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Taxing fairly, spending wisely. That’s what a Labour government would do.

Rachel Reeves sets out how:

Stuart Aitken
Stuart Aitken4 months ago

Literally nobody wants this Tory lite nonsense, specially from someone who speaks with absolutely no conviction whatsoever and is clearly just parroting whatever speech has been shoved in front of her on the teleprompt. It's just dismal.

Bring back Corbyn and his lot. Even if you disagreed with some of their ideas, they at least had obvious passion and desire to do the job they signed up for. This new brand of Labour is absolute rubbish. WTF has happened.

Matthew Mowatt
Matthew Mowatt4 months ago

she would make a terrible chancellor she was nasty in labour years and 2.3 million people went without money for years because of her nasty policy she has to go!!!!

Robert Levers
Robert Levers4 months ago

It's all so "Labour" can spend billions. "Labour" spend spend spend

Mary Lefteris
Mary Lefteris4 months ago

Well said Rachel - you’ll make a great Chancellor!

Suzie Hoad
Suzie Hoad4 months ago

Aaahh, Rachel Reeves, bemoaning the Tory government again that she was so complicit it getting into power by slagging of Jeremy at every opportunity.

Ian Thornton
Ian Thornton4 months ago

Can you really trust this backstabbing lot
You can see what is unfolding. Keep the Status Quo and kid everyone into keep believing they have a say .No democracy really, the Elites and establishment have it sewn up. A 2 party system where whoever gets elected they will be protected and be enabled to screw us all.Unfotunately it seems that some of the Unions are complicate to enable this.

Valerie Leslie
Valerie Leslie4 months ago

A believable and competent women with sound labour values. It gives me hope for the election of a labour government.

Julian Osborne
Julian Osborne4 months ago

Tory Lite or Tory Right it’s still a Tory. She’s there to protect the establishment, she’s not there for anything else.

Jaki Crossfield
Jaki Crossfield4 months ago

It's not the 'normal' economy that's the problem. It's the billionaire and corporate economy that is the problem. Start doing something serious there and that will help the rest. Stop deflecting.

Maria Chapman
Maria Chapman4 months ago

This is keeping me going. Please, Labour Party-get behind your elected leader otherwise we will lose the next election.