Nick Ferrari challenges Minister over quarantine plan

LBC • 2 years ago   107     196  •  20K Views
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Nick Ferrari asks N. Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis why the government are introducing quarantine rules for international travellers now: "This should...

Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman2 years ago

Nick the government govern, the media criticising government, journalists dont rule,

John Davies
John Davies2 years ago

I cannot believe this government shutting the door after the horse bolted and now the horse is dead.

William Douglas
William Douglas2 years ago

It would make no difference if flights were stopped now or 3 months ago , the virus had reached the U.K. Freight transport into the U.K either by air or sea could not be stopped, a lot of our food is imported and pharmaceuticals and for those whinging that that was never enough PPE stop and realise that a lot was freighted in. Harsh reality says that the virus could not be prevented from reaching our shores, it is called a pandemic because it infiltrates every country.

Graham Clair
Graham Clair2 years ago

Weeks ago? Should have been done in March.

Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor2 years ago

Why don’t you talk about the illegal immigrants flooding into our country.

Matt Bowthorpe
Matt Bowthorpe2 years ago

This is mad I am here in Thailand stuck !!! on holiday . Thailand did this 10 weeks ago with the same population and 57 have died what's going on bj

Paul Stanworth
Paul Stanworth2 years ago

stupid headline seeking comments from LBC.
clearly anyone with half a brain they are trying to control non important travel and this will discourage people from it..Even a man with Nicks intelligence will know that but he still tries his tabloid headline questioning.. pathetic...

Martin Gilhooly
Martin Gilhooly2 years ago

Enforced quarantine was appropriate for returning Brits from Wuhan at the end of January... that was the first and last act of competence shown by this government. The action starting next week is not weeks too late, it is actually 3 months too late.

Nick Glasspool
Nick Glasspool2 years ago

Have always said why are any truck drivers coming into our country from other countries not being checked? You can not label them as essential workers surely?

Tony Walt Jacks
Tony Walt Jacks2 years ago

Why don’t they listen to what the scientists have said repeatedly. Charlie on BBC news was at it earlier.