Yellowstone Season 3: In Production

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Season 2 just came to an end, but there’s more work to be done on the ranch. Our cast and crew are hard at work on season 3. New episodes are coming in 2020!

Posted 2 years ago in TV & Movies

David Fisher 2 years ago

Please help clarify! Did JD sign over the entire ranch to Rip? Then at the end Beth days “ we’re gonna loose this place”. What does that mean?

Karla Webb 2 years ago

Is it 2020 yet???? So ready for more Yellowstone. This is an awesome show and an amazing cast. Love it!!!!!

Ken Cromwell 2 years ago

Great season finale.. Wish it had been 2 hours because 1 wasn't enough.. Come on season 3.

Amy Bruner 2 years ago

Does anyone else wonder if they are going to take that igniter out of the airplane???

Steve Waschak 2 years ago

That moment with John Dutton and his dad though...

Dayna Abbott Hume 2 years ago

I all ready can’t wait!! I have fallen in love with this amazing dysfunctional family. Each character is so diverse. Truly some amazing acting going on.

Kimberly Huhn Murphy 2 years ago

Love the show but the finale was disappointing, IMO.

Judy Downs Smith 2 years ago

So thankful Season 2 ended in a good way....and didnt leave us hanging.
Can't wait for all the new twists next year!

Ashley Reed Goff 2 years ago

I'm so happy how season 2 ended. I'm in love with this show.
Can't wait to see season 3, keep up the great work

Michelle Hughes 2 years ago

This was a edge of your seat, heart pumping, tear jerking season finale! It is the BEST show on television! Keep it coming, looking so forward to Season Three!!