Raji: An Ancient Epic - Official Launch Trailer

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Writing this announcement is probably the single most joyful post that we’ve ever written!

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Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Bogdan Dobre 1 year ago

This is the Prince of Persia we deserved but never got! Story, atmosphere, gameplay! Well done!

Games of DAYNE 1 year ago

Looking forward to playing and reviewing on Xbox One! Downloading as we speak 😍 congratulations on the launch!

Kushal Baid 1 year ago

Congrats To All Devs And finally it is out Feeling Proud 🥰

Balraj Takhar 1 year ago

Was waiting for this game since it was on kickstarter

Bhavya Doshi 1 year ago

Bought it today on steam...gonna play all night ❤️❤️ underrated af 🔥

Livio Ol 1 year ago

Just played the game for an hour, its really great and awesome experience, hats off to developers. Great animation and environment is so beautiful. I wish if game would have hindi dialects, it would have been a complete Indian mythological game, 1st ever in Hindi.

Akshay Chaudhary 1 year ago

Bought it hope we get hindi audio too

Kshitij Parcha 1 year ago

Will be buying it next month

Rémi Grand 1 year ago

Bought ! I ll play it tomorrow ! Congrats on release guys !

Gulshan Jangid 1 year ago

bought the bundle <3