WSB-TV - DON'T FORGET!!!! Tonight, we set our clocks ahead...

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DON'T FORGET!!!! Tonight, we set our clocks ahead an hour. Here's a look at a new bill that may make it so we never have to change our clocks again:...

Posted 9 months ago in TV & Movies

Circa Adrienne Raichelle 9 months ago

I'll let my phones and connected devices do it for me.

Ruth Davis 9 months ago

Uh... eff off with the DST! I hate it! Not gonna go to work early! Not getting dressed in the dark! Not feeding livestock with a flashlight in the morning! Wait... I am retired! Y’all crazies do what you want. I’m sleeping late!

Kimberly Michelle Garner 9 months ago

I love that it won't get dark until 9pm. I can work and enjoy the sun light after work

Brittney Simmons 9 months ago

I hope it doesn't go through 😒 I wish they'd stop messing with stuff 😠

Paula Garrison Honeycutt 9 months ago

Save standard time! I like sunny mornings not late evenings. Hard on small children still going to school.

Lou Morgan 9 months ago

Really cool reminder🥰❤🙏

Johnny Williams 9 months ago

It's time to stop messing around with the time. If you need more light to do something why don't you start a hour earlier. In Alabama where my sister live they never mess with the time.

Louis Simon 9 months ago

Don’t give Into the media! I have the right to set my clock to whenever I want!

Erin Jackson 9 months ago

Let's make everybody happy. Just change the clock 30 minutes, and then never touch it again.

Joe Buehler 9 months ago

Pick a time and leave it. makes no sense in today's world. Other states and countries appear not to have COLLAPSED by not changing the clocks!