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Columbus Police are holding a news conference to discuss the recent police-involved shootings.
Is it gonna be are you all lunch from her. No, you are not Just to put anymore they're not doing individual interviews afterwards, so Good afternoon I am tim becker and the acting chief of police for the columbus division of police with me today are sergeant shawn layer of the robbery section and committed Robert straws from all of the special services Bureau last week, two robbery suspects were shot while in the Commission of arm robberies of undercover squad officers, tragically one of the suspects did not survive and both instances officers swat officers act as decoys to the pattern of violent robberies which have been reported with and identified suspects. this Being investigated by the columbus division of police, critical incident response team which is composed of veteran homicide detectives members of the search team which is the critical incident response team have been in contact with the next can free cheese suspects in addition, I've requested assistance of from trauma counselors from the city of columbus for the family of Mr ti performing decoy missions is extremely dangerous work for guns. We have no options when unknown suspects are praying on members of our community and one Prior to this, I female victim had been struck in the head by a pistol during the robbery and are treatment required. Uh her injury required treatment at a local hospital for injuries. This occurred while her infant and six year old son were with her and she was there to make a Exchange of uh item agreed upon the purchase of the Internet. We believe um In the city of columbus has been approximate to a thousand robberies here to date, robbery is one of the most violent crimes and the victims of these crimes often have long lasting trauma from the effect of the crime. Having a gun put it in your face is not something that wears off so even if they're not physically shot or struck, they have long lasting impact from these crimes I'd like to encourage everybody who's engaging and selling or purchasing things online to use Internet Exchange sites or just some general tips. You should always meet in a well lit location. You should not be in your vehicle. You should never go somewhere unfamiliar to you. You should look on line and Street view maps before you go and you should attempt to plan who you're meeting with and finalize the location you can meet in a safe Exchange spot, a police substation or stored Exchange high value items the city of Department of public safety has five locations designated just for this purpose. The zones are uh video recorded. 24 hours a day. They're well lit and, if somebody is not willing to come and meet you, there that's probably a sign that we shouldn't be making the transaction um. We have these throughout the city at five different police substations and they all have a plaque or to make those spot easily identifiable. He should let Family member know that you're going there you should get somebody else. You address and details about the person that you are planning on meeting you should always uh wanna buy from reputable sellers and if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is um it's either you're looking at buying stolen goods or somebody is trying to set you up to be a victim if you're exchanging high priced items uh, you may wanna Exchange currency through other means and not carry cash and Just do whatever you can especially if you're out looking in this season for your Christmas gifts to make sure you don't become a victim to talk about specifics of the robberies and lead up to this. I'd like circa shawn layer to come forward Good afternoon in the past week, the columbus police Department has investigated two separate instances of robbery reports where the suspects were using Web based trading sites to lure victims to a location to commit an armed robbery in both cases, the suspects would pose as a seller and ask for the buyer to meet them at a certain location in both cases there were at least two prior reports of arm, robbery based on the phone numbers that were being used. These types Very troubling for the victims of the crime usually the victims are brought to a place where there safety is compromise. The victims often unfamiliar with the surroundings. The victims often alone, as forced to comply with immediate life or death situations in contrast, these type of robberies give the advantages all to the robber. They often occur close to the suspects, homes were neighborhood layout in hidden locations are known they're usually scouted by the Robert be out of the way from cameras or from large amounts of witnesses to the usual The suspect residents, the suspect has a good chance of disappearing before the crime was reported in the past. These types of roberts would happen. Most often with pizza delivery drivers. However, with Internet Internet based training sites, a whole new group of victims has been developed in addition, detach the robberies have become more commonplace and delivery drivers as the victims are usually carrying more cash and it delivery driver would this is dude to the types of items Sold and the relative cost in both cases were investigated. The only link that the Department had to solving the crime is the phone number or potential Web based information which can take months to gather after court issued subpoenas oftentimes. This type of information does not necessarily registered to a person as cell phones and other Internet systems can be made up from false identities and from spoofed phone numbers at times There are signs from other countries further complicating records retrieval in the meantime, as long as the suspects are still posing a sellers, we risk other citizens being put in harm's way with the substantial risk of bodily harm or death every potential person that answers one of these ads would be in jeopardy. After law enforcement is made aware of what's happening is our duty to stop it because the nature of the crimes is ongoing, ongoing in uh I'm sorry, immediate action is necessary in both The columbus police Department responded to the suspects false ads and attempts to lure other victims to their locations to commit another robbery. Although our swat personnel was exposed to a very dangerous condition by doing this, they action this action was reasonably necessary to ensure that our citizens are protected So, with that um are there any questions, several number Um well, we know in each of these circumstances that there is a couple um on each each of these suspects have done a couple already we don't track our robbery reports by there's no check box. It says are they Internet Exchange. Are set up so we don't have a true way of going through all two thousand reports and finding that out quickly, but um anecdotally we know that this is happened squad has done other missions. This year for the same type of event, that have ended up with the arrest of the suspect and ended up differently, so we didn't hear about him at the time how many Um there was there's been at least 10 missions. This year, including these two, yes so, eight were do you know how the other eight took out um communities across all They were either with uh arrest where they were closed by arrest uh or the suspect was uh apprehended. Uh by patrol or other means. Uh the the uh the responses to these types of crimes are currently dangerous and uh. You one of the swat officers made uh statement that uh is the most fear they had in 27 years as a police officer, so the other eight. We ever had to have press conferences for so they were not pretty well when you say apprehended by patrol, so they weren't apprehended in in the act, sometimes sometimes in other words, that just setting up on a robbery location the Change and go to another location and that pattern is solved by a patrol kit make an apprehension that's, certainly can attest to is there forgive me for asking is that was already expectation that there would be a peaceful ending to a situation where you know that your suspect is armed. There likely pointing their gun at an officer and usually, as we understand that the gun is pointed at an officer there's the right to use lethal force can you expect a peaceful resolution of that um at that point. It's gonna be tough as we're training that action always beats reaction and Today is we're on the 20 fifth anniversary of one of our officers being killed in line of duty. That was engaged in a gunfight with somebody. Um, I draw and a gunfight is both parties lose um that's not a situation. We wanna put our officers in or that we would put our officers in, but so they're gonna they make very quick decisions are swat officers are veteran officers they've been around a long time. They have a ton of training and tactical events and when I go to these types of situations, they do their best. Nobody wants to be involved in the shooting. They do their best to resolve it peacefully in the Happened with the 16 year old I will be told that I guess the robberies was completed. Um is there any indication of when the shots were fire. Uh from the officer and murder. He shot fire from a suspect it's uh way too preliminary in that investigation. I do not know that information can you speak more broadly about what withdrawing in the last two um. What was different, that I mean. I the last tour so recent the investigation. We have have not yet interviewed some of the personnel involved so we really don't know All the details yet that will come out as the investigation unfolds Is there going to be an analysis of the value continuing these type of operations. There's analysis every time we're involved in anything high risk. This is such a high risk situation that we ask our officers to be in that we prefer not to do this if we didn't have to anyways as the sergeant reference. These are also high risk to the public. These suspects are really putting the public a jeopardy and you know C. Riley by, for our own safety and ignore that so sometimes we have to put ourselves in harm's way. But it's something that we would prefer not to do. We debrief every situation we're involved in look at our tactics looked at ways to improve and how to have different outcomes in the future. Unfortunately, not every situation lends itself to a different outcome Alternatives to the use of you know arm under our officers to resolve these kind of situations. I mean we use that. I don't wanna go into our tactics like assure all the robbers out there. We are continuing to use a variety of tactics and we're gonna do what we can to catch you but um without going into specific tactics. We use a variety of methods like I said our swat teams a lot of uh train officers who've been working year round they've done 10 of these missions. This year, but they've done a lot of other work to come up with people other methods. We have analysts that are trying to identify the people so we can get them out The robbery cuz they already committed robberies if we had means of identifying them going in then we could come out and charge them and I would be a preferred course of action right. Yes, uh I would add that uh we need the community's input when they see things on our facebook page or twitter accounts where, on your news stations and they recognize somebody that we have a picture of calling and identify where that person is then they can hopefully be taken into custody without any force whatsoever, whether it be a prearranged meeting with an attorney of their choosing or with uh pastor Rabbi that's the easiest way to do it is by having the community input to make sure that they identify who these suspects are. There's countless times when our community steps up well, I'm quite certain that when these pictures get out there somebody either knows that jacket that person's wearing where they know the person who did that crime. So that's the most important thing that we can do have you all see an increase in the number of these operations um from your year, given the state of how these online um purchases Exchange go have you have to increase the number of swap populations. Uh concerning these robberies. I would say our number of swat operations, specifically for this type of um Internet Exchange. Certainly increased because 10 years ago there were no Internet exchanges but in terms of using swat officers as a decoy has mentioned. It's been very common overtime for pizza delivery robberies we've had a lot of homicides of pizza delivery drivers who were set up And addresses false addresses and swap has been performing this type of mission. The entire 30 years that I've been here The And that's what is made up of very highly trained officers are these cover officers were made to understand as a decoy officers undercover officer or they don't know how you characterize and snipers are they laying in wait. How far away. They are. I can't go into the specifics of the tactics that they're using but there's a variety of different methods used and they try to do whatever they can to ensure the safety of the operation for everybody. I said they don't want to be involved in a shooting um and Going to be shot and they certainly don't want a gun stuck in their face when they pull up there. I can't imagine you know none of us wants to be robbed, but pulling up somewhere and knowing that you're, a decoy and gonna have a gun stuck in your face and maybe shot it's not something that we take lightly. I guess the perception being from some ends of this tragic story is that there's somebody line and wait for something with with the subject in the cross hairs, just waiting to to pull is that being outlandish on the part of people. I think that Um, I don't know the details of these shootings yet specifically as I say, we haven't so I can't speak to that at this time. I know you said you don't know who your um setting up to me because of the nature of these anonymous and setups online. You didn't know that um an eighteen year old the 16 year old were among the suspects in that neighborhood were pulling off the Central robberies. I believe, on the one instance, that the suspect the 16 year old suspect both people that filed reports and reporting and being an adult, so People were previously rob believed that it was somebody above the age of eighteen, but we have no idea other than a phone number. That's generally, all they're operating off of an young people really depth. That spoofing phone numbers changing phone numbers uh making it look like it's somebody else's phone number so that doesn't necessarily even have an iphone numbers the sergeant explain, meaning that we can rapidly identify somebody it's just just to be very clear on that. We we had no idea when we were when this was happening who was gonna be on the In a boat in all reports, they reported as adult suspects, uh regardless the person has a method threat and opportunity of the handgun. They are. You know you're, not gonna know what the age of the person is at the time. We have no idea who the, who the people were except for this, like I said a phone number to try to investigate which would take uh a great deal of time to get any information back if that information is accurate, um so I just want to be real, clear because it sound like when you're asking, like it, if we knew if there eighteen 16 and the answer is no, we didn't know who we're gonna encounter when swat came The reason I ask is that camera crews in the district but you said each suspected pulled pulled off a couple of these mitch. Okay and how did you know that, because, from the phone numbers okay so what would happen is there in the just to be clear what was happening was that the suspects were using the same phone number to place out so we had to report on each instance where that same phone number was being used in one case the victim actually notified uh, since they said that the suspect that robbed me is, is using the same number uh two Someone else, they're around them in the second instance with the 16 year old. Our patrol officers, uh notice that the seller was still using that same number. Uh to advertise for items for sale and so they knew by reading the ad and the number that was used because the same phone number they uh, knew that I was gonna be another robbery and in the second incident with the boat I'm start both instances where um the robberies are very, very close uh in To where the other two prior ones happened so they knew uh by seeing the number and knowing where they're asking them to come from come to and then what they're asking for that. It was a setup for another robbery and that's how we got on to it uh. I know you mentioned evaluation of this happens every time um it's not just an evaluation based on these specific through instances um hey was there evaluation after the first one went shooting occurred, whether or not Friday that it should go ahead um B, uh going forward, um just having to balance in a row really changing the mindset about being able to continue doing this. Knowing that some officers are on leave things like that. Um, as I said, every situation gets to be briefed and have an evaluation. It takes the a total investigation is gonna take months to get every detail forward, but um every time we do something that's high risk. We evaluate and when our next situation comes in and we're looking at the circumstances, we try to wait a And the potential cost to doing that and that's done every circumstance and if another one came in today, they're gonna make the same evaluation and they're gonna decide whether or not they go forward with that or not. Um just because uh you know these tragically ended differently than we would like to I'mma banded. We had very good success with the previous events without coming to deadly force so it doesn't mean that the next one will be able to be resolved without deadly force and we can't believe our citizens out there that's. We put on the Every day to protect our citizens and if we know these situations are occurring and, like us, um has been mentioned. There's some frequency to him there's a common number. They're getting set up there's, a gun. These are so dangerous to the public that we can't sit idly by and just wait for something else to happen. We have to interject don't know how the guns were confiscated by the thinking of the persons of the suspects, investigation. He has part of the investigation and it come out how they were required okay um. I know There is counseling made available to the tape families, both the families in this case of uh express the frustration with not hearing much from police. So far, what should they expect to have a discussion. Um. This week and I plan to be personally involved in it Can you talk about the guns um so people at the seat of uh facebook live thing. The suspects had no guns As he left comes in and both instances guns were recovered at the scene from the suspects, the suspects, brand-new ge, the weapons is my understanding again. The investigation is very early and these uh images of the weapons up here represent the actual weapons that were recovered which were um real firearms, but the uh these are stock photos. These are just a representation, but they represent the make and model that were recovered Weapons for um I don't know that at this point it's a little early and then there'll be lab lab work done. But when a person has a gun stuck in their face, whether it's loaded or not, it's um I can assure you, the the robbery suspects that turn over their property. They act as if it's a loaded gun. You know and that's why they're bringing a gun and just uh what I would like to implore the community. If you know about this young man were below the age where they can legally be carrying a handgun. If you have a young man and your your life, your grandchild, your son, your your daughter's boyfriend anybody. You see, carrying a gun, probably nothing It is gonna come from that and implore you to you know to somehow get that that guy notify us. Let us deal with it before it turns into a tragedy With the frequency of these um, these robberies that are happening is it craigslist isn't facebook marketplace. Um with it it's just so. It's a variety they would use any and all of the above marketplace type sites that are on the Internet. So it's not one specific that's getting targeted it's been across the board that's right and uh sometimes dating sites as well okay, I was gonna say if it is a craigslist or facebook marketplace. You think there needs to be a little bit more above its kind of verification system to where this you need a church where these robberies are setup so easily because it almost seems like it's It's just too easy to do uh it certainly is easy to do if the victims again, the tips. I gave earlier can make it tougher if somebody is not willing to meet you at the Internet at a police. Substation that should be your first clue that I don't wanna do business with this person um it's either trying to sell me stolen goods or why won't they come here, obviously, if they're selling something large but a cell phone could be exchanged anywhere or a you know anything small like that go to one of these locations it's on video that's well lit and Somebody you're trying to buy something for significantly less than the cost that should be a clue as well. Um people aren't giving their stuff away it's there. Maybe set up or you may be set up to buy stolen goods and either way somebody's being victimized and also uh wow the person to come to their home right absolutely not, and for both parties that it protects the sellers and the buyers to go to these Exchange sites getting updated And four charges for surviving suspect um. I don't know the charges at this point. I don't know events because the matter is uh fulfill. This police involved shooting um that's handled by our surge team and that will all be uh part of the investigation and that will be coming for me but it's my understanding his condition has been improving steadily so he's no longer in critical. She. We have one person who said that police did not even tell the mother that police have killed And um, any of those, an explanation for that that statement that's kind of going around social media. I got you um at the time the detective spoke. They ended up speaking to the grandmother of the child. That was uh that have been shot. Um they did speak to the grandmother. She has presented herself as the ads the mother at the time um and so the detectives were relaying information to her the family was advised um the mother was spoken to I believe Saturday or Sunday um so that we did reach out to them other um after we realized that that wasn't the person we have spoken to, but it was a person that said they were the mother and it's always hard at the scene with someone comes up and says there are family members Either that they are, they are and it did turn out to be a family member. It just wasn't the actual mother at the time. She did have notification. Now profit I mean typically, especially in the case results in death. We would look for next week and we were trying to do the best we could to try to find the family members that are um responsible for for the person. If it's a juvenile or if it's an adult. We will try to find the next again for the idea uh husband and wife or uh, whatever that case may be And just say, uh haven't been involved, a long time because detective and death notifications is one of the another very tough things that are detectives. Do and they try to do it with uh great compassion and concern and we would like to get the right people but we certainly are open to ideas. If um you know that's how the identify those right people cuz there's, a lot of circumstances now, with grandparents Your carrying with the opioid epidemic it's maybe the highest it's been in my life time. Caring for their grandkids, who is the custodial parent who's, not the custodial parent trying to determine ad in the midst of a chaotic scene is often difficult and we want to get the right information to the right people and that's why you know for the last several months been working on this proposal with our our care coalition to bring trauma social workers out to The families, a few days after the event, um when they've had the opportunity, I can imagine the shock as a father of of losing one of my children, but I know that I probably wouldn't absorbed most of the information that night so trying to bring us out a few days later, when they had the opportunity for the initial shock to sink in and explain the resources explain the processes and uh be a resource to Guide the the family through the event Hey Happen if you just don't know about that. Certainly, yeah certainly happen. They happen rather confident. They're happening This or I don't have a number um, but they do happen. Uh commonly um, several, probably at least several times a month. We did a report where someone's using some type of thing to be lured to a location. Uh and then robbed once they anymore um. I. I can't. I don't have the date on that, but I it doesn't appear to be so. I think they just happen throughout throughout the year one of the things prior to this meeting today, one of our analysts told us is that often in the previous crimes, when they get the phones of the suspects and they do pull the phone data, they end up identifying additional victims. These victims didn't Because maybe embarrassed, they thought because they were victim of a crime, they were traumatized by the crime and they don't think anything's gonna happen. They're never gonna get their money back. They don't report. It. They are wanted person so they don't wanna call the police to report it and so often times the number of reports we have doesn't equal the number of victims of the suspects uh. I don't know using content um of this operation so far this year and they didn't work for the latter part of the year when that happens, events con consistent well I look at the dates and it

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