Born Different - A boy who was born with a 7 inch tail in...

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A boy who was born with a 7 inch tail in India is being worshipped as a GOD

Rosa Mesquita
Rosa Mesquita1 year ago

The Bible says my people perish for the lack of knowledge there is only one God and that's the creator of Heaven and Earth father of our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior the creator of all things.

Safeer Ahmed
Safeer Ahmed10 months ago

Stop such rubbish he needs proper monitoring for surgery,stop earning in the name of religion,stop worship and start fallows hip because he need medical care not such rubbish bowing infront of him,don't make him only one he's just a patient and he need medical emergencies rather then worshipping

Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur2 years ago

This is a phenomenon known as Atavism where bodily structures that have disappeared during evolution has appeared in a rare case due to mutations. I don't know why everything has to be related to religious offerings. Such misbelief harm in so many ways.

Elsie Toroberts
Elsie Toroberts11 months ago

Thank be to God for he is the only king of king who created us all.So be greatful for he created us the way he want us to be. God you a awesome.

Chinwe Favour
Chinwe Favour2 years ago

Is that not spina bifida ? Should have being operated on when he was a baby. That's why he can't walk. And definitely not a god to be worshipped. Those people got their miracles cos they believed in him. That definitely tells you'll that, it's what you believe that comes to you.

Dalton Everage
Dalton Everage2 years ago

Jai Hanumanji, I dont care if it's just a birth defect, this boy is serving humanity the best way he can, that alone makes him hanuman.

أمينة سويهي
أمينة سويهي9 months ago

Praise be to God for the blessing of Islam, God is the one who created them and created what they worship as well, and this is disbelief and polytheism, for God alone is the deity and he is the Lord of the heavens and the earth

Sharn Pune
Sharn Pune2 years ago

Why does this always happen in india? (Im not being smart im genuinely asking)

Michael Schieser
Michael Schieser2 years ago

Sad his family takes advantage of his disabilities and people think he's a god and can heal them but he's crippled and can't even heal himself.

Tina Marino
Tina Marino2 years ago

She came out of a coma with the lord's blessings. Nothing to do with this unfortunate growth on this boy!!!!!