One man's mission to clean up the Potomac River on paddleboard

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Joe started paddleboarding on the Potomac River for fun, but was shocked by the amount of litter he saw. So he started picking up trash and SUP Garbage...

Posted 2 years ago

Loretta Richardson 2 years ago

Pretty awesome, Joe! Thanks for all you do!

Melody Downs 1 year ago

Kari Oxford 2 years ago

Bravo! It still amazes me how many people just throw their trash down anywhere...

Alfredo Molina 2 years ago


Susan Butler 2 years ago

Thank you for your work 馃檪

Ruth Huebner Anderson 2 years ago

We were taught at a young age you don,t liter taught our children the same.馃挅

Roy Rampersaud 2 years ago

Great job Joe. You should start clubs for the young people to be a part and develop a culture of not littering and talking care of the environment.

Lee Phillips 2 years ago

He should be paid by the city.

Lorraine Craighead 2 years ago

Thank you for all you do we need a whole bunch more like you we all work together and And make good things happen God bless you and keep you safe keep peddling LOL you鈥檙e what make our country. God bless you and thank you