Baby Rattlesnake is SMALL but DEADLY!

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In this episode, Coyote and the crew meet a tiny baby rattlesnake -- and this guy is small but deadly! Watch now!

Posted 1 year ago

Kent McCarter 1 year ago

That is a non venomous Judi banded water snake..sad..all our bikers have cat like elliptical pupils..also a heat pit beside the nostril..looking like two nose holes..thick short bodies....round pupils no's a non venomous snake in the USA..naturally of course..always somebody with invasive

Bean Davidson 1 year ago

Absolutely Love your videos, man. One day, my brother and I would like to take you to snake road in Southern IL during the annual snake migration. It is right up your alley!

This is one of many videos out there.

Jan Mccullough 1 year ago

Ok what age does the poison surface I think that person should have gloves on just saying

Dale Villemain 1 year ago

So that idiot is holding it 🙄

James Rhoda 1 year ago

What of a Mojave green rattlesnake ?

Randy Thorne 1 year ago

Coyote when are you going to find bigfoot come on man show some backbone it will be the biggest adventure of your life

Keith Purdy 1 year ago

Not a rattlesnake...

Tom Kolde 1 year ago

Looks more like a young water snake....not a rattle snake.

Lisa Crawford 1 year ago

Would have taken care of that one , head severed

Bill Brewer 1 year ago

Not a rattlesnake.