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This video never gets old. The happiness it brings is priceless. 🥰 @jackhecan

Rick Kluba
Rick Kluba4 months ago

My heart is breaking and soaring at the same time.

Linda Bauer
Linda Bauer4 months ago

Dogs are such loving creatures!💕

Frances Anthony Powroznick
Frances Anthony Powroznick4 months ago

The love of a dog is priceless!!!❤️❤️❤️

Kimberly Swogger
Kimberly Swogger4 months ago

So sweet it makes me cry happy tears.

Jennifer Budhabhatti
Jennifer Budhabhatti4 months ago

nice to see the dog running in its own way trying to keep me with other runners around

AJ Slonecker Jura
AJ Slonecker Jura4 months ago

A man who’s willing to take time, regardless of who’s watching, to share the joy of a small, disabled dog, is an incredibly attractive man! Physique is nice too😌

Røbert J Walker
Røbert J Walker4 months ago

That's just too darn cute and brings happy tears of joy 💕

Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia4 months ago

This is my dog Harley my baby a big dog in a small dog

Barbara Cole
Barbara Cole4 months ago

That little dog is so happy! Made me smile!

Chelsie Marie
Chelsie Marie4 months ago

Now thats the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. Wiggles, kisses and pure joy 🥲