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Democrat Policy Is DESTROYING Cities, Making COVID Worse, And Collapsing The Economy
New New York York York York Times Times Times lays lays lays out out out the story in in very very simple simple simple terms terms. terms. The The The the Corona coro. Corona Corona virus virus virus is is is. is deadliest where Democrats Democrats live live they they they add add add add beyond. beyond beyond beyond perception perception perception perception and and and. and ideology ideology. ideology. There are starkly starkly different different realities realities realities for for for Red Red Red and and and and Blue Blue Blue blue. America America America right right right right now, now, now. now and and and the reality is this. this. The The cron cron of of of virus virus virus is is is is much much. much much worse. worse worse worse in in in counties won by Hillary Clinton Clinton than than it it is is in in in. county's county's county's one one one by by by by Donald Donald Donald Donald. Trump. Trump. Trump, but But but the question is is why why why is is is that that that and and and that's? that's that's that's not not not as as as as simple? simple? simple. simple. The The The New New New York Times doesn't doesn't want want want to to to go go go go quite quite quite quite there, there, there, there. but but but the. the the the reality reality reality is this has to do with the policy. Of these jurisdictions now, the New York Times likes to bring up many people do population density, but even in the story they discount that because while it is true that urban centers tend to be much more dense population wise, thus you'll see more of a spread that doesn't explain Republican Cities', explained Texas like Dallas and Houston, which are not dealing with the same problem and it doesn't explain Japan that actually never had a lockdown and as just removed any and all restrictions, what what we're we're seeing seeing is is that that that the the the. the policies policies policies policies of these Democrat controlled areas are actually making the. And I really do have dated back this up earlier this month. Andrew Kom of New-york even recognized publicly. That's 66 percent of all new infections were coming from people staying home yet he insisted on keeping the lockdown going don't ask me why I don't know we have seen many jurisdictions actually share policies. Look a lot of Republicans States locked down two, but many didn't. in fact, Texas was one of the last to lock down. First to reopen, so even among the States that did lock down, we can see they quickly reversed course. how about this in New York They let out 1500 or so inmates and then had to go rearrest them all the leadership. There is lacking to say the least, and because of this people are losing their lives and I can't tell you why they blamed Trump at the same time, arguing he doesn't have the authority over these States anyway. the sad reality is once again the left was wrong and I wonder at what point did they get. Of being wrong because they've been wrong about so many major stories over the past several years, and I think perception has something to do with it. It's really interesting. The New York Times brings this up that in these Democrat districts, they are more likely to be concerned about the Corona virus. I think what we're seeing is this Whirlpool problem I've described in the past because the problem arose Democrats got scared and acted emotionally reactive policies, which actually. Things worse, and now that things are getting worse, they're actually calling for more restrictive policies, which will only serve to make things worse and because many of these media outlets are in big urban centers, they experience the same perception yet in a country like Japan and yet in Red districts, Red counties, I should say they're resisting this and it's working. this is only gonna make things worse until people realize this. it's it's like a Chinese finger trap problem. I described the harder Democrat. The tighter the trap becomes and unlike many other districts, notably Texas, they eased up and said, Okay, We got back off on this and now it's not nearly as bad as bad as it is in other places you can look at Florida and South Dakota that that the fact remains clear, I think the media is actually making things worse. But let's read the story and I'll break this down because I do have a lot of policies. I wanna go through. It's not just about the Chrono virus. The response from these these Democrats Democrats is is is destroying destroying destroying destroying. their their their States. States. States. New New New Jersey is announcing announcing announcing public public public job job job layoffs, layoffs. layoffs, California's California's said. said. They're gonna lay off. First responders, I mean these cities are experiencing a major economic crisis, and the response is to pull tighter on the trap. If they can't see it well, I don't know what to tell you but seriously think about the past several years with Russia get Ukraine get Covington Justice moet the list goes on. They have just been wrong on so many major stories. I can't expect them to get this right. It's gonna be a long term problem and it's probably why so many of my videos are pointing the finger at them because this keeps happening and now we have data to back it up from the New York Times among other sources. Let's read the story they've published before we do head over to Tim Kass dot com slash Donate If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways you can give We got a PO box if you wanna send some physical stuff, but the best thing you can do is just share this video. I am competing with many mainstream cable networks that YouTube just gives preferential access to seriously put them on the front page. They give them their own special Cod section of which I don't appear this holds back my channel and there's also Al Grimm's placed on channels like mine. So if you wanna help overcome this. Share the video, But if you just wanna watch hit the subscribe button, the like button the notification Bell and then sit back and wonder why it is that you do makes it so hard to actually watch my content Well, let's let's read the story from New York Times first and foremost they start with these maps kinda makes it obvious right but you could look at this and the immediate reaction I had and many other people have is population density, explains everything right wrong. It actually doesn't take a look at Japan and Corona's emergency with eight hundred and 50 deaths and. No lock down, but Japan's it's an entire country and what about Tokyo they got like what 30 million people population density doesn't explain it and to be honest. That was one of my first reactions When I was hearing the story that New-york was so hard and I'm like well, you know, New York's got a lot of people No. Andrew Cuomo knew he absolutely knew on May sixth. This story was published by CNBC. He knew that the home is where 66 66 percent percent of of new. new the source of. For new hospitalizations was the home yet he's still insisted on extending the lock down. I think, as I've stated before these Democratic politicians are scared of being blamed for everything and because the public is reactive and emotional, they look at the particularly the left they look at the news stories and they see all these bad these bad things happening and then they come out and say they demand their politicians do something well. The politicians do something something they they make make make it it it worse, worse, worse, but but but but at at at at least least. least least they they they can can can can go. go go go to to to bed bed bed knowing. knowing knowing their their. constituency will view. Favorably and guess what it's true. Andrew Cuomo has got an amazing approval rating right now. Why by all metrics he's on a terrible job One story from the National from the DC examiner. I believe it said was where does or maybe this was the National review, they said. Where does Ron DeSantis go to get his apology because Florida didn't lock down and they were dragged in the press for it, but Florida's doing way better well, let's read the start of the New York Times. They say the staggering American death from the coro of virus. now approaching 100000 has touched every part of the country, but the laws laws have have been been especially especially acute acute along. along. It's coasts. It's major cities across the industrial Midwest and the New York City. the that the devastation, in other words has been disproportionately felt in Blue America, which helps explain why people on opposing sides of a partisan divide that has intensified in the past two decades are thinking about the virus differently. It is not just that Democrats or Republicans disagree on how to reopen businesses schools in the country as a whole beyond perception beyond the ideology, There are starkly different realities for Red and Blue America. right now. Democrats are. More likely to live in counties where the virus has ravaged to the community, while Republicans are more likely to live in counties that have been relatively unscathed by the illness, though they are paying an economic price counties, one by Trump in 2016, have reported just 27 percent of the virus infections and 21 percent of the deaths, even though 45 percent of Americans live in these communities in New York Times analysis has found you gotta stop and ask that question. now, Of course, they mentioned population density. Why has the virus? Some parts of the country so much harder than others. Part of the answer is population density. Nearly a third of Americans live in one of the 100 most densely populated counties in the United States, Urban communities and adjacent suburbs, and it is there the virus has taken its greatest toll with an infection rate three times as high as the rest of the nation and the death rate four times as high in the country, deeply segregated along racial religious and economic lines. density also aligns with political divisions. Urban America tilt heavily. In the 2016 presidential election, Mister Trump's vote share increased as population density fell in almost every state, but the divided infections has been exacerbated by the path of virus has taken through the nation, which is not always connected to density in some parts of Latin America cities have been virtually unscathed and the sparsely populated outlying areas have been hardest hit. Researchers have also found links between the viruses effects and age race and and weather weather weather and and and have have have noted noted noted noted that that that. that some some some of of of the the the the dense dense dense city's globally have have not not been been hit hit as as hard. hard. Now I understand. The New York Times doesn't wanna go so far as blaming outright policy, but how else do you answer for this sure you can point to the way trucks travel. you can point to you know Chicago, for instance, being a major travel hub O 'hare, but it doesn't explain I don't know I guess Atlanta. It doesn't really explain it. The one thing we can look to when it comes to these stories is Democrat policy. Now. of course, I know it's kind of obvious. at this point, you know where I was gonna take things because you look at my channel. this channel is and it's basically just me. Ragging on the Democrats, but maybe this is why maybe this is why okay. Take a look at this. Andrew Cuomo ran this slide, saying they knew staying home was where the infections were coming from, but hold on a second jail in prison was less than one percent and nursing homes were 18 percent. Well, most of you know Andrew Cuomo and forced a policy the state did sending Cot patients to nursing homes. We then see that nursing homes. To a large portion of the infection rate, but jail and prison being at less than one percent is interesting when you consider this more than 1500 NYC inmates have been released during the carro virus crisis. Why listen, you might argue that it's because they release these inmates. They didn't see the infection rate and maybe that's true, but then sending them home just make sure they got infected when they went home. So how did that make sense? not only that that dozens dozens dozens of of of Rikers Rikers Rikers Rikers inmates? inmates inmate? inmates arrested arrested arrested again after chron of virus release. So what they release people on. Brought them right back that didn't make sense at all. None of it made sense and I can only imagine that the reality of their policies is substantially more complicated than just the surface layer issues. But of course it would seem the policies did not work. I know hold on. I know Texas also released inmates. They still didn't see an expansion of the virus, but Texas Texas was was the the last last to to to lock lock lock down down down the the the first first. first first reopen reopen reopen reopen so. so, so so, of of of course, sending the the prison inmates out. Was a good idea, but staying locked down. it seemed to make no sense. I just think about the logic here. they're like if we keep people locked in these jails and prisons, they'll get sick. I know let's keep them locked in their homes that just didn't do anything in Texas. You had one policy, but not the other. The lockdown was relatively light. Let's read this. Here's what the New York Times says Texas solidly Republican territory and the second most populous state in the nation had one of the country's hottest economies economies before before the the outbreak, outbreak, the the state's state's biggest biggest. cities. So far escaped the worst of the damage more than 200 metro areas in the in the United States have higher infection rates than both Dallas and Houston, which may explain why Texas residents are particularly frustrated by the shutdown. The cure is worse than the disease. No doubt now, I may be making a mistake of correlation and causation It could be that because the Chrono virus was so was so bad in New New York. York, York. they They They took took took this these this this actions. action action action these these these actions actions. actions and and it. it could be because. It wasn't that bad in Texas, they didn't wanna have the lockdown, but I think when you look at the policies as a whole and when you look at what I've shown now three times with Andrew Komo knowing where they're coming from, I think while it may be a bit presumptuous of me to say as a whole, it's their policies, let me just ask you and then we'll move on. I promise if they knew the infections are coming from the home. Why would Andrew Cuomo say let's keep people in their home? It stands to reason then that it's not necessarily a causation versus correlation it may or I should say. I may not be inverting them. it may be true. The Democrat policies are putting people in the place where they're most likely to get infected, thus creating a higher infection rate so much so that doctor Burks of the Corona virus Task Force has asked the CDC to investigate carro of ours, hotspots La Chicago and Washington DC as new daily cases failed to fall there. it is we know what they're doing is wrong and we've seen these policies just make very little sense. Add that on top of this doctor, Fuchs says. For too long could cause irreparable damage, He also went on to say that he's absolutely in favor of reopening. why then extend the lockdown policies if Doctor Burks is asking the CDC to investigate why lock down isn't working If doctor Fuchs saying, maybe it's time to reopen and Andrew Cuomo knows that the infections are coming from the home. Why tell people to stay in their homes? It's insane, isn't it Absolutely in my opinion. opinion. It's It's not not not just just just New New New York York, York, but but but I I I have have have to to. to res res the the people people. they've been releasing. Policing during a pandemic deputy's busy protecting community from offenders During zero bail order. This is from Sacramento and that brings me now to the outright damage that these cities are facing the cure is worse than the disease at this point. Don't take my word for it. Let's take a look at CNN just today, New Jersey governor warns of major cuts to teachers, firefighters, police officers and health care workers without more federal funding. Wait a minute wait a minute you shut down your. Says we can now see that that may be a mistake. Japan didn't have to do it. You shut everything down and with everything we know now, you're just asking for a handout from the Federal Government Okay, and that was both to me you're asking for a bailout for federal funding. Perhaps if you stop this when other States did and follow the lead of say Florida or South Dakota, not only would you have a lower infection rate, you wouldn't be facing a massive deficit when there's no business running. No Commerce, there's no taxes, but now you expect the federal government to pay for this, which is funny. they blame Trump. They say it's Trump's fault. He should have locked down sooner, but the governors are the ones in control of this and we have more and more data coming out, suggesting the lockdowns just don't work, which brings me to California Governor Newsom pleased for federal aid Warren's First responders could be among the first ones laid off under budget budget cuts. cuts. What? What What there's there's so so many many many other other. other other people people people you could lay off off before before you you left left the the first first responders. responders you got so many bureaucrat. You could lay off. I don't know wouldn't the DMV come before your first responders. Okay. It's easy for me to say I don't work in the California government right. so maybe there's a lot. I just don't know. but here's what here's what Gavin Newsom says a stark message for a Republican lawmakers if the federal government doesn't give financial aid to California, they'll only be punishing. First responders excuse me. sounds like a threat. Here's what he says. I hope they'll consider this The. Time they want to salute and celebrate our heroes and first responders our police officers and fire fighters consider the fact that they are the first ones that will be laid off by cities and counties, Newsome told CNN's Jake Tapper during a Sunday morning interview. when asked what will happen if California doesn't get federal aid, the folks are out the folks that are out there, the true heroes of this pandemic, our health care workers and nurses. Those County health systems have been ravaged their budgets have been devastated and depleted. They're the first ones to be laid off, say what you destroy your. Your hospitals don't get used field hospitals are being shut down. You're laying off health care workers and you wanna blame the Republicans in the federal government For this. maybe the lockdown didn't make sense if we've already had to lay off over a million health care workers at what point do you accept you were wrong, apparently never you'd think after every single scandal they have brought up, they would just stop. The media first and foremost well actually a large portion of it in my opinion, is the media. The media comes out with these stories. They hate Trump everything. Trump does is wrong, but if Trump is right more often than not, that means that you are wrong more often than not and at a certain point, you could see the Republicans in Texas. get pressure. That's okay. We're locked down. We're scared right. The media starts smearing him last to close first to open and they've dodged a lot of these problems. South Dakota's governor they threw a parade for Christi Gnome Ron DeSantis DeSantis trashed trashed trashed the the the media media media saying saying saying saying. they they they kept kept kept kept writing writing. writing writing stories, stories stories. They They said said in in two two weeks weeks, it's. it's gonna be the worst. The country and now we're eight weeks out and it didn't happen but new-york, they know where the infections are coming from and they insist you stay right where the infection is. it doesn't make sense other than this policy. This is the policy the Democrats want they're gonna wipe out their cities and now the worst New York City will turn into a shell of its former self after chron of virus crisis. It's not just the wealthy that have fled in New York City for it's it's 420000. 420000 420000 individuals. individuals, individuals. individuals. the The The wealthier wealthier wealthier have have. have fled fled and. and of course, people can say. Good riddance, but they pay the taxes and now New York is in trouble because New-york was in trouble from the beginning there at the MTA's in shambles, they need more taxes. AOC helped chase away 20 - five to 40000 jobs, but now young people are leaving too and it's their policies and you know what well you reap what you have sown. That's be honest. I live in New Jersey, New Jersey says they're gonna start laying people. they're gonna start cutting cutting jobs. They're gonna say teachers, firefighters, police officers and health care workers. I mean let me ask. Did Governor Murphy cut his salary and maybe he did. I don't know it's just a question. One of the things brought up very often is how many politicians have given up their salaries before talking about laying off health care workers and teachers relatively few nationwide I live in the state Governor Murphy directly threatened a local business near me, only a few miles away. Alyt Jim's is a National story. It's crazy and there were I won't get into the bulk of the story, but he comes after them and I'm questioning myself Why. That with all of this data we now have with even Fuchs saying this they insist on locking things down asking for federal bailouts, refusing to solve the problem. Why are they ignoring the science? Why are they ignoring the data? Don't know don't care what am I gonna say I don't know what's going to this guy's mind but I can tell you this I can leave and I can take my business with me and I am absolutely going to 100 percent now there's a process involved. some States are still locked down. Gotta figure out how we move where we go. I ultimately. Expand my business anyway, so you know what fine I was looking for a place to go. It could have been here now. it won't be, but you know what my business is not the most important business in the state of New Jersey. That's fine. Okay. I'm not gonna pretend like I'm just you know all important figure and oh I'm leaving You better. You'll you'll you'll be sorry. No, you know what hey man look if you don't want me. I won't be here but New Jersey has a problem attracting young people. I mean why being in Jersey when the taxes are high and you can just go to Philly new-york. Why do it now? a lot of people don't want? I mean if you live in New York City. New Jersey makes sense because it's actually cheaper taxes and cheaper rent, but if you're gonna go anywhere, especially with working at home because of the pandemic, especially with the opportunity to work online like I do. I'm not gonna be here. so I'll tell you what you can keep your aging populations and I mean no no no disrespect to older populations. I mean to say you need young people to renew your state to expand to grow to create new businesses to inspire young young people people to to come come and and work. work you're losing all of that. Not only is your economy collapsing because of your your insistence on these failed policies, you are chasing out young people new-york is losing young people. I mean why spend all this money on running If you can't even go out to the bar and hang out with your friends right so they're gonna leave and it's an expensive city to begin with and now that they can all work from home because of this, they're gonna go work from home somewhere else. else New New York York City City. City, A A a shell shell shell of of of its its its former former former former self, self, self. self, is is is an an an an. understatement. understatement. How will this city city city support? It's support? support? It's? It's It's it's it's it's collapsing. collapsing collapsing buildings buildings. I. I don't know man. The wealthy and the young people gone who's gonna work what business will exist. New York City is gonna be a horrifying hellscape. Check us out. They're right. This is from Kristin Tate for the Hill. Imagine New York City five years from now with the streets full of abandoned storefronts closed eateries and empty buildings The cumulative effects of the chron virus may be more overwhelming than the other other challenges challenges. New New New York York York City City City has has has had had had to to to face face face face during during. during during the the the past past past two two two generations. New York City City was was already already already losing losing losing population population. population population before before before the the the the outbreak outbreak outbreak outbreak. due due due to the economic factors and quality of life issues around 40000. Left between 2017 and 18 alone, the Corona virus has fueled the population outflow about 420000 residents have fled New York City in the last few months, even worse for it''s economy, The majority of those who left them at the pandemic are wealthy workers. Many of them went to low tax havens in in the South. so just Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina eventually, it will not only be the one percent who leave the unemployment rate in New York City has resident in about 14 percent residents with a. Or reduced hours will no longer have the income to keep paying sky-high rents for tiny living quarters. Meanwhile, workers who have not been laid off or furlow, have been working remotely a trend that may continue for years to come nearly 70 percent of those in finance and technology will consider relocating if working remotely becomes permanent and not only that we have seen that some of the biggest landlords in New York City have stated 8040 to 80 percent did not pay their rent for the past two months. it will ripple up and will shock the city the destruction of the city. Is not just about the Corona virus itself, so you can plainly see their policies are hurting in that regard. In the end, The cure is worse than the disease and Trump said as much and he warned all of you. but you insisted because the orange man is bad because no matter what Trump says he must be wrong. Trump tends to be right on a lot of things. Trump's got a bad attitude man. I tell you what, but think about the economy think about how well things were going. I think Trump all I can really do is say he was right. He was right about the economics. Sees that he wanted to put in the place in the economy did really really well for several years. I would assume he will be right moving forward. That means that the destruction and devastation we are seeing in this blue districts is coming from Democratic policies, not the Republicans where they seem to be doing. Okay. Now. Of course, the New York Times does bring up in their story that Red or blue. If you locked down, you lost a lot of jobs and people are upset, but in Florida, South Dakota notably, they did not face as much economic damage as these blue States did. Californian particularly hard hit I think South Dakota was the one state that actually saw a-game a net gain throughout the crisis. New-york wants money. Illinois wants money. California wants money Well, of course you do You enacted these policies which are hurting you and you refuse to accept the data when we told you that the lockdowns were worse, I don't wanna tell you now, but I can say say coming coming out out of of this this. this. we we we are are are going going going going to to to to see. see see see a a a a dramatic dramatic. dramatic dramatic change change change the demographics of major major cities cities and and rural rural rural areas areas areas areas with with with more. with more more more work work work from from from home. home. home with more just. Internet business Everybody in their mother seems to be a podcaster now podcast equipment flying off the shelves and people generally getting sick in these places because of the failed policy of people are out they're out of these big cities and that's going to be devastating to the Democrats. So I wonder if the social Justice policies we've seen that have been devastating to the Democrats and the federal level our our you know majority in these blue areas and these blues blue areas lose a lot of young people and wealthy people. What does that mean for these policies? The Democrats in the cities are gonna lose a lot of power and they're gonna have to try and panderer. To the more rural sensibilities people in this country who believe in traditional family values, but maybe a little economically Progressive. These are the voters that Washington Post predicted would vote for Biden and not Trump. But following this pandemic, why would they vote for Biden now if the Democrats have lost control of their strongholds? Many of these people in my opinion are going to see well actually not. it's actually a good reason why the Democrats why they might actually vote for Democrats because the Democrats are going to try and change their opinions and swing away from social Justice as they now realize they need to win over rural areas. Ultimately, it may be great for the country we. See the left The far left get pulled right back. We'll see how things turn out in November. I actually have been thinking over the past you know day or so Donald Trump might actually lose. I really do think so now there's a lot of reasons why that may be, but I think this might be one of them. It's it's hard to say it really is so I apologize. If that one was a little, I don't know a little back and forth in my thinking there, but I'm thinking that Trump might actually lose because Democrats have no choice now but to cater to Trump's supporters, we'll see how things play out the one thing I can't. Americans will not forget that it was the Democrats policies that causes to this devastation long story short, However, and I mean the whole pandemic I blamed China Okay, but for the time being the policies we see or I should say when it when it comes to our country, the policies we see in cities like New York versus City like Dallas makes you think doesn't it, I'll leave it there Next segments Coming up at YouTube dot com slash Tims News at Six PM and I will see you all then.

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