Making a dragon stem glass goblet

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Making a dragon stem glass goblet
By Corning Museum of Glass (
Corning Museum of Glass

Posted 8 months ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Crafty Panda 8 months ago


Crafty Panda 8 months ago

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Bri Hicks 8 months ago

I love watching glass making videos. They're so fascinating 😍

Tara Brink 8 months ago

I love going to the Corning Museum of Glass. The glassworks artists make it look so easy!

Gary Bunting 8 months ago

Right I agree it did not look like no dragon it look like a seahorse with wings

Judy Hale 8 months ago

Absolutely loved watching this.....what a art form.....

Katherine Konopasek 8 months ago

Years ago Piper Alley Old Town Chicago . There was a shop had blown glass.They worked behind the windows.I still have some pieces I bought there.Beautiful work.

Hannah Bailey 8 months ago

Gorgeous, I have two wine glasses that have glass bowls and pewter Dragon stems, I very rarely use them as they are an absolute bitch to wash and I am terrified of smashing them

Michael Wegmann 8 months ago

I totally would like to try this on my own! Maybe not a fragile piece of art like this one...

Tiffany Frederick 8 months ago

This person is amazing with skills ..I want him make me a cup