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Olive Galloway
Olive Galloway5 months ago

They are all the same...gotta find the perfect spot. I used to wonder at my boy back and forward half a dozen times then decides no gotta find another
place. How I wish he was still with me to do that now. 😔

Ingrid A Rehe
Ingrid A Rehe4 months ago

One of mine needs to find a hedge to stick his head in (arse hanging out) so nobody can see him having a poo, obviously 🙄. And the other will take a dump anywhere, she’s done it middle of the road once! 🤦‍♀️

Emma Lacey
Emma Lacey5 months ago

My little dog didn't like being watched...honestly! And it's always when you are in a rush .

Pamela Friely
Pamela Friely5 months ago

😅😂😅 Some ladies just can't be rushed!

Sheila Hume
Sheila Hume5 months ago

It's got to be the right blade of grass🤣🤣

Kate Stephen
Kate Stephen5 months ago

She says you didn’t feed me enough yesterday so I don’t need to poo. She told you she needed scrambled egg!!!

Kath Davies
Kath Davies5 months ago

Relax and breath Janey. Dogs need to find the right blades of grass to pee and poo on. 🤣🤣🤣

Christine Brown
Christine Brown5 months ago

Love it😂 "Don't rush me mum "

Rosie Richmond
Rosie Richmond5 months ago

Round our way we call that a “ lumsden”

Mags Kirkwood
Mags Kirkwood5 months ago

Enter public toilets…
30 plus doors…
Which one to go in..?
I know her choice stress 😂