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Beyond Pain Speech: How to Know It, How to Heal It

Are you voicing your words from a space of vibrant, open awareness? Or, from a place of pain? In a live online broadcast, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche explains how to know when pain speech is active in you; how to connect with it; and ultimately, how to transcend it. This broadcast is part of “A Year of Body, Speech, and Mind,” a free 2021 online program of live teachings, practices, and science & spirituality dialogs.

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Mariela Iragorri
Mariela Iragorri8 months ago

(Chat Host) Morning everyone! Today I will be your chat host today. Today´s topic is "Beyond Pain Speech: How to Know it, How to Heal it"

Mariela Iragorri
Mariela Iragorri8 months ago

(Chat Host) The last one 10% more kindness, more warmth in our speech.

Mariela Iragorri
Mariela Iragorri8 months ago

(Chat Host) 10% more awareness of pain speech, awareness of our inner silence, kindness and warmth in our speech.

Ligmincha Magyarország
Ligmincha Magyarország8 months ago

Magyar fordítás:

Jacob Kelly
Jacob Kelly8 months ago

It's nice to be here. Thank you, Rinpoche. Hello Cyber Sangha 🙏💖

Heide Mitsche
Heide Mitsche8 months ago

Good afternoon dear Rinpoche! Hello all from Austria! Great to see you!

Laila Carrel
Laila Carrel8 months ago

Thank you, thank you from Western Australia 🙏🦋🙏

Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez8 months ago

Wonderful to be in your presence Rinpoche. Thank you so much 🌈

Carolyn Scott Bowness Brinkworth
Carolyn Scott Bowness Brinkworth8 months ago

10% observance to our Pain Speech. It gives us the opportunity to re-think what we want to say. ❤ Thank you.

Laura Hitt
Laura Hitt8 months ago

I am so happy to make this commitment. So good this awareness and with slowing down the kindness.