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It’s been known to grab people’s attention...

Earn their trust...

Even make them fall in love

No, it’s not for dating lol.

But it’s help you to get...

Posted 10 months ago in Performing Arts

Marthese Camilleri 10 months ago

I can confirm this.... One Step made me fall passionately in love with Urban Kiz.... Sunkeen in all his patience, thought me the art of following and finally start dancing... he never tired insisting on my faults and urging me to and where to improve... I was never into dancing ... I was already well into my 50’s when I joined this awesome community... Through private lessons with Cedric and a lot of patience from his side I feel I’ve become more confident and more adventurous in dance... Exe has provided multiple opportunities for us to develop and improve our style through his classes and challenging routines and excellent eye for details ... not to mention the many opportunities to practice together ... Exe without you I still wouldn’t even know what is Kizomba and SunKeen without you I wouldn’t be dancing with the passion I do today... One Step has helped me meet new people ... has changed me into a better, happier person and has made me look and feel 20 years younger than the first time I joined.... if I’m not mistaken I at 56 yrs am the oldest in this community and not sure if I’m the only Maltese so passionate about this. So a big Thank-you to One Step school and community I can proudly say I belong to ❤️❤️❤️