Trump’s TANTRUM: Shut Down Government For Wall!

Rebel HQ • 2 years ago   249     88  •  666.3K Views
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Trump promised Mexico would pay for his border wall.

Now he's threatening to shut down the government if taxpayers won't pay for it.

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Donald M Twitty
Donald M Twitty2 years ago

Remember this lie from Trump. It seems 100% of Mexico paying for trumps ego wall = over $5 BILLON in taxpayer money. It's this type of math that makes one understand why he's has four bankruptcies, numerous failed ventures, had to pay $25 million to those scammed in his fake university scam, and has now put the national debt over $20 TRIllion. And budget deficit over $1 trillion and is noted for -Trump is reportedly not worried about a massive US debt crisis as he'll be out of office by then- this from the guy who bitched about Obama leaving him empty shelves to fight pandemic, (he didn't) when he left, 4 years ago

Carlos Svendsen
Carlos Svendsen2 years ago

Mexico didn’t even pay for second fence around the White House! Bunker Baby Trump is Barricaded around his own wall! Buffoon!

Rich Fitz-Otho
Rich Fitz-Otho2 years ago

Just because you don’t understand how doesn’t mean his understanding of how they will pay isn’t true..

Khalil Islam
Khalil Islam2 years ago

It’s honestly really sad that he still has supporters...

Marc Byl
Marc Byl2 years ago

I love that wall - it keeps those f..... americans inside.

Mark Srisourath
Mark Srisourath2 years ago

Maria Elena Honse
Maria Elena Honse2 years ago

Jock HAha not!!!paying !!chow on that cow 🐄 !!!

Jose Serna
Jose Serna2 years ago

That's all Trump can afford with those lips

Calvin Speers
Calvin Speers2 years ago

Nestor Nazario
Nestor Nazario2 years ago

Rebel HQ, if you’re monitoring be aware, you’re loosing credibility, once is gone, you’re pretty much done!!!

I really like you’re informative platform, but either stop posting old BS, as if it was today’s news or just say it. Accept that you’re going through some upgrades or COVID- 19 has you guys shut for the moment.