Steve Caballero’s Extremely Rare Collection

The Berrics • 2 years ago   1.3K     23  •  40.2K Views
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The legend Steve Caballero first got sponsored by Powell-Peralta over 40 years ago. He was kind enough to give us the grand tour of his home, a haven of...

Antonio Lakers Bridges
Antonio Lakers Bridges10 months ago

I had that board he made the chair out of!

Tim Martinez
Tim Martinez2 years ago

“Skating and collecting toys keep you young” ...beautifully said.

John Es
John Es2 years ago

That 720 cabinet is awesome

Anthony Barton
Anthony Barton2 years ago

He gave my dad his first real skateboard not tje flea market shit he was riding that was waay back in the 80s. fuckn ledgend

Norman Gretchen
Norman Gretchen2 years ago

You call that the "grand tour"?
It should have been called a short tiny peak. Let's see the rest of the footage! 😁🤞

Uchiha Hitachi
Uchiha Hitachi2 years ago

I've skated those halfcab Van's models !!! Yeahhhh

Dave Verza
Dave Verza2 years ago

Hace un buen lo vi patinar en el Skatepark de San Cosme, CDMX 👌🏼🇲🇽