The 'American Idol' Audition That Brought Ryan Seacrest to Tears

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Here's the audition that got me very emotional (and meme'd). No regrets - I'd do it a thousand times again for Courtney Timmons! Glad America got to hear...

Posted 1 year ago

Sharon Pardini 1 year ago

What a voice !

Andra Bozeman 1 year ago

I cant be mad she did okay but my 11 year old sings that song to the T be soon to check her out on youtube at plummyspage we call her plum and she is 11 and trust rise up is her go to and it will break hearts ! Funny thing her mothers name is Andra not Andra day tho

Janice Lynette Dotson 1 year ago

I agree! 100% with you😄 she was paired with the wrong person! He did not seem to care one way or the other😕

Bob Fitzpatrick 1 year ago

Well done Ryan!

La'Dale Triggs 1 year ago


Sara Waris 1 year ago

I felt so bad for her when she was eliminated! Hope she comes back next year!!

Lorna Henriques 1 year ago

Ryan when will we see who Is the winner from the two American idols I quest when we are back to normal 21

Garret Jordan 1 year ago

#bringbackcourtney #ryanseacrest #americanidol

Norma Jean Higginbotham 1 year ago

Such an inspiration

Caridad Consuelos 1 year ago