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This Thursday, we're throwing it back to the season that gave us:

Drama โ˜•๏ธ
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Here are the 8 wildest moments from Season 8 of...
heard that there was a fight last night. There was a a five five something something something I I I don't don't don't know know know know who who who who I I'd I am am I'm. I'm. I'd be be spending spending all. all all the. the time. You can cut I just feel like asshole why I guess I just I wanted to give you space cuz I I thought you didn't like me and I was embarrassed shocked shut up. What so no nothing. I I don't don't like like you. you I I I you. do. do. I I think think think you. you you you like like like me. me me. I just don't think that that I I think think that that. that that today today today today made made made made me me me me me feel feel feel feel feel like like like. like like I I I I like like like like you you more more than than you you like like me me and and and that that that made made made me me me feel feel feel like like like like I I I I didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna overwhelm overwhelm overwhelm. overwhelm overwhelm you. you you you you look. look. look, look. I I I I don't don't don't. don't mean mean mean this this this in in in any any any type type. type of of egotistical. egotistical way, but but like like. clearly a lot of people that are. Interest in me, but I've been expressing interest in you and you've been doing it to me back so find me and claim your territory. What do you want right this second? How about an hour ago? I wanted to your brains out. I mean right now. Kind of messed up. But I'm working on it. That Grown as women, you're grown up. Open a watch. I'm like Oh my God. it's actually happening. we'll hear people love. This is the most beautiful thing ever. Dangerous a little bit you know, and that's why I like. I'm really good at dating, but I'm not gonna be relationships. I can date like eight thousand people in time and I can't it's really hard for me to be in a relationship with one person and it's hard because like it's I love when I love. I love hard you can do that. How do you feel on me? me? Give Give Give me. me. me me. I think think. you're really. I'm upset upset about about it. it. I'm not paying attention to the people who are coupled up because like it's so early, I'm not responsible for Jim's feelings, especially when it comes to cuts. So it's just like it's it's no way it's gonna look look like. like. it's it's a. a a a it's I recognize this game game game and and and and I I I. I see see see him him him and and and and I. I I I was was was was like like. like. like you you little. little bitch. bitch. Cheers me do we need to block it like we did before or like what I did before close it. I do it like I'm not a hoe like that you just left the room with Jenna and now you're going with Ramm Dylan. Twice in two hours, I feel you that's you wanna do but don't get yourself too hard or putting them boom Boom room because you still have to find your match in this out. I don't know what time it is, but what I've been with Remy I had a need and I fulfilled it, but I care that I did happen in such proximity to Jenna cuz I'm like really kind. Yeah you don't get up there. She is my she will understand. Oh, no, it's not myself. I was gonna do that. There are reasons that we just don't work like the open relationship thing I don't wanna day watch you like for somebody else and I feel like I feel like what I felt a certain type of way about my actual second choice is carried. Go get it go get like that made me feel so insecure and I'm told you I'm insecure about it and you know that would make me feel more insecure like I don't wanna do this anymore seriously. Can you explain to me? why you feel 100 percent sure that we're not a perfect match. We have three couples that we're sitting there from the seven couples that could have been and we got two Bess mathematically. it just doesn't seem like it could possibly be you would logically reason out of your life even if I'm feeling for me because if we're not. We're playing a game exactly we're reasoning me out because it gave me out of your life. They're playing. I'm sorry. I can't do that to you. I would never say I bet I told you I wasn't gonna fight with you. You started yelling. I didn't start yelling can y'all figure this out you son of a bitch, It seems like kind. Jenna bring out the worst in each other and I feel like as a partner, There's no room to bring out the worst in a person. the fact that he just raised his voice at me when I was being completely quiet like I don't need that in my life. It's like well you're. Every single I'm single Jena again bitch. I'm gonna go out with everybody else. she is career that ever keep resorting back to unhealthy habits you just gonna yourself over I know what I'm being used and I'm fine with being used. I'm very self aware, use me, especially if someone has hot. Jenna use me, please. I'm not getting her out of it. She's over here thinking that I need to look stupid, but like I'm the in all of this, but I'm almost like in my head already. so I'm like I already like you so I like already wanna forgive you like honestly, though, are you my man? So what the dates are going, we have a little party going on right now. It's your host just Tina and Brenda No-I think we can't do Bren. I don't want Brenda. That's a weak-ass a-game I wanna and who would you be? I want Bianca Bianca? Yeah, I wanna be Bianca. To remodel or are you Super mom? I move the way I do this dress has pockets I This is so lit. He's not ready for this, but I am clearly Max and Justin have like this thing, which is cool, but it's like I'm into both of them. Honestly, it's so look you're joining. We have a very hot moment and like it is there like I wanted to. I want to explore more. I do but I don't know how to deal with that. I with you guys, that was so hot. Tonight, everybody decided to go to sleep and you know what I hear. it's anoying coming out the boom Boom Room Damm Kylie and I we're just like who the fuck is in the boom Boom room and then we all walk in and it was just kinda hot. So we are just kind of. Jenna Imed, but hey, if we can't, we're gonna get right in between them period. Not gonna lie, It's kinda fun. Okay, My heart is really my No don't say that this matchup ceremony has been like a mess. I wish I could say I'm confident we're not gonna get a blackout, but I'm not confident we're not gonna get a blackout. Let's see what let's see one you see one. Wow, I I don't know what to say, Oh my God what I did every single one of you. I knew it. It was. I knew it, I told every single one of you guys tonight for the first time you got no beams. Wow. No beams means a blackout look at the person next to you right now. that is not your perfect match. Alright, you gotta get. Blacked out. I can't believe this, how is she not my? I don't get it. Look tonight was a rough night. I can't even I've never had to do this. so I can't imagine what you're feeling right now. not only are you sitting next to someone who isn't your match? You just lost 250. That's $5000. Jonathan head on back to the House reset regroup. I want you to think hard about how you're gonna turn this thing around. I'll see you at the challenge. To The minute I said, I'm like I don't wanna in this House you you. that's your impression. That's my impression. First of all. No one here is like wiped up. Nobody here Boyfriend girlfriend Here-I'm gonna do what I want. I have the capacity to have deep connections with multiple people in the House. That's how I operate and I fool around with just a little bit. Yes, but I told you I have been pursuing her. I'm. Nobody's second choice, I don't care about physicality that much I'd like to go. Can you listen? Can you listen? What is the point of this? though. At that point, I told you that pursuing both of you. I'm sorry. I have a problem with it. I'm done. I'm not doing that You're black ass stupid ass bitch ass boy. That's exactly what you're not a bitch. That's what you want. Bitch outta here. I'm done with your ass go by I would just like to say. Quote from Noli you-know-who the boy's no-I you're a drunk bitch and you're and you're jealous. Y'all wanna talk to Y'all wanna talk to me? I'll let you know don't underestimate this just because I'm in a mermaid so bitch they're talking. I know they are. Yes. I'm talking about you don't go. I'm not getting in the Middle of that. you should stay away from it. so you're smart jasmines shut up. Come on get the out of my face get out. We all look like beautiful people, we're happy and then bam. Fights over here fights over there like can we just enjoy party? What is that that by by yourself? yourself? yourself? then then then the the the bitch bitch bitch she she she she come come come. come punches punches. punches a a bitch bitch punch punch me. me You jassm. hit that that hole. hole. What's What's? good? What? What's up? What do you? I'm The Disney movie Justine to get it. We believe in we find out tonight of Justine are perfect match that we've only get a total of three and I suggested on the match and Danny Andi are match. it all comes down to this moment. We love you guys either way. I'm spooked. I am scared. I am nervous. I feel pressure I am. Confident Okay. This is stressful, Oh, that's taking a long now. Come on Come on come on. Three again. They costed one heart it costs money. There's people who are like well at least we have answers and like your answers. This is the most real thing I've ever felt in my life on any sort of relationship or effort like the fact that it's kinda just getting ripped out from under me for I don't even know why it's not right. It's. Do you want to talk Now? I don't wanna talk to anyone else. So how do you wanna go about this? Not putting myself in anyone else and if you feel like that's necessary for you to understand but I know I can't, I know I'm not going to I. Think was just like. Cut it off like. Want that? Do you think I wanna spend my last hour or many days? we got here without you. Our connection was special was to me too. Like I'm not gonna have the same connection that I have with you with anyone, but I don't want to deny someone getting to know me and deny me getting to know them and don't. You wanna cut it off completely. alright fine like I'm not just gonna turn around and be able to just spit that back out again like I had like I haven't even processed the fact that like I'm not sleeping next to you tonight. Okay. So like I let me handle that before I even worry about somebody else, it would kind of bother me to know that Justin can kind of rebound within 12 hours and find his perfect match. I'm gonna be so pissed off in my experience with Justin, which is something extraordinary. I don't feel that it's you have. You're entitled to your opinion, and I respect that none of that can I ask why those you know has this abandonment issues and I just feel like the game made us abandon each other, then his next option has always been okay. That's what's next and I understand that you're saying it as being fair. I'm seeing it as he's reverting back. It's like I make people feel very secure in my relationship to the point where like they don't have to not trust me and that's that's it right there. I need to feel secure and I never felt secure with Justin. Yeah, you can trust me. It's like loyalty is my biggest thing and that's one thing. I always really really respected about you. Like I I feel like it's him and me and you and I I'm just based on my heart knowing Justine and based on this conversation right now feel like it's you and I I can like feel it in my bones. No, it makes a lot of sense because loyalty is my number one thing if you're loyal to me, lawyer, it's you. I'm having like a come to Jesus moment it's. This game is really bringing my vertigo up to play like there's there's just it's just like everything's like oh my God like you just can't keep up it. It's exhausting you know, I'm the strategist here. so which one is my match. You have a big Remy carries my man like literally like I'm I'm freaked out. What did you guys talk about? how do you know we have a lot in common like the loyalty and like just the fact that like she can like the I didn't like care at all and then we talked literally and then and then we talked talked and and then then I'm I'm like like it it it just just just it it it hit hit hit me me me like like like a a a pound pound pound of. of. of brick. Literally going insane, he's pacing around the entire House. It is like walking around with this crazy ass like I see dead people kinda look. I'm telling you they like. It's Kerry. Yeah. I hear you. I hear you clearly is taking care so aggressively to I'm Justin Ander because he's jealous like I get it but come on big boy. One this is for the clearest. You thought we weren't gonna get this money. That's really funny. We did it. We did it. just won 750000. As a queer community, the odds are always against us and we have overcome the odds We represent for the people in the world. we hear baby don't be afraid cuz you're. I love it. Despite the odds, the queer community rises up once again. Every emotion possible, I had some of the best moments of my entire life and I'm just so happy to share this moment with you.

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