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"We are here, we are engaged, and we want to see a world in which every single baby has an opportunity to live."


Here's #Why it's important to...

Posted 1 year ago

Phil Solem 1 year ago

You know what..it鈥檚 time to stop this racist pandering..it鈥檚 more appropriate to say it鈥檚 time to build up AMERICAN tone deaf..stop criming and get some factories back to the US for these communities in question..there鈥檚 work out there for people who want to get jobs..stop dealing drugs to your neighbors to make a buck..stop robbing and burglarizing homes and businesses..stop shooting each other..that鈥檚 an individual response to making your African-American communities better..turn the criminals over to the police..etc..it鈥檚 not rocket science people 馃え

Rus Meister 1 year ago

A community is not people who share common interests, skin color, form of sexual lust. It is the people who live in the same geographical location. And if everyone is to be hyphenated-Americans (which is divisive from the get-go) what about the European American community? (Not that I think such an idea legitimate, but it is as legitimate and uniting of us Americans as the other hyphenated terms.

Donsharon Porter 1 year ago

We are a nation not a community !