18 Types Of People At The Movies

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Did you stay past the credits?! 😱
Markian Kurt Tocci Sam Li Afomia Hailemeskel Brianna Fernandez

Posted 3 months ago in TV & Movies

Alicia Hall Nielsen 3 months ago

My husband and I wait through the credits to see all who worked on the movie. They put so much effort into it, the least we can do is watch the credits to give respect to those who put so much into it.

Joey McDonough 3 months ago

My favorite musical is Hairspray and my favorite movie is Jailhouse Rock and Princess Bride

Heather Botner 3 months ago

I loved this one! 😂😂 It was awesome to see Afomia again! I missed her! ❤

Ancha Maatje 3 months ago

So nice to see you all in the same vid. I'm number 18. Always fun talking with friends how we wanna wait to see who the grip is and in which other movies he was. Everybody around me is thinking 'do I miss something important, what is a grip?!?!' We always have a laugh about it. A gaffer works also 😜🤣

Tony Chow 3 months ago

Scaredy cat for me. That's why I don't watch horrors, thrillers, or whatever related.

And yes I do wait till the credits are done

Sabrina Nhel Sibag Sarda-Acompañado 3 months ago

Wow you're complete in this one, I'm so happy to see you all together, I love you Smile Squad 🥰🥰

Jaimie Lyn 3 months ago

My husband stays through the credits of every damn movie, so I’m forced to sit there as well.

Markian 3 months ago

hope you liked this one with the entire Smile Squad!! 😁 should we make more like this?

Yomna Aglan 3 months ago

You missed another type 😁 .. i was watching the movie " the haunting " and in the middle of a huge events my friend said look at Catherine zeta jones boots 🙄 .. this is why i prefer to go to movies alone to watch it without disturbing 😄

Jo Page 3 months ago

Love the video, definitely make more with all of you in it. Add Kaylin to your group