs lungs over over over the the period. period period the period of of of time, his kidneys kidneys would would fail fail he had he. sepsis. His had he it started attacking his liver. He had a pulmonary embolism. It was like one thing after another, so we we knew was very very We didn't realize realize until he off the bench that he had one percent chance of Wow. Well, Yeah, I guess guess that's great that you that and Greg, so you you said don't you don't remember anything at all cuz sometimes when you you hear these of when people are out, they hear they things they hear voices, but you don't remember anything. I absolutely I remember however, when I did come out AJ and I sat down down and we over a lot of the videos and the you know it. It was a very humbling experience he had actually it was was kind of amazing because one of his ICU nurses nurses told told us us later later later on. on on about about about about a a a story story. story a that that Greg Greg actually actually had had had no no no nothing nothing nothing about, about, about but. but but it it meant meant a a lot lot. to us while he was. So we came into room and she, she told me day she would talk to me and one of the days she picked up this this little stuffed animal. We named the baby bear my dog's named Bear and she basically tuck this under my and I I was out like a light and then all of a sudden she she was was talking talking to to to me me. me. tears. tears tears tears started started started rolling rolling rolling out out out. out of of of my my my eyes eyes eyes. and. And she ended. Aj Stephanie and it was the the first sign of that I was in there. Wow. has Greg caught up on all the Ellen shows he missed during those 31 days. Yeah. That's the important question. Andy is if you've watched my shows so Greg you you you you you had had had. had to to to learn learn. learn everything all over again, over which again, is which I is mean I mean I I I I I'm I'm. I'm I'm learning. learning learning. I I don't I know know don't. don't what what know what this means but to out be out for for 31 31 31 days, days, days. you you you had had had to to to learn learn learn learn how how how. how to to to walk again. You have to to learn learn how how to to to chew chew chew again. again again. you you you need need need to to to. to learn learn learn how how how to to to how do do do to everything. everything everything right. Absolutely I I lost lost 50 50 pounds pounds. and. I had a I haven't this. I've been this since school so you if the humbling experience in the world to learn how to walk at 54 years old and you have you have to be invited the rehab Center. rehab Center. not everybody gets out there and I basically look out look up to my doctor and just said, and get emotional about time. I'm gonna make you proud. I will not let let you you down down and and and I I I kicked kicked kicked ass. ass. ass. Yes and I and you continue to kick ass and I will year. Yes you you I I'm I'm sure you will we're gonna take a break more with Greg after this what story? we'll be right Let's talk about amazing doctors and nurses at Joseph's. I know that you said that that an experience that you give them a lot of credit for you getting through this, I would not have survived anywhere else as what I believe when I. In the hospital that I that I only patient there about 77 days and all of attention was on me so that would have happened anyway and actually I would even you that the nurses were lifeline to for for Stephanie to Greg and for Greg Greg to connect with us too too because because while while while he he he was was was in in in there and there there. and and isolated, isolated, isolated, we weren't weren't we we weren't. weren't allowed allowed allowed to to be be to be there. We weren't allowed to hold to hold his hand. his We hand. weren't We weren't allowed weren't allowed allowed to to tell tell to him tell tell him he's him. he's him he's gonna gonna gonna make make make it it it. and it and he he and had had he to had to to fight. fight fight. and so. Know that we were able to talk talk to them and he was taking care of best that we could have asked for while we weren't there allowed us to just sort of read easily easier. It's it's it's amazing because you were they had all the you because you were in and there and you were you the were first first the first case, case case. but but but in in in another, another, another it's it's it's it's. like like like you you you kinda want all all that that experience experience experience of of them them of them treating. treating treating treating other other other people people people. and and and learning. learning learning how to deal with with these these surprises surprises surprises that that that come come come up up up up that that that that. everybody everybody everybody is is. is is learning learning learning with with with you know now because because you you know know you're you're you're a a a Super Super Super Super healthy. healthy healthy healthy guy guy. you guy you you you were were. were skiing were skiing and you're fit and and you're you're young young and and. yet you know. Didn't need any of the so it's amazing. It's that your body goes into and system goes in you are. it seems it's it was it really was a very humbling experience I I'm I'm at a loss for for words. in to this, You know the the staff that was taking care me. they're like family. now I mean they texted me and call you know. Out of being of the hospital, so they're they're they're part of my village Alan like you said to me, doctors were using Gregg as kind of when all the other patients in, they were looking at Greg. What do we do we do with him and he gave hope that they would continue treating other because he's survived a lot of it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm you sure help you help help a lot a a lot. lot and and and it's it's it's a a a a small small world. world small small world world cuz cuz cuz my producer. Ryan is is married married married to to a a to a nurse. nurse. nurse nurse Kelby Kel. Kelby Kelby who who works works who works at at. at Saint Saint Charles Charles. Jody and If you her, Yeah, I know you know Koby I I had kept a notebook. a cop. you know, it's everything that happened all the the time and we actually just looking through and and all the names of the nurses that worked with and kelvin's name. We had stars next to her and she she gave the most amazing care to He just a hearts her. They're they're a lovely couple. Ryan is amazing. She's amazing amazing and and and you you you you know. know know she's she's know she's been been been there there there. there nonstop, which again again so so so much much much credit. credit credit credit is is is given given given to to. to to these people that are on the front lines every day so you. Doctors a special gift. I understand yes, I'm a bit tequila fan and I gave each one of them my tequila, which is which is it's a beautiful bottle and you know it's it's really kind of of a enjoying the and putting that bottle shelf afterwards and to just to remind everybody about the success story that we together so you have. I wanna be real about this so so people and the reason we're gonna bring this is and it's disturbing it's disturbing, But But But you you you need need people need people to people to to to know know. know know that that that. you you have. have you're. But you have a to go and some issues that you're having with your body, even though you've learned to walk do you wanna talk about that? absolutely my hands and my some of my my toes were and they are as we met with surgeon last week. we we we we we are are are are about about to about about to. have to to have have some amputations amputations some some. amputations. going going on. on. you know this. This virus is very real and you know I I'm frustrated at looking out and you know people are are it taking it very light and this is no joke. think I think of you know you can get over that's it, but you know you're your life is changed and and and and even even even though though though you you you got got got through through through. through this, this, this, I I I mean. mean mean mean it's I can't imagine don't you don't even think about even think that about that that that the the that blood blood the blood. circulation circulation circulation is is is going going going going. to the organs to to heal heal your your body body and and your your. deprived of you. Blood flow to your fingers and but I'm 54 years I've never had. I mean I've never had. I never sick. I'm no preexisting conditions. Yeah. I'm not the guy that's supposed to get this and you know I skied 70 to a hundred days days a you know I I'm both your child for for being healthy and I basically took a bath to the face and it hit me it almost killed me so I'm happy to be here Well, I'm happy to that. you're here and I and you do deserve to be here. you're you're I mean I don't even know what to say I can't imagine what you went through. so we we we sent over a basket and for for everyone there it's at door. Somebody can go go get get the the gift gift gift baskets. baskets. baskets. Get get Get at at at your your your door. door door your right right door now now right now you you you you wanna wanna. wanna go go. wanna Oh okay. Alright Alright. you know and People have have told me I'm a miracle and oh my oh my gosh time celebrate. Oh my my God. Oh my I just grab Greg Real quick before tell me so we got you tequila. We got you some of my favorite things from the Ellen Chopp. Also three tickets to the show because when we go back, I want all three of you to come. I wanna meet all all of you and also our friends Shutterfly have been been incredible incredible partners partners partners and and and have have have helped helped have helped. helped us us donate donate us donate nearly nearly nearly. nearly half half half a million dollars to covid- covid- 19 19 19 relief relief relief efforts efforts today. efforts efforts today. today. today. they're they're they're gonna gonna gonna gonna donate donate donate 15000. $15000 $15000. to Of Saint Joseph's name, Oh my God. so thank you so much but I wanna I wanna hear what starting to say right so that my neurologist came into my in my and she looks at me and she says, she says, you're miracle you medically. you're not be here and she said that that your your brain brain brain is is is a hundred a hundred a hundred percent. percent. percent percent percent and and I I and look at it and said that's that's fantastic fantastic cuz cuz cuz it it wasn't wasn't it wasn't before before. before. so so so so so and and and again, again again, it's it's. it's it's what what what what we we laughed laughed we. we laughed, we we cried and you know it's. You were just I'm so thankful that they life. They gave me my life back. Yeah. I'm so happy and so great to see those smiles on your faces and can't wait to meet you. Thank you you have some tequila and think of me tonight and I'll I'll do a cheers to you tonight as well. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

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