Thieves Try Selling My Silver Play Button

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They tried selling my silver play button.

Posted 1 year ago

John Gwynne 1 year ago

He outrun the truck on his hairdryer at 35mph lol 馃槅

Steven John Kennedy 2 months ago

You have no luck at all first they steal your motorbike then your scooter and now this it might be time to move to a safe neighbourhood

Kieron Jackson 1 year ago

7 I think you're full of crap these clips are setup

B贸g贸 Egon 1 year ago

Bro, thats a BB gun i could buy one for less then 50 $ and when they break your arm and steal your bike and play button i would call the police but hey, guess im the one thinking striaght

Liam Dugan 1 year ago

Ask Danny Duncan to find out who that is sense their wearing his merch

Thomas Saunders 1 year ago

He had his moped stolen, then his play button, why the hell is he so careless, and how would they not recognise him from when they stole it 馃馃馃馃 and who goes back to the thief鈥檚?? Wouldn鈥檛 you just get the hell out of the there?? 馃馃馃

Luis J. Romero 1 year ago


Tannen Hodgin 1 year ago

Do you not have anything productive to do on your life This is soooo fake why try dude like no one cares about your sorry life you literally have to make up a bunch of false 鈥渞obberies鈥 t

Grant Gillespie 1 year ago

the dude in the car is in your other vid when apparently he stole your bike and tried to sell u it back for 100 dollars wtf if your going to do this shit at least get new people

Devan Rayner 1 year ago

These are the guys i paid to steal my play button would be a more correct title.