Scott Bradlee & Dave Tedeschi Play Smash Mouth

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Smash Mouth, but make it ragtime!
Thanks to Dave Tedeschi on drums - watch for the great save at 1:45 🥁
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Posted 2 months ago in Music & Audio

Scott Bradlee 2 months ago

someBODY once told me you can download / stream this on other platforms here:

Thom Graham 2 months ago

“Standards & Melodies Volume 2” arrived yesterday! ( I ordered the old-school CD version ) It’s fantastic!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Such a nice stroll down Memory Lane with the classics, and Scott at his best as always! 🎶

Betty Clark Vaughn 2 months ago

This one makes me want to Balter... To dance gracelessly, without particular art or skill, perhaps with some enjoyment! I knew there had to be another word for it other than klutz! 😄 🤗 👍💖🎶

Eva Dolžan 2 months ago

What a great arrangement. It really shows how amazing improvisor you are, full of knowledge and understanding of what music really is all about. Playing alongside you must be such a wonderful experience. Ragtime rocks and I could listen you playing every day. So thank you!

Peter Ambagtsheer 2 months ago

Scott, can you tune op the drums mike next time... It's too much background now which is a Pity because I want to hear that too! The other recordings in this series have the same imbalance. I hope you can re-edit and mix the tracks.

Erin Shinpi-Bryant 2 months ago

Baden Georgia fancy

Dave Donahue 2 months ago


Marko Maglio 2 months ago

I love this so so much!!! Brings me so much joy listening to this