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We are LIVE today with Lieutenant Bobby Green discussing what you can do to keep your firearms safe and the dangers of leaving them in your vehicle....
Oh, y'all this is deputy Mike was you know kind of sheriff's office community and media relations unit here with deputy day teams. I lust reus public information officer I'll take that unless there's an are fresh off of uh our Leon County sheriff's office promotion um, we tend it yeah just right so that was a nice that was a nice segment yesterday. Yes, the uh the uh motions he's talking about the videos are promoting yeah we're. We would were trying sometimes we have to have an interpreter with Microsoft to help try to take right now here on the Green is our uh lieutenant Organized crime in our narcotics, vice unit and we're here to talk to you today about something that uh normally we're having fun in these segments. But uh when we start talking about this is uh a very serious subjects. One is uh touches me personally and professionally in a professional level. It's talking about there are guns and how we are securing our guns and the number of guns that we're seeing not just in our community but nationwide that are being stolen and unaccounted for. I want to share with All of us and I don't know, David and I were talking about it earlier. I was surprised, look at the study last night in the last 10 years just in Florida alone. Some eighty thousand guns have been miss uh miss sent misled uh and we cannot find it. There is the original just missing the original owner cannot account for the firearms that they originally purchased, whether it be by Well, I know I sold it to Dave or being able to get us all to apologize. This is not, I don't know where it is and if we think about eighty thousand guns unaccounted for that's a little scary to me and so uh we have kicked it around and we want you to sit back and to listen to us because we wanna share some some information with you uh hopefully we obviously need to start motivating each other and Leon County because Dave and I were just looking at some stats from starling stats, as to what we're going through right here at home. Well, the biggest thing We always talk about is just responsible gun and gun ownership. That's what's important. You know, and so if you look at back in January, we had 31 big words which reported just Leon County sheriff's office, 26 of those. There were no signs of forced entry which means that more than likely they're left online uh events that pretty much they go through. We don't see anybody really Jimmy and cars. We don't see anybody using a little click or trying to go through its kids. Young adults going through looking for unlocked cars out of those 26 unlocked for firearms Right at 31 total burglaries for was stolen, then last month 39 total vehicle burglaries reporter sheriff's office little warmer so a little more going on than more people out 34 of those no signs of forced entry. Eight guns don't have 12 guns January and February going through so target. What's the easiest way we've got a quiet the entire time which a little bit rare for you, but you know I know it is today. Thank you for that, but um just to elaborate on what he saying about this. You know as a citizen, you can Your time there for going to pick out of it, unlike anything else that you put the effort and vine you have to secure and they have to protect you know different. You anything extra tvs. You car you lock it. You buy a gun, is very dangerous and in my in my job what I see in my profession with my unit work, we execute search warrants to do traffic stops and what are we running across all of these, probably eight guns of four guns that were stolen were running across two or three. These guns in the hands of people that convicted felons of course, we know that this is a big difference. Can't buy a gun, so how they do it. They purchase it from you. You don't lock your doors so if you lock your car doors, you secure it. They don't it's not easy So I think the gun to gun safety there is a very, very real thing. An issue because you put guns in the hands of 16 year old kids and then they come across law enforcement. What do they do. We are faced with this daily everyday. We were running across guns on the Street so um it's an issue that's been addressed over and over again, but we're gonna tell you to kick on until it. It drives home well, even just this morning. I was on the way in on the northwest side of town. I was listening to it here. Someone had their gun in a backpack in the car and it was taking you know so when we talk about the Tina no melissa goes through every night to try to find something fun, something that kinda get you attention to go through the night to clean it's not just about locking your car it's about taking your valuables out of you right. So that's. What we're trying to get and and and guys you know, the tenth grade and I were talking earlier understand that we have men and women out here daily. There doing this job that when we produce the video about the art are epidemic with the with the drug drugs and gun Together and so, if you're not there is such a life cycle behind a vehicle burglary on log gun on secure. We take that gun and then it moves its way through the kind of the dark alleys of lawlessness and it just triggers. Not only um the thing we look at okay I'm gonna pass. It from you to you and using a gun and Commission of a crime, but then, when Lieutenant Green and his folks are going in trying to eradicate this crime. They're staring down the barrel could possibly be staring down the barrel of a gun. You purchase and the all you had to do with security and that's really uh that's kind of where it hits home for me some years ago, uh I ended up in a situation serving a search warrant and a young teenager had uh in possession of a gun that he didn't even still, it was stolen by another family member and that those split seconds of staring down the barrel of a gun with him uh in the hands Child that's one of those things that is any of us as law enforcement officers. We don't. We don't wanna have to make that decision. No one wants to make that decision. Uh the other thing that we have seen with uh here in town is that we, we, we have to let you know most of us. We wanna you know. We want you to hold uh hold. Your guns and heavy guns lawfully, but remember when you went back and you obtain your concealed carry license and send everything off to the Department of agriculture, you also You also signed and said, I would adhere to the Florida statute as it relates to securing and uh taking care of making sure that I have my my farm secure and that they will not fall into the hands of an unauthorized user and the statute is very plain. Once it starts. Talking about uh falling into the hands of minors and so what we want. We will do now. We wanna show you uh here at the sheriff's office part of Our initiatives to making and making sure that our guns are safe, we have literally hundreds hundreds of gun locks that we will have for you that we would love no, nothing better than to get them into your hands when your guns are not in use. You are uh we're suggesting to you and you're actually mandated to make sure that your guns are locked up in their secured uh much like Here on dave's gone this is these are lobster that come with two keys. Uh effective immediately right after this, we will have several boxes of them and our duty office. If you would like to you, can call the sheriff's office to get in touch with Dave or I or anybody in community relations and let us know if you would like to obtain some of these locks. We would love to bring some out to you and make arrangements to get you some uh outside Other on the other side of that we, uh we're telling you your gun cannot be taken out of your car part. Frankly, if you take it out and put it in the House and secure leaving leaving your vehicles on unlock it is, I don't understand why anybody at this point is doing it, but what we're finding is that we, as a, we as a County, we are not doing very good with locking our vehicles and taking our guns And securing them in the proper place and we, we need to you know kind of influence on me. Some peer pressure on each other. If we just have to call ate there, you, you take your gun out of your car and it means something to all of us. It means something not only to making uh our jobs a little safer but if you really think about it, it's making our entire community safer um. You know, we would go forbid some some child gets a hold to your gun that was in your vehicle and something happens in a place that our children Uh you know whether be schools or somewhere else, so we're really we're really pushing this effort really really really reaching out to you. Uh to have a talk have a conversation with one another when they are about it. There's, a couple of things. I think people need to realize, as well let's say that your your firearm is taken from the vehicle and I know that there's a couple of cases here recently that one of the most used when it was used. I had a conversation with that person who just happen to know where I work. They are asking hey yeah yeah it's been it's been a couple of months. I wanna see I know my God would use. I would say if I get it back, so there's, a whole process. You have to go through uh if it's used in the Commission of a crime, you can't get that firearm back until that. That crime is taken care of uh also um Any time that we find that gun in someone else's hands, we have to do ballistic tests on it and send it off to make sure so. It's gonna be a while, but if you get those uh what what's what's the biggest thing that you guys say, I mean you guys are doing a search. We see some of the pictures, but you know obviously, we don't really know what's the biggest thing you guys are saying. What's the age groups are going to see on that. Well the biggest thing is we're seeing is this and I I gave alarming stat to uh Mike earlier. You know if we execute 10 search warrants in the third 30 day period. I guarantee you there's not of those search warrants have a gun located, whether it's 12 or three on most occasions Several guns, um you ask why. Well people that deal in narcotics and drugs is a dangerous trade. It there's not this honestly in that so they have to protect themselves so they buy guns also people that buy drugs they can afford the money so hey I'll take this drug dealer. This stolen gun. It doesn't race to me I'll trade him for the drugs so that's. What that's. What they get in there that's the most alarming thing and what we're realizing is that there's no age limit is a restriction there's. No color there's, no gender, anything guns from the hands of the wrong people of all colors and creeds and we're seeing it more and more frequently inside of cars and traffic stops and especially Now you say that well, these drug dealers, they have enough common sense. They don't leave their guns and their unmarked cars. They take their guns inside their House and this is what we get them back from search one. So I thank them for doing that. But it's a ever going process that they continue to Harbor and I see the night o'clock remind us. I I go out and I hit my key fob three or four times and my car just to be sure, because I don't want to be that that was a cause and say something I was told on my cars left on like I don't wanna do that so um that's the things we're seeing it and I can't give you a Correct that, but I'm pretty sure that there's, a high percentage of these guns have been found there and teenagers hand there. Eighteen under eighteen and under kids. Cuz. They can't buy a gun, so they have they have to go steal. It and a producer and a it goes through hand several times before we finally get back to it right. Your serial numbers down correctly put them in your phone saving somewhere having so we're safe because we recover a number of guns that we cannot prove it is still with the person we get it from. They say. I don't know where I got. It from a bottom up off of somebody from the streets. We know it's going to, but we can't. We can't trace the serial numbers so righteous sheer numbers now have them in a nice safe place um probably not with the But how you see the numbers ready accessible so long. It is taking that we do find those we can get return to your safety. Yeah from you used to be a former watch commander. Yes, so many so many of these burglaries uh that are unlocked vehicle guns stolen and oh by the way, I don't know the serial number of my gun that lot of folks don't even know don't even know Model of they just know they have a gun up and here it is we have nothing no identifying information on the gun that was stolen out of your vehicle. All we know is that a gun has been introduced to society and it's going to show back up one day chickens are going to come home to roost okay, just one more thing I got out of it. It's a very it's a very alarming thing um citizens wants to hang make classes safe week. Everybody wants to bring down the crime that this helps us This House really works and this really does not introduce this to the streets for people that don't belong don't need them. So this will have a vino and everybody wants to be all in and do the right thing. Keep your car line that helps us in putting these guns out of people's hands and they don't deserve they don't need is these changes affect what de I want just on the way out with these locks. There is a fire and responsibility in the home pamphlet that goes along with it. Uh a lot of great information but of course, if you want to uh get anymore information about firearms Any of the other programs that we offer here at sheriff's office free of charge to you, please let us know we'll drop some uh contact information down in notes on the after this live Dave as always, we had a great time sure. We had a great time this is a tough, a tough time or stay or stop little more serious topic we're used to. We used that's why you're gonna be there we've got the serious and we've got the serious one serious uh cat are academy award, winner or not or nominee yeah from uh his performance yesterday, so we appreciate everything Lieutenant Green thank you all for having thanks for coming out and hanging out with us for a little bit today. So quick recap yup take your vehicles lock them when you get them home, make sure there's, a lot by 9 PM every night or when you get home, but don't check it again in 9 PM remove all your valuables in your vehicle, not just for firearms, all your valuables up cuz when you lock at the only time really seeing people break out windows when they see something they want right now is so take your bags out. Take things other people are gonna think that they want to get ahold of righteous Iran numbers down so that way, if someone gets into your House and someone, they get a hold of it, we know where to take it back to you when we find it. I think it's it And just those of up revisit what you already promised the state of Florida, you would do when you got your concealed carry license This is pretty good. Nice weather outside oh, we will see you all later, have a great weekend see you next week

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